How many SP and RP?

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How many SP and RP?

Post by markj11 »

How many SP's and how many RP's do most people have. I went with a different stategy this year in my draft and wanted to know what everyone thought. I put more into my RP's than SP's. I got my stud(Peavy) in the 4th and then stayed away from SP thinking I could gamble on Escobar, Verlander, Bedard, whoever came along. So I am using 5 RP's which contribute greatly to all 5 cats in 5X5(even more if you are using K/B K/9) where SP only 4. I think going with 3 SP's and 5 RP's will leave me with a great ERA, WHIP, SV and maybe middle in W's and K's. I just wanted try something different. Last year I went with SP's and when I got close to the MAX Innings pitched I traded a few got great offensive and RP's.
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Post by JohnnyBenchBest Ever »

Your not going to get many wins with it but you could win 3 of the 4 cats left. K's will be close.
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Post by KronJon »

I always go with 4 or 5 closers, and 4 or 5 starters.

It always works out well.
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Post by stikmata »

i'm in a H2H points league w/ weekly lineups where wins and saves are both 10 pts, and we're not penalized for BSs or Ls... we start 7 pitchers and i've been going w/ 4 RPs and 3 SPs... i've got Johan, Escobar, Patterson, E. Santana (+ Prior) and a rotating spot for whoever has 2 starts that week... i grabbed closers early, Lidge and Wagner and got Valverde and Ray ( ;-D ) way late (plus Baez off WW) ... there seem to be a lot of closers on the WW still... but i'd say it's working for me because as of today i have the most points scored
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Post by duckbillgates »

Weekly leagues are quite different than dailies in this area.
In a league with daily lineup changes, I've found it is best to try to have the most closers, even if they aren't upper-tier, and to have a nice stable of starters to rotate in. That way, you can have, say, four closers in at all times and pick-and-choose matchups for your starters.
Weekly leagues it is best to have quality over quantity with your closers so you can have dependable guys and still get your fair share of starts in.
In the above league that gives as many points for saves as for wins (which seems absurd to me), the strategy is sound ... for that league. That setup makes closers very valuable.
For a more traditional roto or non-points H2H, it's a bad idea. You essentially sacrifice wins and strikeouts, and, because of the fewer innings pitched, a blowup or two from a closer can kill you in WHIP and ERA.
Nice idea for some leagues, but most should steer clear, in my opinion.
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