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CBS Auction league 5x5 $50 mixed Saturday

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CBS Auction league 5x5 $50 mixed Saturday

Postby Delic » Fri Mar 25, 2005 7:45 pm

I need 1 - 2 more owners for a fantasy league with an auction starting on Saturday afternoon starting at noon. Mixed league

The cost is $50. Please send me an email to

Here's the constitution:

Rotisserie Baseball Constitution


1.1. There will be 12 teams in the Texas Leaguer Baseball League consisting of (a mix of American and National, only American or only National) league players. Each team will consist of 34 players (23 starters, 6 reserves, and 5 minor leaguers).

1.2. A team's roster consists of the following players:

5 outfielders
2 catchers
1 second baseman
1 shortstop
1 second baseman or shortstop
1 first baseman
1 third baseman
1 first or third baseman
1 utility player (non-pitcher who can be any offensive player)
9 pitchers (at least 2 relief pitches in active lineup at all times)
6 reserve players (at any position)
5 minor league players (any position)

1.3. There is a minimum innings requirement for all staffs of 900 innings. Anyone who does not achieve 900 innings, will be placed last in the categories of ERA and WHIP.

1.4 There is a minimum at-bats requirement for all lineups of 4250 at-bats. Anyone who does not achieve 4250 at-bats, will be placed last in the AVG category.

1.5 A player may only appear on one team’s roster (active and reserve) at one time but may appear on multiple team rosters during the course of the season as a result of trades and waiver transactions.


2.1. Each team must acquire 23 players at a total cost not to exceed $280 (not real money). A team need not spend the maximum. A Major League Player Auction is conducted before the baseball season (March 26th, 2005)

2.2. will be the website that administers the auction. Fees will be deducted from the entry fee.

2.3. The following players are eligible for the major league auction:

Any players who are on a major league 40-man roster and are still with the major league club at the time of the auction
Any players who are not on a major league 40-man roster but are projected to start the season on the major league squad and can be confirmed by at least half of the owners present.
2.4. If an ineligible player is selected in the auction and his ineligible status is not declared at the time of the auction, league executives have from the end of the auction until twenty-four hours before the start of the first game of opening day to uncover this error. If the error is uncovered, the team who selected the illegal player must pick a replacement player from the free agent pool. This replacement will count as a free agent in all aspects, including the $10 salary and counting towards the free agent limit. The ineligible player will then be released outright and cannot be resigned until such time he is legally eligible.

2.5. The team bidding first opens with a salary bid of at least $1 for any eligible player and the bidding proceeds at minimum increments of $1 until only one bidder is left. That team acquires the nominated player for the final bid amount. The process is repeated, with successive owners nominating players to be bid on, until every team has acquired a squad of 23 players by requisite position.

2.6. No team may make a bid for a player it cannot afford. For example, a team with $3 left and two openings on its roster is limited to a maximum bid of $2 for one player. (Leaving $1 for the other unfilled roster spot.)

2.7. No team may bid for a player who qualifies only at a position that the team has already filled and that team has already fulfilled its utility position.

2.8. After an owner acquires a player, he immediately chooses the position that player will fill. Players eligible at more than one position may be shifted during the course of the auction.

2.9. The salary of a player acquired in the major league auction is his final bid amount.

2.10. Following the major league auction, a 6 round reserve draft will take place as well as a five-round minor leauge draft will take place to pick the 6 reserves and five minor league players for each team. In the first year of the league, the order of selection in the first round will be random and will be reversed in subsequent rounds. In all other years, teams will draft in reverse order of the previous year's finish for all rounds of the reserve and minor league draft. The minor league draft will consist only of rookies as defined by Major League Baseball. Rookies are eligible to be bought during the auction period, but then may not be sent down to the minor league list.

NOTE: The major league rule reads: “A player shall be considered a rookie unless, during a previous season or seasons, he has (a) exceeded 130 at-bats or 50 innings pitched in the major leagues; or (b) accumulated more than 45 days on the active roster of a major league club or clubs during the period of a 25-player limit (excluding time in the military service).”.

2.11. The salary of a player drafted in the reserve and minor league draft is $1. These values do not count against your $280 auction cap.


3.1. A player may be assigned to any position at which he appeared in 10 or more games in the preceding season. If a player did not appear in 10 games at a single position, he may be drafted only at the position(s) at which he appeared most frequently.

