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Looking for $ league. $10-50 range

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Re: Looking for $ league. $10-50 range

Postby supajeffro » Tue Mar 22, 2011 1:03 pm

I have 2 Leagues to check out:
$50 5x5 10 Team Snake


$50 H2H Points 10 Team Auction

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Re: Looking for $ league. $10-50 range

Postby klo1991 » Tue Mar 22, 2011 7:01 pm

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Re: Looking for $ league. $10-50 range

Postby Percy0715 » Wed Mar 23, 2011 8:07 pm

I have a keeper starting up this year, there is only one spot left and I'm giving it to the first person to join and pay.

$25 buy in using leaguesafe.

Auction is this Sunday Afternoon 3pm EST.


Here's a brief summary:

Large rosters (30) with 12 keepers and inflation from year to year.
H2H, 12 teams split into 3 divisions
6x6 with OPS and Hold added; Quality Starts instead of Wins

Send me an email (address in the rules) is you're interested and I'll send you an invite.

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Re: Looking for $ league. $10-50 range

Postby GaryMac » Wed Mar 23, 2011 11:14 pm

You are invited to join a league where many real-life aspects have been included.

This is “moneyball” at its fantasy league finest.

In this deep 20-team league with up to 40 players reserved per team, you will succeed only if you know the league beyond the top 300 players.

It’s weekly head-to-head matchups with a point system that reflects run creation and prevention, and a lot less team-influenced stats. Almost every aspect of a player’s statistical contribution to winning a baseball game is included here, not just the “famous five” stats.

You can draft players and keep them under contract for up to 6 years.
You can bid on free agents and keep them under contract for up to 2 years.

We have a salary cap and an optional luxury tax. You can play for free and try to win the prize pool without going over $178 million like most MLB teams do, or choose to be “Yankee-like” and contribute $20 to the prize pool and operate with a $198 million cap.

With the addition of salary/cap/contracts, we add the realism of the need to manage the "business of the sport", forcing us to make decisions that are dictated by the business side of the sport, rather than just the performance side. Can you field a winner and balance the books?

This league is certainly not for everyone, but if you’re looking for something different as a compliment to your more traditional setup leagues, this league will really get you in tune with what it’s like to really run a ball team.

We have a league with a lot of realistic features that are made easy to manage with a handy website.

Want to see what it’s like to manage players, contracts, salaries, major/minor league rosters? You can’t have the attention span of a gnat to be in this league, but it’s not overly complicated once you become familiar with the website either.

Full rules listed at: http://www3.fantrax.com/fantasy/leagueR ... clgjna4r5o

If this sounds interesting to you, I’ll need an e-mail at gmac@cogeco.ca

Looking for replacement owners to keep this 4th year league active.

Play ball.
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Re: Looking for $ league. $10-50 range

Postby acg3232 » Thu Mar 24, 2011 7:21 pm

Any interest in joining a Fantasy League on ESPN. Its going to be $30 through League Safe (1st - $160, 2nd- $100, 3rd-$50, and $50 for First at half way point of season). If for some reason Monday night at 8:30pm est does not work, let me know your availability for Tuesday and Wednesday night. Here is a link to the league and a copy of the league settings. Hope to hear back. Email- goldsmithadam@ymail.com - Thanks.

12 team standard 5 x 5 Roto league, non-keeper, Snake, FAAB $100

P.S. - We still have a few spots open, so if you and/or any buddies want to join, spread the word.
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Re: Looking for $ league. $10-50 range

Postby LAguy » Thu Mar 24, 2011 11:04 pm

I will join any h2h league around $30 if you join my league in return:

5x5 12-man league $20, ESPN FA/faab auction

http://games.espn.go.com/flb/leaguesetu ... eId=189830

9 pitcher limits each week, with a minimum pitcher games started of 6 each week

draft this sunday at 6:00pm eastern

payouts are 1st 180 2nd 40 3rd 20
using leaguesafe.com
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Re: Looking for $ league. $10-50 range

Postby Sac King » Fri Mar 25, 2011 12:10 am

First year keeper league (yahoo) needs managers...

5X5 roto with rules that will keep it competitive every year.

Draft is on the 30th at 7pm PDT and buy in is due by the 29th via leaguesafe.

If you think you have what it takes and want in or more details email me at itsmecoreyb69@yahoo.com
Sac King
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Softball Supervisor

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Re: Looking for $ league. $10-50 range

Postby Sac King » Fri Mar 25, 2011 12:17 am

Oh... and here are the rules....

Keeper Rules

You can keep 7 players. You can keep less than 7 if you want to, but no more than 7. Your list of keepers (starting year 2) will be due one week before that years draft.

