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Daily fantasy baseball is fun, and it offers a great opportunity to win money. Does that combination get your attention? It should. Winning money requires strategy and knowledge of how daily fantasy baseball works. Not everyone who games is armed with the requisite info to topple the competition. The writers here are, though, and we're passing that knowledge to you. You'll find fresh content every day pertaining to daily fantasy baseball winning strategy provided by Daily Fantasy Cafe. Don't set a single lineup without stopping here first.

The Important Stats and Information

Of all sports, baseball is the stats lover's dream. There is a wealth of information available for baseball. That said, not all stats are created equal. This idea is especially important in daily fantasy baseball. Being able to decipher between meaningful info and fluff stats is a huge part of how money is won.

The writers for the Daily Fantasy Cafe are well informed and recognize the difference between useful stats and nonsense. The articles on this page reflect the usage of the stats that will get you the edge in your daily games. There is a reason you see ballpark factors referenced regularly. They are very important when deciding which players to pick between.

You'll also probably notice player splits often referenced. Hitters are rarely equally good against left-handed and right-handed pitchers, and pitchers are rarely equally good against left-handed batters and right-handed batters. Point being, looking at a player's overall numbers during a season or multiple seasons isn't terribly useful when projecting their daily value.

When you're reading the articles available on the Daily Fantasy Cafe, take note of the finer details. The useful stats will be easy to pick up on immediately. Pay attention to the sample sizes used, these are also important. Use the wealth of knowledge available in the Daily Fantasy Cafe content to help you win cash and become a better daily gamer.