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Top 50 Countdown: June 12, 2013

By James Dee

It’s June now, and time for another Top 50 Countdown. We had some stars drop down the list, and superstar youths rapidly rise up the ranks. We have some exciting new players, and some veterans who won’t go away. All in all, there is an incredible variety of players on the list, and keeping track of their progress should be exciting during this hot summer. Everyone please enjoy the Countdown and feel free to comment here or in the threads created.

RankLast WeekPlayerPositionTeam
5014Giancarlo StantonOFMIA
Finally off the DL, Stanton is on the top 50 in probationary status. Watch him closely, as he wasn’t hitting too well in 2013 before the injury.
49N/AHisashi IwakumaSPSEA
It takes a while for pitchers to gain respect here and in the baseball world, but Iwakuma is finally there. He’s another magic-man.
4845Matt HollidayOFSTL
Holliday had a monster GS this week, and he seems to be busting out of his slump as I type this. He’s rock solid and should be shown respect.
47N/ADomonic BrownOFPHI
What can Brown do for you? Apparently quite a lot. 19 HRs and 6 SBs have him inside the top 20 in Yahoo, and first in our hearts. Carry on.
46N/AClay BuchholzSPBOS
Spitter? Who cares? Buchholz continues to produce solid games with high Ks. Until this stops, I’m buying in to him 100%.
45N/ACarlos GomezOFMIL
Gomez is another streaky guy, but his speed helps him hold value when he’s slumping. Don’t expect top-25 numbers, but top-50 numbers are possible.
4422Stephen StrasburgSPWAS
It’s hard to place Strasburg because he’s so good when pitching, but injury concerns linger. Keep a close eye on him.
43n/aDavid OrtizUTBOS
“Big Papi” does nothing but hit when he’s in the lineup. If he stays healthy, the power should continue.
4224Buster PoseyC/1BSF
Despite modest numbers, Posey is still garnering respect for past returns, and a monster 2012 second half. A repeat is possible, hang on to him.
4135Adrian Gonzalez1B/OFLAD
Low runs and SBs keep him low on the list, but a resurgence by the Dodgers lineup could lead to more runs and even better RBI opportunities for him.
4044Yoenis CespedesOFOAK
Cespedes has a new Cuban rival in Yasiel Puig, but Cespedes has been mashing of late. If he stays healthy, he could move up this list quickly.
39N/ABrandon Phillips2BCIN
Phillips came off the DL and has six RBIs within four games. His overall numbers are incredible and he’s consistently great, and he’s fun to watch.
38N/AJean SeguraSSMIL
Segura is unlikely to hit 20 HRs, but if he steals 40+ with 100 runs and a .300 average, he won’t need to. Li’l Jean is a star on the rise.
3742Madison BumgarnerSPSF
Bumgarner has struggled lately, but his skills are still top notch. Expect a quick return to dominance; he’s too good not to.
3637Jay BruceOFCIN
Bruce’s overall numbers aren’t great, but he’s heating up after a slow April. The power could be coming and a rise in the ranks could follow.
35N/AChris SaleSPCHW
Sale has been dominating for three years, from the bullpen to starting, and he is finally getting recognition. He is a stone cold ace.
34N/AMax ScherzerSPDET
“Mad Max” is keeping his ERA down and his Ks and wins up, and his stock is quickly rising. He may soon be the ace in Detroit.
3321Jacoby EllsburyOFBOS
Homers be damned, Ellsbury is a base-stealing machine right now. An uptick in power could start a rapid rise in the rankings.
32N/AManny Machado3BBAL
Machado has solid 5×5 numbers, although his HR/SB numbers could be a bit better. His potential got him here; only production can keep him here.
313Bryce HarperOFWAS
Slumps and injuries have buried Harper in the Countdown. If he comes back soon and comes back hot, he could rocket back to the top here.
3048Matt HarveySPNYM
Harvey finally hit a little speed bump, but he still keeps on rolling. Only the Mets’ lousy offense holds him back.
2915Matt KempOFLAD
Matt Kemp stinks and is on the DL. This is not a good combination, so he’d better get healthy and hitting quickly.
2836Shin-Soo ChooOFCIN
Choo has tailed off a bit lately, but hot/cold streaks will be a part of his game. His overall numbers still hold up, and he’s a good guy to own.
2719Albert Pujols1BLAA
Pujols stinks, but people keep ranking him into the top 50. It’ll take a major turnaround to keep him on here.
26N/AJordan ZimmermannSPWAS
J-Zimm never gives up runs. He doesn’t strike many out, but with his ERA/WHIP and pitching deep into game to get wins, who cares?
2549Chris Davis1B/OFBAL
Doubt him at your own peril, Davis is going to continue mashing HRs and knocking guys in. It’s that simple, and it’s time to buy in.
2433Cliff LeeSPPHI
