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Feeling Underwhelmed with Recent Draft

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Feeling Underwhelmed with Recent Draft

Postby XTSilver » Fri Mar 11, 2005 4:31 am

It was a 12 team yahoo private draft with some friends and friends of friends. I consider myself the most knowledgable of anyone in the league as there was one team "latino ligers" that drafted all hispanic players as a joke. And yet, I can't help feeling that my team has some serious holes. I think I made a mistake grabbing Kolb when I did and also in taking three straight starters. Even perhaps in taking three straight OFers even though they are all studs. Anyone have any thoughts on it?

Im Bloody Sox and this was also my first draft that was non 5x5 and am not really sure about these new categories so if anyone has insight into that I'd appreciate it.

Mistakes I feel I made
Looking over the draft I see that I could have had Ollie and CZam as my 2-3 instead of Hudson and Harden. While it is is close I think the Ks from the other 2 would have helped. Doesn't Zambrano also get a fair amount of CGs?

I also think that perhaps instead of takign Harden I could have had Figgins, Nathan, or Dotel all of which may have been better for my team since now there are still many usable SPs on the wire while I would give my left arm to have Figgins for my infield.

As I said before I think Kolb may have been a mistake as well. At that point I could have punted saves and and gone with someone else and then late in the draft filled up with middle relievers like gordon, gonzalez, crain, etc. Instead I have to carry 5 closers, 4 of which are "shaky" to say the least. I gave some thought to trading Kolb and still punting saves but it seems almost too late now. The other closers could be good but are going to be difficult to deal for any real talent now and therefore I missed out on some guys I could have had instead.

While I like Mauer, that is another big question mark to go along with 2b, and 3b.

Utley was taken much too soon as I am now considering dropping him for Eaton, Mench, or W. Miller and just sticking with Roberts.

And the bottom part was spent grabbing any closer help I could get because of the mistakes already listed.

Am I being too critical or did I really mess this one up?

*EDIT*Forgot can't see link because its private. Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get draft results on here? I can send screen shot if someone will host the image.
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