Players drafted in the first 5 rounds are not eligible as keepers. This ensures that most of the top players will be up for grabs every year in the draft and keeps the league more competitive on an every year basis by not letting any one team become too dominant. Lets face it, it might be in year two or in year five, but someone will eventual drop out because they aren't good enough and keep finishing at the bottom and then we will have to find someone to take over that team. With the rules set up like this, the new manager will have a better chance at taking over the quitter's team and turning it around.

The first year that a player is keeper eligible, he must be kept in the round that he was drafted in (or in a higher round) and then each additional year after that year he moves up five rounds. For example - you draft PLAYER X in round 17 this year. Next year if you want to keep him, you would keep him as your round 17 pick because it is his first year of being keeper eligible. The following season if you want to keep him, he would have to be drafted in round 12. The year after that, round 7. The year after that, he would be in round 2, BUT the top five rounds are off limits for keepers, so he's no longer one of your keepers. Make sense? This system rewards those who draft well. In most drafts last year, Carlos Gonzales was picked somewhere in one of the teen rounds, let just say round 13... That means he would be eligible to be kept in round 13 this year (assuming it is his first year of keeper eligibility). That would be like getting a 1st round pick in round 13.

If you make a trade for a player that needs to be kept in round 12 and you want to keep him but you already have a different player that you want to keep in round twelve, then one of them would have to be drafted in a higher round (round 11 of higher).

Free agents acquisitions that were NOT drafted can be kept in any round you want to keep them in. This is like a reward for making a good pick up. For example, if you pick up a guy that was NOT drafted and you want to keep him in the next season, you would be able to keep him in round 22 if you want to. But, the year after that, he would have to be kept in round 17... and then round 12 the year after that... round 7 after that... and then he would not be keeper eligible after that because he would be in the top 5 rounds.

If a NON keeper eligible player is dropped on the date of or after the date of the trade deadline, he can NOT be picked up by another team. This rule will exist because a team that is low in the standings and out of contention might decide to drop their non keeper eligible players and pick up guys that will be keeper eligible the next season in an effort to start rebuilding their team earlier. For example, Manager X tries to trade Pujols but has no takers and then the deadline passes, so knowing that Pujols was drafted in the top 5 rounds and not keeper eligible, manager X decides to drop him and pick up someone who he might view as a possible keeper the next year. It would be unfair to other teams if a 3rd place team picked him up with the first waiver and then takes over first place... or if first place picks him up because they have the first waiver and then they run away with the league.

The trade review is set up as "commissioner" but if you have a problem with a trade, you are free to let me know and depending on if how many other people have a problem with it, I might cancel it. If their is a hint of collusion then the trade wont go through. If there is enough people against it, the trade won't go through. However, I am of the view that we are big boys and know what we want for our own teams, so don't vote against a trade just "because."

If you have a player on the DL and want him to be keeper eligible , you MUST remove him from your DL and put him on your bench before the season ends. This makes it so that a team can't have an "extra" guy on their team to deicide from the following year. If he is left on your DL, he will NOT be keeper eligible.

Rule changes can be made on a league vote system. However, any rule changes that are decided on during the season or after the draft will not start until the following season.
Sac King
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Re: Looking for $ league. $10-50 range

Postby turtle102009 » Fri Mar 25, 2011 7:58 am

I have a $50 12 team 5x5 H2H 3rd yr keeper league on ESPN that needs 2 replacement owners. The 2 teams open will come at $40 because they have both traded away a few draft picks to upgrade their keepers (keep 3 players).

The fees are handled through paypal. There are a few unusual rules for the league

Eeach team is allowed 3 players that they can keep. The only rule on keepers is that they must be outside next year's "1st round picks". The list of players who aren't able to be kept will be posted as soon as the league is up next year and will be determined by the top 12 picks of the 1st ESPN "experts" mock draft. There is a 60 transaction limit for the regular season and 3 transactions allowed for the postseason (no trades). This is to limit streaming and promote building a strong, balanced roster. There is a home/away system, it works by giving the first tied catagory to the home team, 2nd to the away team, and alternates from there. Draft pick trading is allowed, as well as "rental" trades (trading away players for next year's draft picks) during the season.

Here's the league page

http://games.espn.go.com/flb/leagueoffi ... ueId=53059
The 2 teams are BEER MAN and @W, keepers are locked at this point but you can still trade draft picks for draft picks until tomorrow.
email me if you're interested turtle_10_2009@hotmail.com
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Re: Looking for $ league. $10-50 range

Postby WVNATE830 » Fri Mar 25, 2011 8:52 pm

$10 auction roto keeper league 3/31 9pm est

http://games.espn.go.com/flb/leagueoffi ... ueId=50487

email wvnate830@yahoo.com for invite
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