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help my team! WHIR

PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2007 4:37 pm
by Yoshi47
I'm in a standard Yahoo roto 5x5 cat league with 8 teams. This is my first year playing fantasy baseball.

C Brian McCann
1B Todd Helton
2B Ian Kinsler
3B Alex Rodriguez
SS Derek Jeter
OF Carl Crawford
OF Matt Holliday
OF Bobby Abreu
Util Travis Hafner

BN Paul Konerko
BN Jermaine Dye
BN Rocco Baldelli
BN Juan Pierre

SP Scott Kazmir
SP CC Sabathia
RP Francisco Rodriguez
RP Bobby Jenks
P Brian Fuentes
P John Maine
P Bartolo Colon

BN Daisuke Matsuzaka
DL Rich Harden

What do you think of my team? Keep in mind that it's a shallow league, and some managers haven't been very active.

My main concern is my bench is stacked with OFs (Dye, Baldelli, and Pierre) that I'd like to trade to either upgrade my pitching or get better position flexibility, since there's no way I can play them all. Who do you suggest I shop?

I appreciate all responses and, although I am just starting, I'll do my best to help in return.

PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2007 9:35 pm
by RyeWhiskey
Well... 8 teams is an incredibly shallow league, so SPs should be a plentiful off the FA/WW.
I would consider the following:
1. You mentioned this was a roto league, in that case you would consider adding some SBs to your lineup. In an 8 team league, Crawford/Abreu/Jeter won't cut it. You need Pierre starting. I would start him over Abreu.
2. Try and trade Abreu/Dye/Konerko for a quality starter.
3. Keep your eyes on the FA list and WW. There are tons of quality starters who seem to pass by the eyes of most managers. You can pick up great spot starters or simply well-rounded 4th starters for free if you watch closely.