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Poll: Restricted Free Agency

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2007 1:35 pm
by BronXBombers51
Three options here. Feel free to bring up potential problems with some and defend your selection.

Option #1: All of the players on your team that are about to become free agents (meaning their contract is about to expire) are considered restricted free agents. These players will enter the spring auction and be up for bid. Once a team makes an offer for him and seven days pass without a higher offer, the owner with RFA ties to this player has a 24-hour window in which he can decide whether or not he wishes to 'match' the offer on the table. If he chooses to do so, he will automatically win the rights to this player. There will be no limit on how many times an owner can do this. He many 'match' the offers of any/all of his RFA.

Option #2: The same as Option #1, except that the owner does have a limit on how many times he can 'match' an offer. He may only 'match' (one or two? -- we must determine the number) RFA offers per offseason.

Option #3: The owner may declare (one or two -- we must decide) of his players about to become free agents as his RFA by December 1st. He may then choose to 'match' the offers for only these (one or two) players. The players that he does not declare his RFA will enter the auction as usual, but the owner will not have the ability to 'match' their offers once the bidding is over.

Quick note: An owner can bid on his own RFA during the auction. Nothing prevents this. If you declare Player A as your RFA, nothing prevents you from joining the bidding on Player A during the auction. If you win the bidding, you get the player and that does not count as a 'match'. What restricted free agency does, is allow you to see what Player A is worth on the open market, without involving yourself in the bidding for him. Once Player A is sold, you can then decide if the price is reasonable enough for you that you'd like to take him back.

Another note: You must have enough dollars and contract years available at the time you make your 'match' offer. You are not allowed to make the 'match' if you don't have enough room under the cap.