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Dynasty Sell: Hanley Ramirez - 2 comments

By brentameyer

Now, I know good fantasy shortstops are hard to find. But I am not a believer in Hanley Ramirez anymore. I was a huge Ramirez fan when he started out with Marlins. There aren’t many players with the talent and natural ability. But there are millions of players with more heart and determination than Ramirez. He was my one of my favorite players for a few years and I thought he should have been National League MVP in 2009. But everything changed for me on one play.

That play was the ball that Ramirez kicked into the corner. There was a shallow fly into left field and he bobbled it and then kicked the ball into the left-field corner. With guys rounding the bases you would think he would want to get the ball, right? Nah! Ramirez just jogged after it, even pausing to look back towards the infield a couple times. He was too good to hustle after it.

Ramirez was benched for a game after this. Big deal. But after that, things seem to start going downhill for him. Teammates soured on him. He and Dan Uggla even got into a few fights. His image and stats started to head south.

Major League StatsAVGHRRBISB

As you can see, Ramirez is going the wrong way here. To me, the best thing that could happen is that he comes back on fire. Then, you could get a solid deal for Ramirez. I would hang on to him to see how he starts out, then try to fill another need on your team. I really believe his best days are behind him.

Ramirez made the quick return Tuesday night, and homered and doubled in his return. This is great news. Hopefully, he keeps rolling here at the start and you can get max value for him to fill other areas.

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2 Responses to “Dynasty Sell: Hanley Ramirez”

  1. User avatar MashinSpuds says:

    Usually one has to backup claims with statistics when it comes to fantasy baseball, but unfortunately in this case that doesn’t work out so well. You state that “As you can see, Ramirez is going the wrong way here.” and yet aside from batting average Ramirez improved on his 2011 season results in 2012. He even bested two categories from 2010! There’s not enough evidence in this article to conclude that one should sell high on Ramirez in a dynasty league.

  2. brentameyer says:

    Yeah sorry about the low ratings on this piece. But If anyone did Trade Hanley in his 2 day return, congrats. lol


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