3.2. Once the season is underway, a player becomes eligible for any position at which he appears at least 5 times.

3.3. The position eligibility of minor leaguers who have no major league experience will be determined by their projected fielding position for the upcoming season. This position must be confirmed by a minimum of 5 owners present at the minor league draft.

3.4. Once the season is underway, a minor league call-up who is signed as a free agent and has no prior major league experience will qualify at (a) the position he played in the minors if he is signed before he actually plays a game or (b) the first position he plays in the field in the major leagues if he is signed before he plays 5 games. After 5 games at one position, the usual position eligibility rules take effect.


4.1. BASIC: The entrance fee is $50.00.

4.2. All fees must be paid by March 1st! Unless arrangements have been made, commissioner has right to freeze rosters until fees are up to date, or find new owners replace existing owners.

4.3. All transactions made throughout the season are free.

4.4. Payments can be mailed to:
Tony Prettyman
4326 Mission Rd, Apt 7
Kansas City, KS 66103

Or submitted through Paypal to :


5.1. The salary of a player does not change unless the player becomes a free agent, or is signed to a long-term contract.

5.2. The salary of a player acquired in the major league auction is his auction price.

5.3. The salary of a player drafted in the minor league draft is $1.

5.4. The salary of a player called up from the free agent pool during the season is $1.


6.1. All fees shall be paid promptly, collected, and wisely invested by the League Treasurer, who is empowered to subject owners to public humiliation and to assess fines as needed to insure payments are made to the League in a timely fashion.

6.2. The money shall be divided among the first four teams in the final standings as follows:

First Place 40%, Second Place 30%, Third Place 20%, Fourth Place 10%


7.1. The following criteria are used to determine team performance:

Composite Batting Average
Total Runs Scored
Total Home Runs
Total Runs Batted In
Total Stolen Bases
Total Wins
Total Saves
Composite Earned Run Average
Composite pitching ratio of walks and hits to innings pitched (RATIO = (BB + H)/IP)
Composite strikeouts per inning pitched
7.2. Teams are ranked from first to last in each of the ten categories, and given points for each place. For example, in a fifteen-team league, the first-place team in a category receives fifteen points, the second-place team fourteen, and so on down to one point for last place. The team with the most total points wins the pennant.

7.3. In case of ties in an individual category, the tied teams are assigned points by totaling points for the rankings at issue and dividing by the total number of teams tied.

7.4. In case of ties in total points, each team involved in the tie is compared to all other teams involved in the tie in each individual category. One point is given to each team for leading in a category. The team with the most points using this method wins the tiebreaker. If, after this method is used, it is still a tie, the tie stands.

7.5. Pitchers’ offensive statistics are not counted, nor are the pitching statistics of the occasional position player called in to pitch when the score is 16 - 1 after five innings and the relief corps is hiding under the stands.


8.1. CBSSportsline will be the recommended statistical service chosen and will constitute the official statistics for our league. Any problems with statistics/player moves etc. must be reported to the commissioner within 7 days. After that, any changes fall under the discretion of the commissioner.

8.2. The effective date of any transaction for the purposes of statistical calculation is the next Monday on or following the day of the transaction. Weekly statistics shall consist of a player’s statistics for games played from Monday to Sunday. For example, if you pick up a player on Thursday, you don’t get his statistics (or lose the dropped players statistics) until the next Monday. The absolute deadline for acquiring players is before the first pitch is thrown in the first game on Monday or Noon Eastern, whichever comes earlier. Any players taken on Monday morning will be eligible for statistics starting that night. All owners are responsible for knowing when the first game takes place on a given Monday and making sure their transactions are in by then.

8.3. Any transactions made during the All Star Break become active immediately following the All Star Game, usually that Thursday. During All Star Week the weekly statistics will be calculated on Wednesday night (the day following the game) instead of the usual Monday. All Star stats do not count in a fantasy team’s totals.

8.4. Performance statistics of a player shall be assigned to a Rotisserie League team only when he is on the active roster of that team.

8.5. Standings and Transactions will be tabulated daily on-line and available on the Internet.

8.6. All regular season statistics from Major League Baseball, including any extra games necessary to determine playoff teams, will be included. Statistics from Major League Baseball's playoffs are not included.


9.1. From the completion of the major league auction until September 1, rotisserie league teams are free to make trades. Dollar values for a team’s Active Roster must be no more than $320 during the regular season.

9.2. No trade may take place from September 1 until the last day of the regular season.

9.3. Trades may be made from the last day of the regular season until two weeks before the major league auction

9.4. No trade may take place from two weeks before the auction until the auction. Trades are official once both sides have posted the trade online.

