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Top 50 Countdown: April 30, 2013 - 4 comments

By James Dee

It’s a new year in baseball and time to roll out a new Top 50 Countdown. This time around we had three other rankers beside myself, and opinions were across the board. We have some new faces, some old ones, and some guys that are really going to raise some eyebrows. Let the debates begin!

RankLast WeekPlayerPositionTeam
50N/AJason HeywardOFATL
Heyward had been struggling at the plate and is now on the DL due to an appendectomy. His spot on this list is extraordinarily tenuous.
49N/AChris Davis1B/OFBAL
Davis has been pummeling the ball since day one this season, and with the number two spot in Yahoo’s game, he cannot be ignored.
48N/AMatt HarveySPNYM
Harvey has had six starts and excelled in all of them. He is currently the number one pitcher in the Yahoo game and could climb this list quickly.
47N/APablo Sandoval3BSF
When the Panda is healthy, he produces. Among the league leaders in RBI, he has continued his postseason success into the regular season.
46N/ACraig KimbrelRPATL
Still the unquestioned best RP in the game, Kimbrel will be a mainstay on the Countdown. The guy is simply nails.
45N/AMatt HollidayOFSTL
Solid and consistent, Holliday makes great contact in the middle of a good lineup. –Skin Blues
44N/AYoenis CespedesOFOAK
Sometimes he can’t tell a double from a HR, but he hits more than enough of both to make him Countdown worthy.
43N/ADexter FowlerOFCOL
Fowler just keeps on hitting HRs, and he ranks ahead of Davis due to a better track record. Sell high at your own risk; he may be “for real.”
42N/AMadison BumgarnerSPSF
Bumgarner had a rough postseason but he’s determined to put it behind him, and quickly. At just 23 years of age, the best may be yet to come.
41N/AStarlin CastroSSCHC
Castro has good 5×5 numbers for a SS, though his spot on the Countdown is a product of his position. Still young, improvement needs to come.
40N/AAlex GordonOFKC
Gordon started off slowly in HRs and SBs but has started to pick up the pace there. His 5×5 production is great and hitting leadoff will only help him.
39N/AAllen Craig1B/OFSTL
It’s amazing to see Craig with 18 RBI despite not hitting a HR yet. As the HRs come, Craig could be a monster this season in a strong lineup.
38N/ABilly Butler1BKC
“Country Breakfast” looks very beefy this season. His bat is still cooperating, though the numbers are just a bit below expectations.
37N/AJay BruceOFCIN
Bruce is too streaky for those in H2H leagues, but when the power comes for him, it comes in bunches. Be patient and enjoy the surge.
36N/AShin-Soo ChooOFCIN
Choo will score a ton of runs atop the Reds lineup and he’s an OBP machine that could go 20/20. — Skin Blues
35N/AAdrian Gonzalez1B/OFLAD
“A-Gon” would greatly benefit from some help from Matt Kemp. Otherwise, he is just a solid 1B option but nothing more.
34N/ADavid PriceSPTB
Price finally won a ballgame last week, but the slow start shouldn’t be worrisome. This may be the lowest he falls on the Countdown.
33N/ACliff LeeSPPHI
He’ll lull you to sleep with a 3.20 ERA and 1.10 WHIP and near a K per inning while getting very little attention. — Skin Blues
32N/AAdam WainwrightSPSTL
He’s the No. 1 fantasy pitcher in baseball to start the season. If the elite GB% and BB% stick around, he could finish there, too. — Skin Blues
31N/AJosh HamiltonOFLAA
With a lousy second half in 2012 and slow start this season, Hamilton is in danger of falling out of favor with owners. Don’t be afraid to trade.
30N/AEdwin Encarnacion1BTOR
“E5″ started off the season slowly, but with five HRs in four recent games, he catapulted up the ranks. If he heats up with the weather, watch out.
29N/APaul Goldschmidt1BARI
Goldy picked up two SBs in the last week to go with five HRs and great R/RBI/AVG numbers. He is the only true 5×5 1B and he has the skills to rise.
