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Auction Draft

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2005 12:56 am
by prosequitur
My second Year in an Auction Draft

5x5 league Must start 2 players at each position with 5 Of and one DH any hitter. 6 starting pitchers and three relievers. 20 games to be eligible at position 10 for pitchers.

Of1 Sheffield
Of2 Crawford
Of3 Rowand
Of4 L. Ford
Of5 J. Bay
DH J. Lane
1B P. Nevin
1B L. Overbay
2b M. Loretta
2b M. Cuddyer
SS O. Infante
SS C. Guzman
3B M. Ensberg
3B Hinske
C I. Rodriquez
C J. Varitek
BN C. Monroe

SP Santana
SP Mulder
SP Sabathia
SP Jerome Williams
SP B. Lawrence
SP C. Lee
RP Benitez
RP Guardado
RP Baez
BN Hawkins
BN B. Backe
BN B. Madritsch
BN M. Redman
BN C. Silva

I got lucky on Hawkins in straight draft portion. There really isn't much left at SS or 3B for free agents.