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Dynatsy Buy: The Mystery Shortstop

By brentameyer

Can you guess the mystery shortstop? Take a look at these numbers from two different shortstops:



Now by glancing over the above stats, you can see that Player A and Player B are pretty comparable, although Player A has a little more speed. Both of these players are shortstops.

Player A is Hanley Ramirez of the Dodgers and Player B is Adeiny Hechavarria of the Marlins.

Now I am not saying Player B will ever be as good as Player A. Ramirez was the much higher-ranked prospect, and his minor league numbers never showed the potential he really had. Hechavarria, on the other hand, is known for his glove. Scouts said he could win a Gold Glove immediately, but his bat is very weak. He has struggled at the plate this year, but he has shown some flashes. He knocked in seven runs off Roy Halladay the other week, and while you could say Halladay was hurting and pitching poorly, seven RBI in one game is nice work.

Hechavarria is putting the ball in play despite his terrible average. Through Tuesday, he has walked seven times and struck out only 12 times this season.

The one thing that puzzles me is the speed. He seems to have some nice speed, but has yet to attempt a stolen base. I guess it’s hard to steal a bag when you’re not on. Eight of his 17 hits have been for extra bases as well. I think the stolen base department is another thing that will come to Hechavarria as he gains more experience.

Hechavarria is tied with Jacoby Ellsbury for the MLB league in triples with four. That tells me the speed is there. (Update: Hechavarria was 3 for 4 lastnight with his 5th triple)

I want to see how he progresses over the course of this season to make my final call on him, though. I would like to see steady improvements over the season; hopefully he’s playing his best ball late in the summer. To me, he’s a very interesting dynasty buy at shortstop, a position often short on talent.

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