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Weekend Waiver Wire, Week 20 - 4 comments

By Chris Routledge

Week 20? Really? This season is just flying by, and it’s been quite an eventful one for sure, with all the usual unexpected booms and busts. A quick look at the Yahoo pre-ranks highlights shows that four of their pre-season top ten have failed for one reason or another: Ryan Braun (suspended), Matt Kemp (DL), Albert Pujols (DL) and Giancarlo Stanton (basically sucking, although he still has time to pull it together in the last few weeks). Conversely, if you saw Chris Davis’ home-run blitz coming (44 to date), more power to you. You’re probably winning your league, if the rest of your draft was half-decent. For those of us who didn’t draft Davis, let’s see if we can find some hidden gems on the waiver wire.

Week 19 Review

Robbie Grossman, OF, HOU


Grossman continues to play every day, but boy did he suck this last week. That said, if someone has dropped him in a deep league (as someone did in my AL-only league), it’s worth taking a chance on him, if you can get him cheaply.

Jonathan Villar, SS, HOU


Villar returned to the lineup last Monday, and has started each game since then. The first two were hitless, but he has nabbed four hits in the last two games. It looks like he’s getting back into his stride after a few days out.

Bruce Chen, SP/RP, KC


Another great outing for Chen, this time against the Marlins. Everyone is waiting for him to fall off a cliff, but there is no sign of that happening just yet. That said, if you start him against Detroit Sunday, you’re a braver man than me!

Dillon Gee, SP, NYM


Another quality start for Gee, and against the Dodgers, no less. He’s looking like a solid option for Monday against the Twins; not sure I’d risk him next weekend though (that one’s against the Tigers).

Last week’s pitchers definitely did better than the hitters. Let’s see if the bats can keep up this time round.

Week 20 Adds


Chris Nelson, 2B/3B, LAA


Here’s another option for those of you in AL-only and/or very deep leagues. Chris Nelson was once a reasonably-hyped rookie for the Rockies, and did manage to put up a decent showing last year (hitting .301 over 345 ABs). He has been traded twice this year, first to the Yankees and then to the Angels. As an Angel, he is starting pretty much every day at third base, but has the nice bonus of being eligible at second base, increasing his value significantly. He had a great 2-HR, 5-RBI game against the Yankees on Thursday; there is no reason to expect that sort of performance to be a regular occurrence, but he will play enough to make him worth using in your 2B slot, if you have a need.

Grant Green, 2B/SS, LAA


Two Houston bats last week, two Angels bats this week. Grant Green was promoted briefly by Oakland in July, and had a shocker, going 0 for 15 in five games. A trade to the Angels has provided him with an opportunity for regular playing time, which he has seized with both hands, hitting for an average of .444 since being called up at the beginning of August. At the moment, average is all that there is, but he did show some pop and speed in the minors last year, so a little help in that department over the remainder of the season is not unlikely.


Sonny Gray, SP/RP, OAK


After his stellar outing against Houston on Thursday, chances are Sonny Gray has already been snapped up in your league, but it is definitely worth checking, just in case. I drafted him in my dynasty league in 2011, decided to promote him for his start this week, and wasn’t disappointed. After a couple of relief outings where he pitched two innings each time, giving up no runs, he made his first start against Toronto; that was an unfortunate loss (four runs given up, but only two of them earned). Eight shutout innings with nine Ks followed against the Astros, earning him his first big-league win. Gray faces Seattle this coming Tuesday, a start which has the potential to be very tasty indeed. (Do be aware that he is only eligible at RP in Yahoo at the moment.)

Andrew Albers, SP/RP, MIN


Before we go any further, Andrew Albers is another player who, in Yahoo leagues, is only eligible at RP for now. Be aware! Albers has had a phenomenal start to his big-league career, pitching 17.1 shutout innings (against the Royals and the Indians, both teams playing over .500 ball), giving up only six hits and one walk in that time. Not surprisingly, he won both those games. Albers is not a major strikeout pitcher (only notching two in each outing so far), although his minor-league strikeout ratio suggests that we can expect more than two to be the norm. With an outing tonight against the free-swinging White Sox, we may well see those Ks increase; the question is how long Albers can keep those goose-eggs going.

And so another week goes by, another week closer to that championship. It’s still in sight, you can still do it! Keep believing, and always remember: if you build it, they will come.

Chris Routledge is getting closer and closer to winning his Dynasty League for the first time since 2009, after three years of rebuilding and lower-half finishes. It can be done! Catch up with him in the Cafe under the username chris8.
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4 Responses to “Weekend Waiver Wire, Week 20”

  1. BChinly says:

    How do you like bonifacio on the Royals?

  2. User avatar chris8 says:

    I thought long and hard about making Bonifacio one of my picks for this week, but decided against it because he just hasn’t been hitting at all this year.

    Now that he’s got 4 SBs in the last 4 games, I’m kind of wishing that I had gone for him! He seems to be getting the every-day starts, and as pretty much all his value is in his speed, if you need speed at 2B, then he seems a good option for the rest of the year.

  3. pizzaboy76 says:

    What do you think of Sonny Gray for keeper leagues? What kind of pitcher can he be ROS, next year and beyond?

  4. User avatar chris8 says:

    I have to say I love Sonny Gray, both for this year and beyond. Dealing with this year first, his three starts to date have all been ‘Quality’, after Tuesday’s 7-inning, 7-K, 2-ER start against Seattle, and there really haven’t been any worrying signs whatsoever. There’s no reason to think that he’ll be shut down early, which you get with some prospects in their first year in the Majors – he’s thrown 143 innings this year (including the Minors) after topping out at 152 last year. Allowing for a limit of, say, 25 more than last year, he still has about 35 innings to play with – and that’s a conservative estimate. We should be looking at 5 or 6 more starts, at the very least. Granted I might sit him for his next start in Detroit, but after that, the schedule would see him face TB, HOU, MIN, LAA, MIN, SEA. Not a lot to worry about there!

    As for longer-term, well, the fact that I drafted him in my Dynasty League back in 2011 is a clue that I like him, and nothing has changed since then! There has been some talk of him being used out of Oakland’s bullpen in the long-term, and his first two appearances in the Majors were just that, but every Minor League appearance has been as a starter, and the three starts in the Majors have given no reason to think he can’t hack it there.

    Will he ever be an ace? Scouts suggest that his ceiling isn’t as high as some other highly-touted prospects, and that may be true. If you’re in a year-on-year keeper league, he probably doesn’t merit keeping if you’re only keeping, say, 6 players or so. But any more than that, and he has to come into the equation, I think. My Dynasty League offers the chance to give called up Minor Leaguers a contract ranging from 1 year at $1 to 6 years at $6. I am leaning towards the latter end, which gives you an idea of how I feel about him. Hope that helps!


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