StrategyApril 12, 2013

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Dynasty Buy: Giancarlo Stanton

By brentameyer

I have been hearing people talking about trading Stanton, or trying to find a replacement on the waiver wire while he struggles. This is the same beast that was signing his name to a guy’s windshield in spring training. I was watching the “Bad News Bears” the other day on television. I think they would have a fighting chance against this Marlins team. They are brutal: 16 runs so far in nine games, only two long balls, and nothing from Stanton.


Those numbers look pretty close, don’t they? So why would someone want him now? Check out this May numbers.


That is what mashers do. They hit homers in bunches and when they are hot, you better be on the boat.

I think he can be had for a good price right now in most leagues. Not so much because he normally starts slow, but due to this Marlin team he plays for. No one thinks he will get anything to hit, and so far he hasn’t got much to hit. He’s also not hitting the pitches he’s getting.

Teams are pitching around him a little bit now, cause the team is losing close games while Marlins’ pitchers are overachieving. Their pitching won’t keep up the current pace. So think about this, “Am I going to pitch around Stanton leading by four or five runs late in the game?”

The Marlins will be behind enough in most games that the man will get pitches to break scoreboards and windshields with. He is just that good. So if you like Stanton and need some power to your lineup, I would see what it takes to land him. He most likely won’t drive in a ton of runs though, unless he hits some bases-empty grand slams. Hey, I wouldn’t doubt it. This man has already done amazing things.

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