Please Rate My Roto Team (WHIR!!!!!!!!!!!)

If you're looking for input and advice on the team you just drafted, post your roster here.

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Please Rate My Roto Team (WHIR!!!!!!!!!!!)

Post by reblaze369 »

This is my roto 10 team cbs league team. What do you think? Any suggestions? Help is appreciated. (WHIR)

Active Batters
Hernandez, Ramon C
McCann, Brian C
Berkman, Lance 1B
Hill, Aaron 2B
Wright, David 3B
Peralta, Jhonny SS
Lowrie, Jed SS
Konerko, Paul 1B
Bay, Jason LF
Hart, Corey C. RF
Ibanez, Raul LF
Matsui, Hideki LF
Victorino, Shane CF
Hafner, Travis DH

Active Pitchers
Billingsley, Chad SP
Carmona, Fausto SP
Fuentes, Brian RP
Harden, Rich SP
Lackey, John SP
Ryan, B.J. RP
Wainwright, Adam SP
Weaver, Jered SP
Wilson, Brian RP SF

Reserve Batters
Guillen, Carlos 3B
Rodriguez, Alex 3B
Gardner, Brett CF
Pierre, Juan LF

Reserve Pitchers
Arroyo, Bronson SP
Pettitte, Andy SP
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Re: Please Rate My Roto Team (WHIR!!!!!!!!!!!)

Post by hambone1818 »

Solid squad all around. Your SS's are pretty weak and I think you can do better than Pronk at UTIL, but other than that I like the team. Good deal of upside mixed in with solid arms at SP, though I might be a little concerned with injuries to that pitching staff. Billingsley's already behind schedule, Harden is almost a lock to spend some time on the DL, Wainwright only threw something like 80 innings last year, and those are three of your four best pitchers. I might look to ditch either Gardner or Pierre (they're rather redundant and picking up cheap free agent SB's is generally pretty easy) and pick up another arm.

Nice team, though, once ARod is back that'll be a solid offense and your pitching has the potential to be very good.
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Roster Information: Thirteen Team, Standard 5x5 Roto, No Keepers

C - Matt Wieters
1B - Adrian Gonzalez
2B - Ian Kinsler
3B - Kevin Youkilis
SS - Marco Scutaro
OF - Corey Hart
OF - Justin Upton
OF - Brett Gardner
DH - Angel Pagan
BN - Alex Rios - OF, Bryan LaHair - OF

SP - Cole Hamels, James Shields, Ubaldo Jimenez, Doug Fister, Clay Buchholz, Johan Santana
RP - Andrew Bailey, Carlos Marmol, Sean Marshall, Matt Capps

Re: Please Rate My Roto Team (WHIR!!!!!!!!!!!)

Post by oxhammer »

To add to the last poster, I'd be concerned with Konerko. Maybe he'll end up doing alright this year, but I'd be looking to get someone to back up his spot.
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Roster Information: 10-Team H2H CBS points league:
C - Iannetta
1B - Fielder
2B - Utley
SS - Peralta
3B - Youk
OF - ManRam, Magglio, Crawford
U - Chris Davis
bench: Shin-Soo Choo

SP: Hamels, Billingsley, Wainwright, Meyers, Greinke, Danks, Meche, Slowey, Chris Young
CL: Wilson and Qualls

Re: Please Rate My Roto Team (WHIR!!!!!!!!!!!)

Post by KrunK »

I agree with what's been said already, a bit weak at SS (but it's such a thin position the only people who are "strong" have HanRam/Reyes/Rollins) and Konerko/Hafner scare me a bit. Hafner has at least looked good in spring training, Konerko has been pretty bad the past few years though. Your rotation has the potential to be great but is also injury prone. I know something is going on with Lackey (I don't own him so I'm not up to date) which isn't good because he was on the DL last year and Harden is a lock for the DL. Billingsley had a groin issue and threw 65 pitches in a simulated game and said he felt fine, so I'm not worried though. Wainwright had an issue with his finger, nothing major, so again not a guy I'm too worried about (I've got both Wainwright and Bills). Maybe find another arm and see how it plays out for now, with a healthy A-Rod your offense is stout.
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Roster Information: 13 team keeper league (keep 7)
Roto style 6x6 (OBP + IP added)
$315 salary for 23 starters.
14 player farm team.

Re: Please Rate My Roto Team (WHIR!!!!!!!!!!!)

Post by Chadgo5 »

Actually Hafner has had a horrid spring. (I'm a Tribe fan that lives in Cleveland). I don't think he'll ever be the same and wouldn't be surprised to see Laporta up in a couple of months. Pronk did hit his first spring HR yesterday, so maybe there is some hope... but I have major doubts. He went undrafted in our league full of Tribe fans.

Peralta might be a nice surprise for you as he may end up hitting cleanup here. 25HR and 90 RBI is possible to go along with a .275 - .280 BA. Those are the high projections.

I actually like Konerko at your corner spot. He played through some pain last year and should bounce back a bot.

Love Ibanez this year in Philly. Not crazy about Matsui though. He can't seem to stay healthy.

Your pitching staff looks solid. Harden needs to stay healthy and Carmona...? Which one will you get? He has looked decent in spring training. Hopefully he has gotten past his injury that hampered him last year. I am always amazed at his stuff, but he can't seem to get strikeouts.

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