His 2012 W-L woes behind him, Lee continues to rarely let anyone on base, much less score. His K/9 is good, not great. He could be top five.
2330Edwin Encarnacion1BTOR
“E5″ is dominant power force in the MLB, as he has slugged more HRs than anyone but Cabrera since the beginning of 2012. Monster Masher.
2216Justin VerlanderSPDET
Verlander was awful in May, and only marginally better in June thus far. Maybe this time the drop in velocity is a legitimate concern.
2117Jose BautistaOFTOR
Bautista is barely holding off teammate E5 for this spot, and a recent two-HR game may have saved him. Time to pick it up or drop on the list.
2032Adam WainwrightSPSTL
Wainwright looks fully recovered from Tommy John surgery and is back to his near Cy Young form. A top five arm, to be certain.
1918Evan Longoria3BTB
Longoria has slowed a bit of late, but his overall numbers look solid. As long as he stays healthy, expect the good numbers to continue.
1820David Wright3BNYM
Wright is quietly having a decent season in NY, as only his average is lagging. A better supporting crew would make his numbers look much better.
1728Adrian Beltre3BTEX
Beltre just gets the job done — nothing flashy, but consistency and reliability go a long way in the fantasy realm.
1623Dustin Pedroia2BBOS
Not much power to speak of here, but with his R/SB/AVG numbers, power isn’t necessary. I am not a Pedroia lover, but the guy gets it done.
157Justin UptonOFARI
Upton is running a bit cold right now, but his big swing leaves him prone to streakiness. A hot streak could move him back near the top.
1427Yu DarvishSPTEX
Darvish is having a legendary season for Ks, and the sub-three ERA, sub-one WHIP and seven wins don’t hurt either. He’s a magic-man.
1310Prince Fielder1BDET
Prince’s power potential is undeniable, but while his RBI numbers are solid, the 12-HR total needs to quickly increase to hold his ranking.
1226Felix HernandezSPSEA
Felix is the dominant force in the AL with Verlander slipping, and he has been fantastic in almost all his starts this season. Don’t sell high.
1113Adam JonesOFBAL
Jones has been steadily rising for years now, and is getting very close to his first taste of the Countdown’s top ten. He is a 5×5 beast.
1029Paul Goldschmidt1BARI
“Goldy” is second in baseball in RBI to only Cabrera, and he leads all 1B in SBs with six. He is a superstar on the rise, and possible MVP in the NL.
912Troy TulowitzkiSSCOL
Tulo is healthy and hitting. As long as he stays healthy, expect the hitting to continue.
811Clayton KershawSPLAD
Kershaw is on his own level for starters, and has rarely slumped over the last four seasons. He’s possibly the only reliable starter for every start.
78Andrew McCutchenOFPIT
“Cutch” has become streaky the last two seasons, but his 5×5 skills cannot be denied; he’s a star.
69Joey Votto1BCIN
Votto’s power is trending in the right direction, and so is his stock. He’s keeping at bay, but only just, as the power must continue here.
55Robinson Cano2BNYY
Second base is a tough position to find power, and Cano has plenty to spare. He’s rock solid.
42Ryan BraunOFMIL
With recent suspension rumors, Braun’s spot is tenuous at best. Watch him closely.
36Carlos GonzalezOFCOL
Cargo has incredible 5×5 numbers and he isn’t doing it all at Coors Field. If he stays healthy, expect top five numbers to continue.
24Mike TroutOFLAA
Trout has solidified himself as a top five fantasy player, and is likely the only player who can challenge Cabrera for the top spot.
11Miguel Cabrera3BDET
Cabrera is already ahead of last year’s Triple Crown pace, and he leads the league in 3/5 standard roto categories.

Just missed the cut: Matt Moore, Starlin Castro, Starling Marte, Alex Gordon, Jason Kipnis, Anthony Rizzo, Allen Craig, Nate McLouth, Mike Minor, Shelby Miller.

Thanks to JFG, Dannahan, and SaltyDog, who made his triumphant Top 50 Countdown return in this episode. Well done all around guys, and thanks for sticking with this throughout the process. Everyone else, feel free to send me top 50s any time, I can always use them and update them accordingly. The more info we have here, the better the rankings become. As always, a special thanks to daullaz for all his help on this, you guys should know how much time and effort he puts into this site to make it everything it is. Kudos.

<i>James is a 23-year-old accountant who spends most weekdays from 4-10 watching/tracking baseball and trolling the Cafe. He is also a golfer who is struggling to cope with the 110 degree heat in Las Vegas. If you ever come out here and want to hit the links or play some poker just let him know, and he is always game for a little side action. You can find James posting on the cafe as RJFORLIFE. </i>
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