Just Drafted who do I look.

If you're looking for input and advice on the team you just drafted, post your roster here.

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Just Drafted who do I look.

Post by play4awin »

Catcher: Kendall
1st: Hillenbrand
2nd: Hall
3rd: Beltre
SS: Young
OF: Ordonez, Sheffield, Mench
Utl: Lugo
Bench: Shelton, Counsell, Berroa

SP: Willis, C. Zambrano, Pettitte, Buehrle, Smoltz, Mussina, Morris
RP: Lidge, F. Cordero

This is a 12 team roto league with R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, W, SV, K ERA, and WHIP as the cats with a max pitch innings of 1250.

Thanks leave a link and I will help.
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Post by zimbaloo »

as you know my opinion...your pitching is stellar and your offense could use a boost....a swap of pitchers for sluggers is in order...

please help:
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Post by carmo911 »

Agree with above Offense needs major help.
OF, 2B are weak

Good pitching.

Please help
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Roster Information: 1. (5) M. Teixeira
2. (20) C. Figgins
3. (29) M. Prior
4. (44) R. Harden
5. (53) R. Howard
6. (68) H. Street
7. (77) E. Gagne
8. (92) R. Clemens
9. (101) D. Haren
10. (116) B. Wilkerson
11. (125) T. Gordon
12. (140) B. McCann
13. (149) M. Ord

Post by eman948 »

Since you are in a league that has a max innings pitched, you have too many SP's...you will run out of innings in August. I've seen it happen too many times... Try and deal 2 of them for offensive help. For your type of league I'd try to have 5 SP's and 3 closers....


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