9.5. There are no limits to the number of trades a team may make during the season.

9.6. Reserve draft picks, minor league draft picks, and auction money may not be traded at any time.

9.7. The commissioner has the right to reject or approve any trade submitted to the league. League owner opinions may be made to the commissioner if there is fear of a biased or collusion-based trade.


10.1. Any player may be released at any time by his rotisserie team.

10.2. When a player is released, he goes on the waiver wire for a period of 2 days. Teams can make a claim for that player, and the team with the highest waiver wire standings gets the player.


11.1. Any player who is on an active major league roster, not owned by another rotisserie team, and not currently on the waiver list may be acquired as a free agent. Minor league players, players on the disabled list, and players not on a major league roster are not eligible to be acquired as a free agent.

11.2. No free agents may be acquired between the last day of the previous season and Opening Day of the current season.

11.3. Free agents may be picked up from Opening Day of the season until midnight on the second to last day of the season.

11.4. After a player is released to the free agent pool, he is eligible to be claimed by all teams on a first-come, first-served basis.


12.1. A team may replace any player on its 23-man roster with a member of his reserve list, or minor league list.

12.2. Once a player has exceeded the rookie eligibility requirements, he must be moved to the active or reserve list, or released. A non-rookie status player may not stay in the minor league list.

12.3. A rookie can be sent back down to the minor league list if activated, and has not exceeded the rookie eligibility requirements.


14.1. From season to season, each team must retain 5 players, excluding minor league players. There is a limit of 5 minor league players a team may keep from one season to the next. Each retained player’s salary will increase by 4. The maximum term that a player can be retained (regardless of which team he is on) is 3 years. After the 3rd year, the player must return to the free agent pool at the end of the year, and become available in the next year’s auction. Each minor league player’s salary will increase by 4 as well.

14.2. The names of the players being retained must be recorded on distributed worksheets with the league commissioner by midnight exactly two weeks before the next auction. No trades may take place from the time the worksheets are due until the auction.

14.3. After two seasons (a season is defined as any part of a major league season) of a player being owned by any rotisserie team without having been released to the free agent pool, the player must be signed to a long-term contract, given his option contract, or released. Players who have been in the minor leagues from Opening Day through August 31 are not bound by this restriction. Their service time does not begin until they are called up to the major league roster during the season before September 1.

14.4. If a player is released, he is made available to all teams in the next major league auction.

14.5. If a player is given his option contract, his salary remains the same for one season. After that season is complete, the player must be released and made available for the next major league auction.

14.6. If a player is signed to a long-term contract, his salary will be raised by $5 for each year of the long-term contract. For example, if a player’s salary is $9 and a team wishes to sign him to a three-year contract, his salary is increased by $15 to $24.

14.7. If a player is released before the end of his contract, the team releasing that player will be penalized as follows: The team's salary cap will be decreased by $1 for each year in the total number of years in the contract. For example, if a player is signed to a 4-year contract and is released during his second season, the team waiving the player will have $3 removed from his allotted salary cap in the next season, leaving that team with only $277 instead of the usual $280.

14.8. A player may be signed to only one long-term contract. After the contract has expired, the player must be released and made available for the next major league auction.

14.9. Minor league players are not bound by contract until they are called up to the major leagues prior to September 1. A minor league player may be retained from one season to the next without his salary counting towards the team’s $280 salary cap.

14.10. Trades do not affect the contract status of a player.


15.1. The current Commissioner (self-appointed for life) is Tony Prettyman. The Commissioner will be responsible to keep the everyday operations of the League running smoothly.

15.2. At such times that it becomes necessary to make a rules interpretation The Commissioner’s word will be FINAL. Of course, after rendering such finality, The Commissioner is open to all impeachment proceedings and other acts of subjugation that may undercut his authority. So in the interest of fairness (not to mention keeping my body intact), The Commissioner reserves the right to form a Committee to handle any disputes that may arise. The Committee will then take a vote, with the majority ruling becoming law. The Committee shall consist of The Commissioner, and all other league owners who are not currently involved in the dispute at hand and would care to vote on it. In the event of a tie vote, The Commissioner will have the final say.

15.3. Any changes to these rules must be made by a majority vote of all active members of the Fantasy Baseball League at the time the amendment is proposed, preferably in the off season. In no way, shape or form shall The Commissioner have any weight in this vote. One more than half will make it a rule.


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