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Rate my team please. 1st draft this year.

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Rate my team please. 1st draft this year.

Postby Dannomyte » Fri Mar 18, 2005 11:11 pm

12 team H2H 5x5 keeper league (keeping 8 next season)

C- Pierzynski
1B- Pujols
2B- Brian Roberts
3B- David Wright
SS- Khalil Greene
OF- Bobby Abreu
OF- Corey Patterson
OF- Garrett Anderson
UTIL- Richie Sexson
UTIL- Jeff Bagwell

BENCH- JD Closser, Clint Barmes, Craig Monroe, Mike Sweeney

SP- Josj Beckett
SP- Rich Harden
RP- Eddie Guardado
RP- BJ Ryan
P- Carl Pavano
P- Livan Hernandez
P- Ted Lilly

BENCH- Scott Kazmir, Noah Lowry, Adam Eaton, Doug Davis

I figure I'm weakest at C, SS and RP and there is nothing worth while on the WW because of our deep benches.

I really hate the fact that I ended up with four 1B but I couldn't pass up Bagwell in the 19th round and Sweeney in the 23rd. Hopefully I can package 1 or more of them for some solid RP.

I waited till pretty late to take C, 2B and SS because I wasn't going to use a pick on a guy that was barely better than what I could get later. I figured I could take a chance on Greene at SS and Roberts at 2B. I also grabbed Clint Barmes so hopefully he pans out because he is eligible at 2B and SS. I'm not a big fan of Pierzynski but he was the best C left when I went to draft one.

So there is my team, let me have it. Don't pull any punches!
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Postby go_jays_go » Sat Mar 19, 2005 12:29 am

Team looks solid. I would trade some of your bench pitchers for maybe a RP. Other then that it looks good. ;-D
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Postby Rhino Tuff » Sat Mar 19, 2005 1:11 am

You have a good team, your fears at Catcher shouldn't concern you too much nobody else's catcher will be that good.

I like all of your young talent, Wright, Greene, B.J. Ryan, J.D. Closser, Harden, Beckett.

Your bullpen is probably the weakest part of the team, you may be able to dangle one of your young guys and pick up a very solid closer if you were interested...
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Postby sinicalypse » Sat Mar 19, 2005 1:28 am

to echo the thesis statements of the first few posters, yeah that's a solid team. let's get a little deeper tho.

i wouldnt worry about pierzynski, cuz while you can look at players like v-martinez, javy lopez, or evne the pedigrees of posada and piazza (both of whom didnt exactly destroy the world last year) you can look at pierzynski's usual #s (.280/10/60-75) and realize that you could do much much worse than him. take this advice from a man who rode darrin fletcher and brent maybe for periods of time in his inaugeral fantasy baseball season of 2001.

i like your infield, pujols is a rock and cornerstone at 1st, brian roberts is steals at 2nd, khalil greene is, at worst, .270/15/60 over at short, but he has upside and will likely trump those #s... david wright might have a letdown, i.e. where his #s arent like last year's if you expanded them to a full season, but i figure he could do at lewast .280/25/80, and the upside for more is quite legitimate. the outfield is good with abreu, quite arguably the #1 all-around fantasy player over beltran, as he's been more of a consistent 30/30 threat with a better average for longer than beltran. if garret anderson doesnt get DL'd for awhile this year, you know his production is money in the bank, especially with a .330 hitter in front of him like vlad. corey patterson, even as a leadoff man, will get his 20 HRs, so hopefully then he scan score 100+ runs and steal 20+ bases, to give you an outfield with two legit 25+/25+ threats in abreu and patterson.

i dont think that sexson is gnna hit 40 this year, with him coming off of that bad shoulder injury and moving 81 of his games to spacious safeco field, but i think he'll be about .260/30/80, which is fine as a util or bench guy. bagwell, dunno, i dont see him being .280/30/100, but he could prolly do .280/20-25/75-85, which is decent. mike sweeney is a nice pure hitter and if he gets on a .330+ kick could still pull out a .330/25/110 season out of his arse. i like htat.

pitching wise, i love what you've done with the place. one of these years josh beckett is gonna master hius blister problems and be a 20 game winner thread with 250+ Ks and a sub 3 or maybe even sub 2.5 ERA. his spring #s are off of the hook thus far, so it's a good year to roll the dice on him, IMO.

i am a big rich harden fan, as he's basically the #1 ace of the athletics, even tho i think zito technically has that role because of senority, i think harden is the best pitcher on the A's. he'll take some lumps, but he's got the best arm on that staff, and i think he'll be a 15+ game winner with 200+ Ks, his wins will be directly related to how low he can get his ERA under 4.00.. dunno about BJ ryan... does he close? has julio been taken out of that role? pavano finally figured it out last year, and even if he regresses and gets that era up in the 3.75 to 4.00 range, which i'd bet will happen, he could still win 15+ win the yanks... so i think pavano is a damn-near-lock for 15+ wins, but i wouldnt count on him to be an ERA/WHIP dynamo like he was last year. livan seems to have revitalized his career on montreal/DC, so if he's got another year akin to last year under his belt, that's a good solid backend of the fantasy rotation SP. ted lilly could win 12+ with an ERA under 4, but i'd look for him to be around 10 wins with a 00-4.50 era... solid serviceable SP i think, and even tho he has upside to be better, i see him maxing out around 15 wins with a 3.5 era... tho i dont think it will happen.

eaton is a mystery and if he gets it together could be a 15 win guy, tho i wouldnt bet on it... doug davis is solid too.

i think your big weakess is closing... guardado is solid for seattle,and im not 100% that BJ ryan closes... but even if he does, thats only two closers... you need more. i'd juggle some of your offensive depth to get another RP.

if you can get someone to bite on sexson and/or bagwell, i'd do that... i'd move someone like that so you could insert mike sweeney, who i'd rather have in there than bagwell anyways, and he's about the same as sexson, just a higher BA with less HRs.

so yeah, the word is closers. as in get them. otherwise, i like the SP and your offense seems to be very balanced. i'd use some of your offensive depth to get a RP tho. its easier to plug a hole in the offense as opposed to finding a guy who's a surefire lock for 30+ saves. sure, guys DO some out of nowhere and get closer's joibs... and while good players who do their nightly homework find these guys, i'd still try to acquire a near-stud level closer before the season starts, knowing that your offense is balanced enough to keep you i nthere... even if you gave up a big bat, one of your .300/30/100 guys, i think your offense's balance could cover your arse, your SP has the potential to be dominant, so therefore get a RP now to ensure that you don't submit the saves race early on, then when fringe relievers show up (be it injury replacements or midseason changes) you can hopefully get enough of them t oget you near the top of the saves category.

cuz if you can get to the top 3 or 4 spots in saves with this team, i think you'll have a solid chance at winning the league.

that said, check out my thread @ ... p?t=104187


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