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Experienced owner looking for dynasty/salary league

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Experienced owner looking for dynasty/salary league

Postby RotoBallMaine » Mon Nov 12, 2012 4:19 pm

I am an experienced roto/fantasy owner with close to 20 years of experience.

Looking for a dynasty league, preferably with salaries, contracts, 40 man roster and some minors.

Free to $50 entry fee considered. Very active owner, no problem rebuilding an existing team.
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Re: Experienced owner looking for dynasty/salary league

Postby FeverPitch136 » Mon Nov 12, 2012 4:47 pm

I have been in a MLB Dynasty League with Salaries at Fantrax for the past 3 seasons--no openings in my league right now but will let you know if something opens up. Meantime you should be able to find other Dynasty/Salary Cap leagues there to join.
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Re: Experienced owner looking for dynasty/salary league

Postby AHMason » Thu Nov 15, 2012 11:29 pm

We have a few openings in our league. The rosters are based on real MLB rosters ( starting in the minor leagues, if your MLB affiliate drafts someone, you have that players rights) so ALL minor leaguers are in play and get traded frequently. Some of the details:

Free League
30 teams
Roto scoring
League is run through Proboards & CBS
Arbitration system for contracts ( players are owned for the first 6 years of MLB career)
Free agency after 6 ( The league has been around for 10 years, so there are good free agents available every year)
Cash prizes for playoff teams ( not a lot of $$, but considering it is a completely free league still pretty cool that our Admin puts it up)
Available teams are : Twins, Indians, White Sox, Phillies, Cubs & Astros

Any questions feel free to email me at

The link to fill out an application is here: ... thread=468

Hope you find a league you like.
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Re: Experienced owner looking for dynasty/salary league

Postby baegames » Sat Nov 17, 2012 1:12 pm

Would you be interested in this concept?

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Re: Experienced owner looking for dynasty/salary league

Postby nettles3Ball-star » Sun Nov 18, 2012 6:49 pm

Please check out my Classified post: viewtopic.php?t=452433

I think our league meets the criteria you mentioned. If you're interested send me a PM and we'll get you a temporary registration on our Proboards home so you can look over the rules and league set-up.
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Re: Experienced owner looking for dynasty/salary league

Postby ArmchairGM » Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:36 pm

I think I have what you're looking for.

Check out my ad. League info and my contact info can be found here:

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Re: Experienced owner looking for dynasty/salary league

Postby HamptonBayardHampton » Fri Jan 04, 2013 3:09 pm

Consider us, please:
Unique AUCTION AL and NL

Roto League Start-Up

Next Great Roto Baseball League

ü Sunday, February 17th On-Line Auction.

ü 2013 is first season for new Dynasty/Keeper League.

ü 13 Teams with 18 Pitchers and 28 Hitters, no bench. Auction Day Only Salary Ceiling of $520.

ü 9 to 9:15 Wednesday and Sunday Nights Transactions via eBay style FAAB Tweet Bids.

ü Sunday, April 7th First Transactions.

ü $10 Fee per Team for Stat Service.

ü Winner claims bragging rights.

ü 6 x 6 Scoring Categories: Hitting - Plate Appearances, Runs Scored, Batting Average, Home Runs, Runs Batted In, and Stolen Bases; Pitching - Innings Pitched, Strike Outs, Wins, Saves, Earned Run Average, and WHIP (walks + hits allowed per innings pitched.

ü Active Roster Slots: 3 x Catchers, 1 x Swing Man (can be hitter or pitcher), 10 x outfielders, 2 x 1B, 2 x 2B, 2 x 3B, 2 x shortstop, 2 x middle infield, 2 x corner base, and 2 x utility + 18 x pitchers.

ü Two 40 minute Mock Auctions on February 3rd and 6th using Auction Day software.

ü August Dog Days Salary Specials.

ü Effective, limited Anti-Dumping Rule.

and so...

What makes the Next Great such a U-N-I-Q-U-E

Roto Baseball League experience?

