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This twelve team roto league is building from scratch and will be a three sport dynasty league in a few years. Watch it all unfold right before your very eyes!

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Roster Information: 20 team dynasty H2H; 6x6 w/OPS & Holds; 22 ML keepers, 13-man farm

C - Kurt Suzuki (Oak - C)
1B - Carlos Pena (TB - 1B)
2B - Orlando Hudson (Min - 2B)
3B - Eric Hinske (Atl - 1B,3B,LF,RF)
SS - Orlando Cabrera (Cin - SS)
LF - Matt Holliday (StL - LF)
CF - Jason Werth (Phi - CF,RF)
RF - Adam Dunn (Was - 1B,LF,RF)
UTIL - Drew Stubbs (Cin - CF), Matt LaPorta (Cle - 1B,LF,RF)
BN - Nyjer Morgan (Was - LF,CF), Reid Brignac (TB - 2B,SS), Jonathan Herrera (Col - 2B), Mark Teahen (CWS - 1B,3B,RF) DL

SP - Johan Santana (NYM), Adam Wainwright (StL), Trevor Cahill (Oak), Jon Garland (SD), Mitch Talbot (Cle), Vin Mazzaro (Oak), Brandon Webb (Ari) DL, Justin Duchscherer (Oak) DL
RP - John Axford (Mil), Jason Motte (StL), J.J. Putz (CWS), Brad Ziegler (Oak), Frank Francisco (Tex), Robinson Tejeda (KC)

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Welcome and Sign Up

Post by jmlevy »

Welcome to the home of the Triple Crown 3-Sport Keeper League!

We are currently in the process of filling two similar 3-sport keeper leagues.

This league, for whose forum you are currently browsing is our low cash buy-in($10 to $25, will be voted upon) roto league.
We will also be running a free H2H league outside of the FBC as soon as we can get that filled.

If you have a moment, please make it to the Rules and Settings page to skim over the league policies. I should have you know that it is a mandatory requirement that any and all member of either league(free or cash) participates in ALL 3 keeper sports.

Upon reading these policies, if you feel that you are interested in the cash roto league, you can feel free to leave a post in this thread with the following mandatory information:
    Some background about you and your history of fantasy sports.
    Mention any draft strategies, how many years you have played fantasy sports, how active you are, how often you check, if you like to make trades, etc.
    Also, please supply a Yahoo ID so that I may check out your fantasy profile.
If you would like to participate in the free H2H league, please send me a PM with the above information and I will be happy to get you all set up.

I look forward to hearing from all of you and this should be a fantasy experience for all!

Commish Joe

Name: Joe

AIM/YIM - titanzrule32
Email - mailto:jmlevy@indiana.edu

Fantasy Experience: Started with fantasy baseball 10 years ago, when I was 11. Grew to football about 5 years ago, and added basketball about 2 years ago.

Strategy: I like to find a solid core of players from which to build the team around. Whether its a hitter and pitcher, two hitters, or whatever, I generally build my team around the centerpiece, and if it doesn't fit, i try to trade to correct it.

Favorite Teams:
Baseball - Atlanta Braves
Football - Tennessee Titans
Basketball - Memphis Grizzlies
Hockey - Nashville Predators
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Post by cmcintire8686 »

Hey this is Chuck - from Atlanta - 53 yrs old - fantasy sports addict - very competitive, competent and active. Been playing fantasy sports for about 25 yrs. Won titles in every sport you can win in. Yahoo ID - Acefan86 - one of about 10 - lol.

Looking forward to the great competition - I like to play with the best!!!
Triple Crown
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Post by Triple Crown »

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the invite.

I'm a 33 year PE teacher from MA. I have been doing fantasy sports for about 10 years now. I'm usually in about 10-15 baseball leagues and I check in daily on them all. I love to trade and will haggle with anyone.
My yahoo ids are scchiefs17 and bullies17

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Roster Information: We have an opening in our ESPN Keeper League (Football): Team has Colin Kaepernick, Matt Forte, and a few good keeper WR.

