StrategyMay 9, 2013

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Dynasty Sell: Ian Kennedy

By brentameyer

This week I am looking into Ian Kennedy. He has been the ace of the Diamondbacks for the past few seasons and has put up pretty solid numbers.


In 2011, Kennedy was one of the top pitchers in the game, going 21-4, posting a 2.88 ERA and punching out almost 200 batters. He was still very solid last year, getting 15 wins and 187 strikeouts, but I imagine he was picked a lot earlier in most drafts then he should of have been. It seems like the 28-year-old has seen his best days. It seems hitters have figured him out a little bit over the past season-plus. His WHIP and ERA have risen, and a lot of innings are piling up on this workhorse’s arm.

Looking back to some rankings before the season, Matthew Berry had Ian Kennedy at No. 113. Some names after No. 113: Anibal Sanchez, Jeff Samardzija, Matt Harvey and Jon Lester.

Now, I am by no means saying Kennedy isn’t any good. He is a great pitcher and is a nice addition for strikeouts. But with him ranked highly because of his past and name, I feel that you could move him for another need. You can makeup the strikeouts in another way, like the waiver wire or another trade. Marco Estrada comes to mind; you can get him a lot cheaper. Perhaps a guy like Kevin Slowey is still on your waiver wire. Maybe you have a hole somewhere in your lineup and can use Kennedy to acquire a bat.

Some offensive pieces you could try to get using Kennedy include Justin Rugganio and Marcel Ozuna. Both those guys play on a bad team, but both are playing very well and Ozuna could be a very nice keeper in dynasty leagues. There have also been rumors swirling that Stanton still may be shipped this season. So Ozuna could be here to stay.

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