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The Fantasy Man's Top 25 for 2007

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The Fantasy Man's Top 25 for 2007

Postby BravesGuy » Fri Dec 15, 2006 11:24 pm

I just found out about this site and saw he had a top 25. I know some have already posted a top 25, but I thought this would be a nice break from all the Dice-K talk.

TOP 25 for 2007

1. Albert Pujols
.330/49/137/119/7 while missing a few weeks on the DL. MVP?
Expect: The usual, .330+/45/140/120/9

2. Ryan Howard
An unstoppable force. Led league in HR & RBI. Pitchers are on to him and 0 SB's drops him below Sir Albert! Still more upside?? .....or is he going to get the Bonds treatment?
Expect: .300+/45/135/100

3. Alfonso Soriano
New contract, smaller park, better surrounding hitters, commitment to win from ownership... & the Billy Goat? SOR + LEE + RAM = WHOA! ... or is he setting us up for a Beltran-like bust year! His AVG & OBP stink for a lead off guy but his 40/40 power/speed potential puts Soriano in top 3 and a pick above Reyes!
Expect: .280/41/100/120/35

4. Jose Reyes
Will his legs hold up? Can he break .300/20hr/70sb/120runs?
His potential is uncomprehendable! Could be #1, 2, 3, or 4!
Expect: .300/15/85/120/60

5. Alex Rodriquez
He's still AROD! Don't be down on him yet! Still the best! If you pass up on him now, you'll be sorry! You heard it HERE first!
Expect: .300/40/120/120/15

6. David Ortiz
Equal to Howard but a bit less AVG and that pesky DH thing keeps Papi where he was ranked last year! Also, keep an eye on the whole Manny-Trade rumors thing, a move could have a huge impact on Big Papi's totals!
Expect w/Manny: .290/50/145/110
Expect w/o Manny: .280/45/130/100

7. Carlos Beltran
The best .275 hitter I know although his power, 120+ run potential and 15-25 SB potential finally puts him in the elite. If he gets his AVG up to .300, he's top 3!
Expect: .280/39/120/120/20

8. Lance Berkman
AB's, HR's, RBI's, OBP identical to Pujols! Only 15 points less in average and about 25 fewer runs due to poor offensive support. Unfortunately, this may be the only "Pre-January" draft list you will see Berkman in the top 10, that's disappointing! He is better than everyone else thinks he is. Hitters park puts him ahead of Cabrera.
Expect: .320/40/130/100/5

9. Miguel Cabrera
Added 9 SB's to his repertoire last season and his .330+ average combined with his power numbers and upside considering the offensive support he had to work with, is my reasoning for ranking him over Vlad! Oh, by the way, he's only 22 years old.
Expect: .330/30/120/120/10

10. Vlad Guerrero
Still a stud but his 40/40 days are long gone.
DL stint always possible.
Expect: .320/35/120/100/15. If he gets Manny, he moves up past Beltran to #6!

11. Chase Utley
The "Do-It-All" Man! Love his combo of speed and power for a weak position like 2B. Could easily be top 5 and will be in some
drafts, guaranteed! 131 Runs - Tops in the NL!
Expect: .300/35/110/120/15

12. Johan Santana
Don't let him go past 12th, although he should be gone by 8th! I rank him lower because hitters are more valuable than pitchers! If you want Johan, you'll have to act fast. If he lasts this long, you have no
choice but to take him!
Expect: 200+inn/20-4/2.75era/220k/.980

13. Carl Crawford
More power? More speed? Maybe this year? #'s identical to Reyes minus 33 runs. Still only 25 and that power is coming soon!
Expect: .300+/22/90/100/45

14. David Wright
This guy is unique and still has a ton of upside. One die-hard told me he expects ".300+/30/120/120/20". I told him "So will every other magazine/expert in the country!" He'll need to stay consistent down the stretch for that too happen though! He'll be 24 in December, yikes!
Expect: .300+/28/110/110/22

15. Travis Hafner
Lead the league in OBP at .438. Only eligible at DH. A power Stud who has more power potential than Mourneau.
Expect: .300+/40/120/100 with 500+ AB's.

16. Justin Mourneau
AL MVP had a monster breakout year. The question is.... Can he repeat?? Yes, or else he wouldn't be on this list! We still don't know if he is 100% for real or not. Watch out for slow start but
Expect: .320/30/125/100/4

17. Manny Ramirez
Will the knees hold up? Is he staying in Boston? Too many questions and risky but was hitting .320/35/102 when shut down in late August. He is the league's most professional hitter and a first ballot Hall of Famer...and he will slip in drafts. If he's healthy on draft day, don't let him slip by you in the second round.
Expect: the same as above but with 120+ RBI's with 500+ AB's.

18. Derek Jeter
MVP? Hmmm. Conspiracy I say! By far his best hitting year of his career. Average may dip but not much. Could see a few extra HR's and possibly a few at bats from the 3-hole eventually. Yep, heard that HERE too! Will he break the 100 RBI mark?? Could easily be ranked higher but his lack of power is hurts his valuable. Its his "5-tool-ness" that puts him in round 2! Average puts Jeter in front of Sizemore.
Expect: .320+/19/100/110/25

19. Grady Sizemore
Jeter type numbers. Sizemore hit more homers & runs. Jeter more avg, rbi's, sb's. Sizemore 8 years younger. Jeter in 2-slot. Sizemore leading off & led league in runs. Its a coin toss people!
Expect: .305/30/90/120/25

20. Jason Bay
Pittsburgh Sucks!... Thus Bay being ranked #20! Power numbers are there but not the 30/30 everyone predicted. Still a hell-uva player though with that precious power/speed combo! Swipes puts Bay in front of Tex.
Expect: .290/35/100/100/15