Post by MadDog36 »

Hi, its matt. I done taken what not. I'm in as I already spoke to Joe on the phone earlier in the week.
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Post by JM80 »

Hey Everyone,

I'm Jason from Tennessee. I'm 27 years old. I've been playing fantasy sports for about 10 years now. Looking forward to playing with you guys in the 3 sport keeper league.

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Post by jwhands »

Joe from Portland. I'm looking for some new competition, so let's see what this league has to offer.
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Roster Information: 6x6 (OBP, Holds) 20 team Dynasty...

C - Jarrod Saltalamacchia
1B - Mitch Moreland, Mike Carp
2B - Jemile Weeks, Daniel Murphy
3B - Juan Francisco
SS - Alcides Escobar
LF - Chris Heisey, Trayvon Robinson
CF - Cameron Maybin, Lorenzo Cain
RF - Jeff Franceour, Josh Reddick

SP - Chris Capuano, Gavin Floyd, Dillon Gee, Diasuke Matsuzaka, Brandon McCarthy, James McDonald, Ivan Nova, Rick Porcello, Vance Worley

1. Arguelles, Noel (P - KC)
2. Blackmon, Charlie (LF - COL)
3. Choice, Michael (OF - OAK)
4. Cozart, Zack (SS - CIN)
5. Liddi, Alex (3B - SEA)
6. Lough, David (OF - KC)
7. Oliver, Andy (P - DET)
8. Sanchez, Tony (C - PIT)
9. Surkamp, Eric (P - SF)
10. Vaughn, Cory (OF - NYM)

Post by balmlb119 »

Sorry this is late...

My name is Jim, aka "Trampled Under Foot"... and homage to Led Zeppelin of course. I'm a 25 year old substitute teacher who has his teaching degree and am looking for a full-time position.
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Re: Welcome and Sign Up

Post by rmcc4444 »

Hey guys,

Its Ryan, owner of the cajun sox.

I'm 32 yrs old and have been playing fantasy sports in one way or another for about 10 years. I have been playing seriously for 4-5 years now. I'm from Boston but moved to Baton Rouge, LA about 4 yrs ago. I work in IT doing Linux/Network security.

If you're bored you can check out my myspace page which I rarley do much with but you'll be able to put a face to me at least: http://www.myspace.com/rmccs0x

I'm a lifetime Red Sox and LSU fan and refuse to play Yankees on my fantasy baseball team. You can offer me A-Rod for Morgan Ensberg and i'll reject it. I might pick up a Yankee rookie if I know I can trade him but I will never put a Yankee in my active lineup.

Where I'm from and live now should explain my team name: cajun (Louisiana) sox (Red Sox).

I've been a member of SABR for quite a few years and have helped do statistical research for a couple books written on the history of the Red Sox. If you haven't guessed by now, baseball is generally the fantasy sport I do the best in because I have always been fascinated with the sport and love to crunch the numbers and read anything and everything I can about it.

Looks like we have a pretty solid group of guys and I look forward to playing in this league for years to come.

AIM: rmcc316
YahooIM: rsmccain
email: rmcc4444 at gmail d0t c0m
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Re: Welcome and Sign Up

Post by wgolds »

Hi all,
I will be taking over for the lapsed team.

Excited to be here.

My name is Wayne, and I am a fantasy addict
I am 33 years old living in LA where the Bruins are hot and the Lakers are even hotter.
San Diego is my hometown, so I root for Padres and Chargers but rarely have them on my fantasy squads.

Football was my gateway drug into the fatasy world (10 years ago)
In addition to that league, I have had 1 friends and family basketball league for 5 years
Played baseball last 4 years but not with a regular group
Last fall I joined a 18-team 4-sport keeper league where I commish the basketball portion and that is off to a great start.

So while I am a proud addict, I do not spread myself to thin. I will be active daily (if not hourly).

Looking forward to some good competition.

YIM and AIM are both wgolds47

use it often
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Re: Welcome and Sign Up

Post by hanny2042 »

Hey everyone. I am taking over for an existing team (not sure of the old owner's name). I am 28 and work for a contractor for Eli Lilly in Indy. I have been playing fantasy sports for about 10 years or so. I am in way too many leagues in baseball and football, but always stay very involved with them, as I usually have a lot of free time at work :)

Yahoo ID: hanny2042
Email: hanny2042@gmail.com

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