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Weekend Waiver Wire, Week 1 - 3 comments

By Chris Routledge

Welcome to the first edition of a weekly look at what help might be available for you on the waiver wire of your league. Each week, I will be suggesting two batters and two pitchers who are possible targets for you to consider snapping up before someone else does. These columns will be going out on Saturdays to give those of you in weekly transaction leagues the chance to act on my advice, should the desire so take you. But first, some ground rules:

  • The column is written on Friday, and published on Saturday. Things may change in the 24 hours between writing and publishing; I trust the wisdom of the readers to recognize when that has happened!
  • Identifying two batters and two pitchers will be the norm; I reserve the right to make that three and one (in either’s favor) as and when appropriate.
  • This is intended to be of use to people in all leagues, including deep ones. The benchmark for players to appear in this column, therefore, will be a maximum of 25% ownership in Yahoo and/or ESPN leagues.
  • After this week, each subsequent column will take a brief look back at the previous week’s picks, reviewing whether or not they proved to be wise suggestions.

All clear? Excellent! With the ground rules established, let’s get cracking with the first weekend waiver wire suggestions!


Michael Brantley, OF, CLE


To date, the only impressive thing about Brantley’s stats is the average, a healthy .545 over the first few days of the season (including a four-hit game last Wednesday). His OBP is even better, with two walks already, and batting fifth in the Cleveland lineup gives him decent RBI opportunities; in addition, with Carlos Santana batting sixth, the runs should still be there too. He has a record of running in the minors that has not fully translated to the majors yet (and batting fifth may not help that as much as if he were first or second), but the skill-set is there to help those looking for an OF player with potential upside.

John Buck, C, NYM


I picked Buck up as my second catcher in an NL-only league for $1. I don’t expect him to be on my roster all year — and certainly not working as the Mets’ starter all year. But the fact is that, at the moment, he is the starting catcher for the Mets, and has gone 2-for-4 in all three games against the Padres, with two HRs to show for it. Buck is nothing more than a short-term add while he is on this hot streak (he has always had double-digit power), for those in two-catcher leagues, or anyone in a one-catcher league who took a flyer in the last round on a guy like Ryan Doumit, who can be dropped in that sort of league and picked back up in a week or two if required.


Erik Bedard, SP, HOU


Ignore the save, which, as I’m sure you know, came in the opening day as a result of 3.1 innings against the Rangers. I don’t expect Bedard to be getting any more of those this year. Focus instead on what was good about that outing: a couple of Ks, a few groundouts, only one hit given up and no health issues. Next look at his upcoming schedule: first start next Tuesday at Seattle, followed by a scheduled start the following Monday at Oakland. Expectations should be firmly held in check, of course, but there are a lot scarier lineups he could be facing, like that of Texas (and he did OK against them).

Jhoulys Chacin, SP, COL


He might have ended up with a no-decision against the Brewers, but Chacin looked pretty decent, striking out six, and only giving up one run in those 6.1 innings pitched (a solo HR to Aoki). That bomb is a warning — he has certainly been homer-prone in his time — but there is another reason for recommending Chacin as a waiver-wire pick-up: he gets to face the offense that is the Padres twice in the space of a few days. The first outing comes Sunday, followed by another go next Saturday. And if you fancy sticking around, it’s the Mets to come after that. If the promise shown against the Brewers can be maintained, the next two or three starts could be golden for Chacin. I picked him up in that NL-only league I mentioned above; will you take the chance in your league?

That’s it for this first week. Check back next week for a review of this week’s recommendations, and four new names to consider, as you make the most of that waiver wire in a bid to be crowned champion in September.

Chris Routledge is a long-suffering Mets fan who dreams of a return to the World Series some time this century. Catch up with him in the Cafe under the username chris8.
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3 Responses to “Weekend Waiver Wire, Week 1”

  1. User avatar Fenam says:

    Great waiver article! Well done, Chris. Looking forward to them as the season goes on.

  2. User avatar chris8 says:

    Cheers, Fenam! Buck has kept his hot streak up today with 4 RBIs against the Marlins, so that’s a good start to my recommendations :P

  3. User avatar jfg says:

    Seems like Buck has come out of the gate storming a couple times in his career. All I have are April splits which aren’t telling, I just remember him doing this the first couple weeks of the season at least once and I want to say twice.


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