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I think I rocked the draft!!!! Tell me if I'm wrong!!

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I think I rocked the draft!!!! Tell me if I'm wrong!!

Postby Rhino Tuff » Sat Mar 19, 2005 12:48 am

This is a highly competitive, mixed H2H points, 12 team league. There are no pitching requirements so you are throwing the best arms in there no matter what.


1b =1, 2b=2, 3b=3, HR=4, R.B.I.=1, R=1, SB=2, BB=1

BBI = - 0.5, ER= -0.5, CG=5, HD=8, S=8, W=10, K=1, INN=1

C- John Buck(23)
1B-Shawn Green(11)
2B-Chase Utley(12)
3B-Adrian Beltre(3)
SS-Khalil Greene(8)
DH-Travis Hafner(7)
OF-Vlad Guerrero(1)
OF-Vernon Wells(5)
OF-Corey Patterson(10)
P-Eric Gagne(2)
P-Franciso Cordero(4)
P-Chad Cordero(13)
P-A.J. Burnett(6)
P-Kerry Wood(9)
P-Brandon Webb(14)
P-Zack Grienke(15)

SS-Carlos Guillen(17)
2B/3B-Michael Cuddyer(22)
OF Richard Hidalgo(18)
P-Mike Gonzalez(16)
P-Miguel Batista(20)
P-Jose Contreras(21)

P-Wade Miller(19)

Some questions:
What do you think of my rotation, closers are very strong in this league, so I like Gagne, Corderox2. Of course I worry about Woods but 9th round?! And he will pitch the first homestand, I think he is worth it.

I have a roster spot available for a free agent I'm always looking for decent pitchers.

I have these options available to me:

Ryan Drese
Jeff Francis
Ryan Wagner
Kaz Ishii
Mark Redman
Kip Wells
Dave Bush
Gil Meche
Jarrod Washburn
Mike Maroth
Kyle Lohse
Bobby Madristch
Rhino Tuff
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Postby sinicalypse » Sat Mar 19, 2005 1:11 am

welp, i think you have a potentially solid, if not spectacular, team. i dont know how the other teams made out, however i dont think your offense is an unstoppable juggernaught.

that and i hear that gagne might be hurt and miss a little time? hope that isnt the case, altho at this juncture i'm moving him down on my rankings list for my autodrafts so that way i can focus on other closers instead of him. i'd hate to get a top-notch early-round closer and have him miss any significant period of time, cuz like, part of my philosophy is that you want your early-round picks to be for-sure production. not necessarily the best production, altho obviously you always WANT that, but if you can make sure the first 5 or 6 rounds give you for-sure production in certain areas, then it sets the stage for late round sleepers/steals and waiver wire magic to propel you over the top and towards the championship.

i dont know who john buck is, but i figure he's a sentient catcher. hell, if i catcher can do .275/15/75 ki consider that good, cuz it seems that tehre's usually about 5-7 productive catchers than a lot of crap (meaning .270ish/10/50), chase utley isn't a proven commodity yet, i dont think beltre is gonna hit 45+ HR again (.275/30/100 seems about right, with the power dropoff attributed to both the safeco effect and the not-playing-for-a-contract effect. remember that beltre has only had one yeatr as a stud)

khalil greene is a nice little short. you figure at worst he's likie .275/15/60, but he has legit upside, altho at most i see him like .300/25/80).... i like hafner, vlad's my favorite player and, injury notwithstanding, perhaps the most guaranteed .320/30/100 on this side of albert pujols. vernon wells is coming off of an off year and is off to another notoriously slow start, but i do dig the upside... and corey patterson also has room for improvement.

so offensively, your team doesn't strike fear unto my heart, but if your young guys improve, especially wells and patterson, then you could have a potentially upper 1/3 of the league offense.

pitching wise, i dont think you're that deep in terms of your starting pitchers. burnett is a slick little pickup, i think he would win 15+ with 200+ K and a nera between 3.5 and 4.0, and the upside is there for him to have a sub-3 ERA if he has a career year. the double barreled corderos are solid RPs, we've touched on gagne (hope he isnt out for long for everyone's sake)... kerry wood is a ?, and even if he wasn't having these halth issues, i'm starting to believe that there's a reason he's never wo nmore than 13 games in a year., webb is a good candidate to bounce back to his 2003 form (where many think he shoul dhave been ROY over dontrelle) and greinke is a quality pitcher who's gonna take his lumps, but still should win 12+ games with a 3.5-4.00 era on a bad kansas city team. he was about all that went right for the mlast year, and after a fantastic/phenomenal start he took some lumps.

so greinke will get rocked here and there, but all in all i think he'll win 12+ games with an ERA that should end up under 4, even if it's close to 4.

as for the bench players, i dunno if carlos guillen will repeat what he did last year, and of all people, i think hidalgo could have a big year. he might be a nice sleeper guy on your bench who becomes a regular player if someone like wells is hitting .206 by the beginning of may. contreras is an enigma.... i'd expect him to win maybe 10 games, but have an era around 4.5 until proven otherwise. he has the potential to be a sub 3.5 ERA pitcher with 200+ K and a 15+ win season, but it hasnt happened yet.

wade miller, unless he got injureed again, has the pedigree to be a 15+ game winner, its just a matter of health now... that and whe nhe comes back he'll largely face people he hasnt faced all that much because of switching leagues, tho switching leagues doesnt mean what it once meant in the 80s or earlier.

as for the waiver wire, i'd look at kaz ishii (he typically starts off fast and melts down the stretch... his spring #s are phenomenal, so if you could get him, ride him, then trade him b4 his value dissapears, that might be ac oup)

so yeah look at ishii, washburn seems to be on track for a better-than-his-typical-season, and lohse has upside. oh and didnt drese establish himself as a solid pitcher on the rangers/ he's young, give him a look too. i'd let go some of those pitchers on your bench who i havent heard of for the guys i mentioned here.

all in all, i think you have an OK team. not an unstoppable dynamo like you predicted, but a team that's solid offensively, B-grade at closing, and one that lacks in SP. i'd give those pitchers i mentioned from your waiver wire list a go, maybe in place of some of the bench guys who either don't close or are currently unproven prospects....

i think you need to manage a for-sure starter, an ace of the staff type guy, someone like a roy oswalt, carlos zambrano, johan santana (wlel, everyone needs johan =_, tiim hudson, or evcn a cheap guy like oliver perez.

that and i might look to get some veteran bats to fortify the bench for your offense. as it stands, your offense relies a lot on potential, which can be a good or a bad thing, obviously, as it all depends on how some unknowns do.

with that in mind, i'd definitely look for a starter, and see who on the waiver wire could provide solid 2B help for you if someone like utley doesnt play lights out.

but yeah, if you take one thing from my novel here, get more SP help.

and peep mah thread @ ... p?t=104187


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