21. Mark Teixeira
What happened? I thought he was gonna hit 50? So what are we gonna get this year? The 50/120 guy or the 33/110 guy? Probably somewhere in between. I think he feels he has something to prove!
Expect: .300/40/120/100

22. Hanley Ramirez
There's a new stud in town and his name is Hanley! Blew away expectations and had a Reyes/Crawford type rookie year. He's young with a ton of upside.
Expect: .290/20/80/120/50

23. Matt Holliday
Mourneau type #'s in Colorado with more 5-tool upside potential. I rank him over ARAM, A. Jones, V. Wells, D-Lee because of the potential Coors Field creates and his overall #'s in each category!
Expect: .320/35/120/120/10

24. Carlos Lee
**Updated 12/3**
(Carpenter now on Bubble!)
Just recently traded to Houston and adding a nice one two punch behind Berkman. That alone could put Lee in line for a sweet season or at the very least, as good as 2006. Not to mention, Houston's ballpark is heaven for power hitters! He's not really a misfit. Could easily be top 15, he just doesn't excite me! I prefer a higher average.
Expect: .295/35/120/95/15

25. Vernon Wells
Another 5-tool player who is getting better but is more of a "middle-class man's" Carlos Beltran. Just a tick less #'s in homers, RBI's, runs. His 30/20 potential should not last much past pick #25. Fellow Experts may view Wells as a higher draft choice than #25, but you'll be making a mistake. Vernon is prone to the "super slump"!
Expect: .300/100/30/110/15

The following players are On The Bubble!

These are players who can easily be drafted earlier, but some lack the "pizzaz" of the above players or I just couldn't fit them in the Top 25 because of better performances. There always seems to be that one "something" holding them back . Let's call these guys The Misfits of the Top 25. "Because nobody wants a Charlie - in - the - Box"!

Roy Halladay
Just as good as Carpenter, but the Blue Jays won't win as much and Toronto faces the Yankees and the Red Sox 15+ times each.

Chris Carpenter
His 2006 numbers say it all. A tick under Johan but a great 2nd or early 3rd round pick. I like Carp over Halladay because he's got a better supporting cast and doesn't face the Yankees or Red Sox....or Pujols!! Could easily be in Top 25 but lowered him to fit Carlos Lee, since Hitters are always more valuable than Pitchers.
Expect: 200+inn/18-6/3.00/200k/1.10

Carlos Zambrano
Cy Young Winner? Has Carpenter type #'s but a higher WHIP and ERA knocks CZAM a tick lower. Still has tremendous upside! I also think his body will hold up just fine, despite fellow experts' belief that his arm has logged too many innings. He's only 25!

Miquel Tejada
Average higher than normal but his homers and RBI's were not! Less Juice? Crappy team? You decide...

Ichiro Suzuki
40+ SB's and .320+ average but his power numbers knock him down quite a bit or else he would be in the Reyes/Crawford/Ramirez category.

Bobby Abreu
A great move for him staying with the Yanks. Could bat 3rd or 4th depending on ARod. Is he 30/30 anymore? Nope, he's probably a 20/25 guy now with that right field porch in Yankee Stadium. Only hit 7 homers in 2nd half as a Yankee. You make the decision.

Jermaine Dye
Stud numbers last year but was he for real? I think so but his health risk knocks him just below the top 25. If he does it again this year, he'll be top 12. You make the decision.

Aramis Ramirez
His first half slump last year and the year before, and the year before that really tightens the knot in my stomach from this guy. Every year I trade him in June and every June he starts to light it up! You make the decision.

Derrek Lee
Coming off injury year and we still don't know if his monster 2005 season was for real or not. Soriano is a huge lift but we could see a struggle for RBI's if Soriano keeps clearing the bases 40+ times a year. You decide.
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Postby Sid Bream's Slide » Sat Dec 16, 2006 12:21 am

Johan shouldn't be on the board at pick 5 let alone 12.
Sid Bream's Slide
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Postby bellings » Sat Dec 16, 2006 12:31 am

I will make my 1st bold prediction: Morneau will hit more HR in '07 than '06 (34). I don't like the 30 HR prediction, I think he'll get 40 with a BA closer to .310
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Postby j24jags » Sat Dec 16, 2006 12:56 am

not bad except for hanley. hanley at 22 is very dumb IMO.

the rest arent bad though ;-D
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Postby FalcoAtL » Sat Dec 16, 2006 2:36 am

Good find, thanks! ;-D
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Postby suppasonic » Sat Dec 16, 2006 2:46 am

I dont think I will take Howard anywhere before pick 5
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Postby FalcoAtL » Sat Dec 16, 2006 2:52 am

That def. depends on what type of league it is, but personally I think he will be able to reproduce near the same amount.
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Postby dcskater619 » Sat Dec 16, 2006 3:25 am

heh, the owner of that website is a member here at the cafe B-) he just joined my strikeout kings dynasty league ;-D
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Postby BravesGuy » Sat Dec 16, 2006 9:51 am

dcskater619 wrote:heh, the owner of that website is a member here at the cafe B-) he just joined my strikeout kings dynasty league ;-D

He seems like a real helpful guy. On his website he says he will answer any question you email him. I asked him a question and he sent me back a page worth of thoughts! Nice guy!
Life is like riding an elevator. It has a lot of ups and downs and someone is always pushing your buttons.

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Postby noseeum » Sat Dec 16, 2006 2:58 pm

suppasonic wrote:I dont think I will take Howard anywhere before pick 5

I doubt you'll be getting Howard then. Someone will grab him.
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