Therapy Needed- Strategy+ Monologue

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Therapy Needed- Strategy+ Monologue

Post by semurphy444 »

So in my 12 team, H2H, 6x6 Most Cats, (Hitting:Std 5+OBP, Pitching: QS,K,HLD, SV, ERA & WHIP) , w/daily rosters, with a 6 SP Min, 8 SP Max (Get to count all the stats on day you go over), and 7 transactions per week. Contrary to typical thinking of drafting a solid all around team- i focused on R, SB, AVG & OBP...and then RP stats as well.

My team is as follows:
C- Molina
1B- Belt
2B- Turner
SS- Seager
3B- Escobar
OF- Benitendi
OF- Herrera
UTL- C. Hernandez
UTL- Conforto

Bench- Margot, Marte
DL- Donaldson, Dahl

P- SOTD (Starter of the Day)
P- Miller
P- Betances
P- Oh
P- Colome
P- Ramos
P- Casilla
P- Leclerc
P- Hudson

Bench- J Ramirez (Atl), N. Jones, Glover, SOTD#2,
DL- Bedrosian, Capps, Street

I went into this year thinking I could 100% stream WW pitchers- and get an ERA around 4.00; my bullpen would dilute that even more hoping to be a 2.70 ERA.... and combined a respectable 3.50 ERA. (So far my starters are a 4.14 ERA and RP's are a 2.61 ERA)- I can stream RPs (i.e. W1 I played against someone who had more Setup than Closers... so I benched Oh vs the Cubs and kept my ratios down, but still had enough other closers to win Saves)

My major downside is that 6 of my 7 roster moves are tied up SP adds, leaving me just a single free move. So for W5- I kept onto Samardzija, (which gave me an extra transaction)- I picked up Conforto (Replacing a ACL- DL'd Eaton), and Ramirez to replace Joe 'Balloon your ERA' Blanton in my bullpen. All other adds were for my SOTD- I thought Anderson (ChC) would do alright in Phili... was i wrong and down big to start with. But I nail the Rockies starters in Petco- (Senzatela & Freeland)- and i'm 4 starts in just needing 2 more moves... and looking close in my matchup.

So this was on Thursday; I know if I make moves close to gametime, i'll be guaranteed the SP to start- but I run the risk of someone else taking who I think is the best option on a given day. I like McCarthy in SD on Sat, and I see Cobb has the dome & the lackluster Jays- so I pick them both up for the weekend. On Friday Night, I see that McCarthy is pushed back to Sunday due to weightlifting in his workout and tweaking his shoulder. So Saturday my lineup is 9 RPs, and i add a little bit more to my SVs & Holds lead... he pitches Salazar & Estrada- who blow up his WHIP... So all I need my 2 pitchers to do on Sunday... is Start the game- and just dont both implode.

And what happens for the only the 3rd time in 14 years..... a fricken' rainout in SAN DIEGO... and i lose ERA & WHIP by (non-qual).

EVEN with my DQ- (I had a WHIP of .941 Opp had 1.257)- so I could have gave up 16 W+H in 0IP....and still won... But then going into SNB- my hitters go on a Sunday tare; and I'm actually up 7-5- and having a 1 R & 1 RBI lead- with him just having Castro... so he can Do either once, and i'll be ok... but if he does both- I'm hit with the L.... and Bryant's error put him on base.... and I'm left holding the bag.

If you made it this far, thanks for the read!
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Re: Therapy Needed- Strategy+ Monologue

Post by ayebatter »

semurphy444 wrote:
And what happens for the only the 3rd time in 14 years..... a fricken' rainout in SAN DIEGO... and i lose ERA & WHIP by (non-qual).

LIve by the sword die by the sword. :*)
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Re: Therapy Needed- Strategy+ Monologue

Post by fast dogs »

this can be a cruel and frustrating game we play
watching Saturdays game they said Sunday didn't look good at all, hard as the forecast was to be believed in SD. of course by then your last move had been made. Moving forward the overused 10 day DL is likely to get you at some point again if you are cutting it close.
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