A. Deep Player Pool Penetration is rare in a mixed AL and NL League: Quality of Team Owners trumps quantity of Owners. No matter what type of league, it only takes a few stragglers to drag it down. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Too many times, however, we add owners so our league has more teams in order to achieve deeper penetration of the player pool. on Auction Day. Instead, we end up with too many unproven owners. Wouldn't you rather have thirteen great General Managers instead of 26 GMs where it is more than likely that a few will detract from your league by drafting like your sister, refuse to keep up in-season, and make putrid trades (then add insult to injury by quittting after a single season- one and done)? We'd rather have thirteen great owner-managers with double the standard Roto active player rosters, because deeper player pool penetration is paramount. Quality of Team Owners Trumps Quantity.

B. This is a league which encourages trades, promotes aggressive waiver wire maintenance, and limits streaming.

C. Play them, trade them, or risk losing them on the waiver wire. Make all healthy players active. No bench, 46 active roster slots.

D. The bane of every League’s continued health: Ghost Teams and landslide Trade Dumping after the All Star Game Break. Twenty-six weeks is a long season, but it is a lot longer when you’re stuck in the 2nd division. with little hope of getting players who are reserved and shelved by other teams even thoug the players are currently putting up counting stats. You need hope as well as a Keeper Roster to keep you active for the entire season. We especially provide hope in concrete, conceptual ways.

E. Every MLB team will win 50 games and every MLB will lose 50 games-- no matter what. It’s what they do in the remaining 62 games that matters. In our League, the Floor and Ceiling as far as points to be earned are a lot closer than ever to our feet and head at the end of the season. Being a Keeper League is great, but not when your Keeper roster makes the pennsnt race over by the All Star Game or makes your advantage too great on Auction Day. The playing field has been leveled. A good Keeper roster is still a fine thing to have; it’s just no longer the chief thing.

F. It’s unusual to find a mixed AL and NL that has this kind of penetration into the player pool on Auction Day: aprox. 79.7% of all active MLB players should be on Next Great rosters. On Auction day the Team Salary Ceiling is $520 for the double rosters, so value calculations are the same as before. In mixed leagues, any and every piece of MLB news is interesting; baseball news and analysis junkies unite in mixed leagues.

G. Role players who contribute double figures in counting category stats matter as much in our Roto as in real life. How often have bit players had a material effect on your current Roto League’s final standings? Or even been on a roster for more than a week or two? Based on experience with our Urleague (our original, earliest, primitive roto league for 26 seasons and still counting), two or three HRs here or the same number of Wins or RBI there are frequently the difference between being in the First Place or the First Division or not after the entire 26 week season. 46 active roster slots and 12 scoring categories makes the categories tighter.

H. This is a League that makes tactics and roster construction equally as important as projecting player values. In the Next Great you really are a GM who can make a difference.

I. The deep player pool penetration means that ultimately, after the newness of the experience wears off, it will dawn on owners that trading can change your fortune when big sticks or ace hurlers are not in the free agent pool. Our Urleague had over 70 trades just in 2012.

J. eBay style Twitter bidding makes the twice/weekly transactions easily accessible from anywhere with a short 15 minute window for bidding each of the 2 nights.

K. Blind Vickery FAAB Bidding for players waived by Next Great teams.

L. Priority in transaction rounds 2, 3, and 4 on Wednesday nights is based on reverse order of standings AND all nominations and bids are in real time and transparent via Tweet Bids- all within a 15 minute window.

M. Per week: two exception moves, unlimited natural moves, one waiver claim, and limitless reserved DL players.

N. Teams that continue to apply themselves will be able to find potential Keeper bargains during the August Dog Days Salary Specials.

O. Teams who have fought the good fight and are in a pennant race will not see their efforts derailed by the kind of trade dumping that fans should not tolerate in The Show.

P. We readily concede we don’t use cutting edge sabermetric stats as league scoring categories. This allows anyone and everyone to easily figure on the back of an envelope from the box score the net effect of a single game on their Roto team. Instead, competitive teams in Next Great use their own skilled analysis of the game’s internal numbers to predict playing time, role, and future impact on our 12 categories/external stats.

Q. And most Leagues that do have advanced sabermetric categories don’t have them set up in opposition to one another, making for more tactical decisions. In the Next Great you need both IP and Ks which you must balance against ERA and WHIP. You need BA, yet you need PA too. These are not easy decisions when so many categories are so tight at the end of the season.

R. In the post-PED endemic injuries era, even though all other non-trade moves are limited to two days per week, activating a reserved player by 9 p.m. any night is effective the next day.

