Please help with my auction keeper team (just drafted)

If you're looking for input and advice on the team you just drafted, post your roster here.

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Please help with my auction keeper team (just drafted)

Post by mushman05 »

I just held my 12 team auction keeper league draft this past weekend. $300 cap, 5x5 scoring and we keep up to 12 players each offseason. Anyways here's my lineup w/ an asterisk next to keeper players:

C D.Navarro $6
*C Y.Molina $2
*1B J.Morneau $23
2B F.Lopez $2
SS M.Tejada $13
3B C.Jones $18
MI E.Renteria $1
*CI B.Butler $1
*OF I.Suzuki $29
OF M.Holliday $29
*OF N.McLouth $2
*OF P.Burrell $13
*OF X.Nady $4
DH D.Ortiz $19
DH C.Figgins $8

SP F.Hernandez $21
*SP J.Vazquez $5
SP A.Harang $12
SP F.Carmona $9
*SP O.Perez $4
RP F.Francisco $6
RP J.Broxton $12
*RP B.Wilson $9
P I.Snell $3
P A.Reyes $4

3B A.Rodriguez $29
2B F.Sanchez $2
*OF C.Dickerson $1
OF C.Headley $4
SP P.Maholm $5
SP J.Bonderman $1
*SP D.Bush $1
SP D.Cabrera $1

Overall I'm pretty happy with my squad aside from the glaring hole at 2B. Guys went for FAR more than I expected (Alexi Ramirez $29, Uggla $25, Cano $20). Rather than overpay I spent some of that cash on pitching and found a few steals. I'm really happy about getting Broxton at that price, and I think A-Rod, Holliday and Ortiz were both very reasonable considering their potential keeper values. I was hoping to land a few more IF studs since there were quite a few available this year, but guys went for just ridiculous amounts (Wright $51, Reyes $45 and Hanley $56!). In hindsight Utley went for $35 which is a relative steal and Kinsler $33, however when those guys were being bid on I was concentrating on waiting for one of the shortstops.

Anyway, just looking at my roster, do you guys see any other glaring needs aside from 2B? I'm pretty content on sitting tight and hoping I can by with the Felipe Lopez/Sanchez combo at second at least for a little while. Any thoughts here?
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Re: Please help with my auction keeper team (just drafted)

Post by Chadgo5 »

Thanks for the help on mine...

Interesting team. You've got some guys that I REALLY like and some that I REALLY don't like. Being able to keep Butler and McClouth for $4 total was a great move. Your OF is very solid. I don't like your middle infield at all. None of them. I think Tejada is done being a serviceable fantasy player. Same with Renteria. I had Lopez on my bench last year and was frustrated all season. But you already know that 2B is going to be a problem. I would watch SS closely as well.

I like your pitching staff. I'm planning on Harang having a bounceback too.

Getting Arod for $29 is nice (He went for $25 in our league). Great keeper pick at that price and may give you 3 or 4 good months this year.

Maholm for $5 is a good pick and should fill in nicely. VERY nice bullpen value.

Yeah, I'd mostly be worried about your middle infield. Other than that, the team looks good.
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Re: Please help with my auction keeper team (just drafted)

Post by mushman05 »

I made a deal to improve my infield tonight.

I give Chipper Jones ($18) and Freddy Sanchez ($2) for Mike Aviles ($10) and Edwin Encarnacion ($11). I'm not a huge EE guy, but I think he'll be an adequate short term fit until A-Rod comes back. Big fan of Aviles and targeted him late in the draft when 2B were getting thin but dropped out of the bidding around $8. Now I can move Renteria to the bench/FA and try Lopez at MI where I think he's a decent sleeper there rather than at 2B.

Good deal or not so much?
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