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16 Team 9+ year existing keeper league needs 4 owners

PostPosted: Mon Mar 21, 2005 8:39 pm
by onebuffcop
Salary cap used, 40 man roster, 25 starters, 15 reserve / injury slots. Internet / email based draft in 1 week. Returning 12 owners have been together for at least 4 years, others have been here the entire 9. The 4 vacated teams are still in tact and the new owners can select the team of their choice from what is remaining. This is 1st come 1st serve. 1 team has already been taken and now we need to fill the remaining 4 teams. Cost is $9 but prizes are rewarded to the winner of the league along with extra salary cap dollars for next season! Would like to keep it 4 teams in 4 divisions to allow for 4 division winners and 4 wildcard team playoff system. Teams that are remaining to chose from all have great player personnel on them. This is a IABC keeper league with a great group of guys. I am the new commish for this year as the previous 4 year commissioner was unable to continue due to career restraints!

PostPosted: Mon Mar 21, 2005 9:05 pm
by onebuffcop
email me at if you are interested. The $9 can be paid anytime as I have already paid for the league to be re-upped! Would like to have 4 knowledgeable owners who are semi-competitive!