S. Again, no bench. Our league is for GMs, not daily mangers. We encourage trades, promote aggressive waiver wire maintenance, and limit streaming.

T. Player contracts for 2 years + Topper Rights. Dynasty/Keeper League- max 15 on Freeze Roster, including Toppers. Just like Free Agency in The Show, you can keep a player on your team forever if you’re willing to pay one dollar more than the market every 3rd season.

U. On Auction Day to offer an angle on angle strategy for those clairvoyants inclined to indulge their mystical talents: Anyone alive is NOW available for purchase, should you choose to spend part of your $520 salary cap in that manner. For instance, you can buy a kid in the minors or in college or Japan or even the Korean League. You can later keep him on your Freeze Roster, but if he is not on an MLB roster on the following Auction Day, then he is automatically dropped back into the Auction Free Agent Pool.

V. Swing Man Roster slot instead of 4th catcher provides roster flexibility.

W. $20+ DL = REDEMPTION: If a player is bought for at least $20 in the current season’s Auction AND subsequent to Auction Day is placed on a major league Disabled List his Next Great team may release him before he is activated by his MLB team and redeem a portion of his current salary as an in-season FAAB Bonus.

X. Our single on-line Off-season Trading party on the eve of Freeze rosters promotes off-season trading.

Y. Our $10 fee makes it possible for most people to enjoy 12 months of fun and our lack of a cash prize consistently dissuades money-grubbing cheaters, while the Next Great will be the most challenging league you ever play in. Bar none…

By League Commissario
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Re: Experienced owner looking for dynasty/salary league

Postby Kasmir » Sun Jan 13, 2013 11:29 pm

Hey I saw you wanted a team to take over. Well I'm looking for owners in my new league
I got a head to head keeper league looking for many active managers. It's free. I'm the new Commishiner of this league the old one sucked honestly lol. 
1st base
2nd base
3rd base
5 starters
5 guys in the pen
5 bench spots 
5 DL spots
175 million salary cap, 50 free prospects and all prospects after 50 cost .2million. Standard July 31 trade deadline. The managers we do have a pretty active. Head-to-head scoring and we think it'll be ran on ESPN, but that's not set in stone, the league right now is held on Proboards. We need many owners that are passionate about baseball. We also need some co-commishiners. If you are interested contact me at Please contact me ASAP. Thank you
Grandslam0 dot proboards dot com

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Re: Experienced owner looking for dynasty/salary league

Postby turtle102009 » Mon Jan 14, 2013 12:24 pm

Here's the brief summary of my brand new league on fantrax. It will be an average of $55/team so only $5 above what you wanted, but the beauty of it is that you can decide what you pay. If you want to pay $50 then you would just have to run a little tighter budget than other teams, which is exactly what I plan to do myself. If you're good enough at finding talent at a discount you should be able to be successful.

This is a 16 team dynasty league with minors. Starting lineups are C,3B,CI,2-MI,3-OF,3-UTIL,10-Pitchers with 10 bench spots and 5 IR spots to be used only for actually injured or suspended players. Its a 6x6 H2H with R,HR,RBI,BA,SB,OPS for offense and W+CG+Shutouts,K,ERA,WHIP,QS,2xSaves+Holds for pitching. A small thing, each category is worth 0.62 so that the total regular season games for each team adds up to appx. 162. This is a salary/contract league with a unique feature, you pay for your share of the league salaries. Whatever your % of the league salaries is, that will be your % of the total league buy-in, so you get to set what your buy-in is. Minor leaguers get a league minimum contract.


$200 - Champion
$150 - 2nd Place
$100 - 3rd Place
$50 - 4th Place
$40 - 5th and 6th Place
$30 - Division Champions
$20 - Monthly Best Record (April-August)

There are, of coruse, other rules but if you're interested either respond here or email me at for more info. I can email you the league constitution with all the details.
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Re: Experienced owner looking for dynasty/salary league

Postby dovkass » Mon Jan 14, 2013 1:03 pm

I run an AL only auction/contract league that needs an additional owner

We are now heading into our 12th season.

You can see our rules here

We have a $10 fee for the Rotowire service.

The team you would be taking over finished 6th and has the first pick in our prospect draft.

contact me at
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