Trade Block

These owners grab real life teams and try to work deals to benefit their real life clubs of choice before the trade deadline passes. Hop in and check out what kinds of things they are looking at and doing.
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Trade Block

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Post who you're "shopping" in this thread.
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Re: Trade Block

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Atlanta Braves

Jarrod Saltalamacchia - An offer for him would have to blow me away. I'm looking for a top of the rotation, young impact starter for him.

Yunel Escobar - This kid has loads of talent. I'd like to acquire a CF of the future with him, or get a solid young pitcher.

Scott Thorman - I would like to acquire a LOOGY for him.

Kyle Davies - Could possible be effective out of the bullpen down the stretch. A top 20 prospect would do for him.

Brent Lillibridge - Has the ability to play both CF and SS. I'm pretty high on him and would like a solid major league ready player.

Okay, that's pretty much it. Basically anyone on the Braves is available with the exception of:

Chipper Jones
John Smoltz
Andruw Jones (He said he would veto any deal)
Tim Hudson
Rafael Soriano
Kelly Johnson

My basic goals are to acquire a young, cheap starter and a CF for the future. Bullpen help is always nice too.
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Re: Trade Block

Post by AussieDodger »

On the block:
Delmon Young
Carl Crawford
Everyone in the bullpen
Everyone who is in AAA not named Zobrist
Looking for:
#1. Young OFs for example: Jeremy Hermida
#2. AA starting pitchers
#3. Young bullpen help for example: Edward Mujica
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Re: Trade Block

Post by LouSeal24 »

San Francisco Giants

I'm not really looking to trade Lowry or Jonathan Sanchez, but I could part with them if it meant getting legit young position player(s) in return. Preferably of the middle of the lineup variety.

Other then that:
Matt Morris
Steve Kline
Ray Durham
Randy Winn (although he has a no trade clause, so I'm not sure how that would work here)
Pedro Feliz
Ryan Klesko
Omar Vizquel
Dave Roberts
Rich Aurilia

For the most part anyone but Cain and Lincecum are on the block. I'm looking to get younger as fast as possible, so I'll be looking for prospects, mainly position players (maybe a couple relievers) in return.
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Re: Trade Block

Post by sportsaddict »

St. Louis Cardinals

Here's who I will not trade:

Albert Pujols
Chris Carpenter
Yadier Molina
Colby Rasmus (AA)
Chris Duncan
Adam Wainwright
Chris Narveson (AAA)

Here's who's on the block if anyone's interested:

Scott Rolen
Jim Edmonds
Juan Encarnacion
David Eckstein
Adam Kennedy
Mike Maroth
Braden Looper

Jason Isringhausen isn't a guy I'm particularly looking to trade, but I'll listen if the right offer comes. So if you're looking for a closer, just PM me about Izzy, but know I'll be needing a good amount in return if I'm trading him.

Anthony Reyes is a guy I'd also trade if the right offer came around. Not necessarily going out of my way to get rid of him but I will listen to offers.

Any others not listed are available. Just PM if you're interested in anyone.

Here's what I'm looking for:

3B, SS, 2B prospects: guys who will be major league ready next season or in the near future
Young starting pitching
Bullpen help
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Re: Trade Block

Post by slomo007 »


On the block:
Mark Teixeira (FA after 2008)
Hank Blalock (2008 salary $6M, 2009 option)
Kenny Lofton (FA after 2007)
Sammy Sosa (FA after 2007)
Akinori Otsuka (FA after 2009)
Eric Gagne (FA after 2007)
Brad Wilkerson (FA after 2007)

Starting Pitching
Starting Pitching
Starting Pitching
Quality Outfielder
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Re: Trade Block

Post by FantasyMan13 »

Milwaukee Brewers

Will not trade (unless blown away):

Prince Fielder
Ben Sheets
Yovani Gallardo
Bill Hall
J.J. Hardy
Ryan Braun
Francisco Cordero

Everyone else is available for the right price. Please make a lot of offers, as I will be working the PMs a lot.

Team needs:

1. SP
2. Experienced offensive player
3. RP
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Re: Trade Block

Post by IrishSox14 »

Chicago Cubs

On the Block
Jacque Jones
Jason Marquis
Kerry Wood
Mark Prior
César Izturis

Looking for
1.Solid RF
2. Young SP
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Roster Information: 12 Team 5X5 H2H 28 Man Roster Dynasty Keeper League

C: Salvador Perez (C)
1B: Joey Votto (1B)
2B: Gordon Beckham (2B)
3B: Aramis Ramirez (3B)
SS: Troy Tulowitski (SS)
OF: Carlos Gonzalez (OF)
OF: Ryan Braun (OF)
OF: Carlos Beltran (OF)
Util: Justin Morneau (1B)
Util: Michael Stanton (OF)
Bench: Nick Castellanos (3B)
Bench: Nick Markakis (OF)
Bench: Jonathan Villar (SS)
Bench: Javier Báez (SS)
Bench: Oscar Tavares (OF)
NA: Carlos Correa (SS)

SP: Felix Hernandez (SP)
SP: Zack Greinke (SP)
RP: Casey Janssen (RP)
RP: Jim Johnson (RP)
P: Ricky Nolasco (SP)
P: Jared Weaver (SP)
P: Yovani Gallardo (SP)
Bench: Lance Lynn (SP)
Bench: Jacob Turner (SP)
Bench: Yordano Ventura (SP)
Bench: Carlos Martinez (SP,RP)
Bench: Alex Wood (SP,RP)
NA: Robert Stephenson (SP)
NA: Max Fried (SP)

Farm System:
01: L. Brinson (Tex - OF)
02: Al. Reyes (Stl - SP)
03: Josh Bell (OF)
04. Drew Ward (3B)

Re: Trade Block

Post by Havok1517 »

Guys on the Block

OF/1B Adam Dunn
OF Ken Griffey, Jr.
1B Scott Hatteberg
1B Jeff Conine
C Javier Valentin

SP Kyle Lohse
SP/RP Kirk Saarloos
RP Rddie Guardado
RP Mike Stanton ... ds_24.html

I am more inclinded to trade away Lohse, Hatteberg, Conine, & Weathers than the others but am willing to listen to all deals. A lot of these guys would really help a contender looking to add some pieces for depth. I would like to acquire some young arms (starter and reliever) and prospects.
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