28N/AAdrian Beltre3BTEX
Beltre is rock solid, and so is his spot on the Countdown. He isn’t flashy anymore; he just gets his solid power numbers.
27N/AYu DarvishSPTEX
Darvish is on pace to strike out nearly 300 and win 25 games, jolting him up the pitching ranks. He’s great to watch and fun to own. Enjoy.
26N/AFelix HernandezSPSEA
Hernandez will always be questionable for wins, but not much else: He is a lock for 220-plus Ks, an ERA around 3.00 and WHIP around 1.10.
25N/AIan Kinsler2BTEX
With 5 HRs and 3 SBs, Kinsler is already showing his 5×5 skills. He is only a step behind the super-elite MIs (Cano/Tulo).
24N/ABuster PoseyC/1BSF
Posey is off to a slow start, but we all know his second half last season was electric. He’s capable of much more.
23N/ADustin Pedroia2BBOS
Pedroia’s power has fallen off the last couple of years, but he retains much of his value thanks to AVG/SBs/Runs. He could fall on this list.
22N/AStephen StrasburgSPWAS
Strasburg has been good but not great this year, and is now complaining of forearm pain. Monitor his health closely; the Nats will be careful.
21N/AJacoby EllsburyOFBOS
Ellsbury is back to 2011 form, making him extremely valuable, especially if he can find some of that power surge from his 2011 second half.
20N/ADavid Wright3BNYM
Wright has injury trouble each year, but he has great power/speed combo for a CI. He is reliable when in the lineup, and only injuries hold him back.
19N/AAlbert Pujols1BLAA
Pujols is finally getting his power stroke back as the year heats up, and a repeat of last year may be the worst-case scenario for him.
18N/AEvan Longoria3BTB
Imagine what he could do if he played a full season in a neutral stadium. He’s still a legit second rounder. — Skin Blues
17N/AJose BautistaOFTOR
Bautista has been both hitting for low average and dealing with injuries, but the power is still there, and that’s where his value lies.
16N/AJustin VerlanderSPDET
Dropping velocity? Who cares. Verlander is awesome and shows no ill effects of the velocity drop. Only Clayton Kershaw is more reliable.
15N/AMatt KempOFLAD
Once you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up. Right? Kemp has many concerns, but his history of being a top-five guy keeps his value up.
14N/AGiancarlo StantonOFMIA
Despite recently hitting the DL, Stanton finally started hitting HRs last week, and he should continue with his elite power when he returns.
13N/AAdam JonesOFBAL
:Jonesy” has been rising for two years now and shows no signs of slowing down. He has great 5×5 production and a great spot in a monster lineup.
12N/ATroy TulowitzkiSSCOL
Tulowitzki has problems with injuries and this is the only thing keeping him out of the top ten. He is the only MI that can hold a candle up to Cano.
11N/AClayton KershawSPLAD
Kershaw is on a good team in a soft division. He could be looking at the pitching triple crown this season in the NL.
10N/APrince Fielder1BDET
Fielder is finally looking adjusted to his new league, and the power numbers are stacking up quickly.
9N/AJoey Votto1BCIN
Many in the Cafe question Votto’s power, but no one questions his other abilities. Votto is unflashy but solid.
8N/AAndrew McCutchenOFPIT
Across the board contributor but lacks elite power and lots of value tied to his average. — Skin Blues
7N/AJustin UptonOFATL
Hard to argue with his early production, but has had prolonged slumps that remain a concern. — Skin Blues
6N/ACarlos GonzalezOFCOL
“Cargo” is an absolute monster in Colorado, but his streakiness and splits can be infuriating. Only his 5×5 production keeps him near the top.
5N/ARobinson Cano2BNYY
Cano is likely to be a stalwart in the top ten this year. His solid production in the MI is unrivaled.
4N/AMike TroutOFLAA
Trout has gotten off to a mediocre start for his talents, but as the players around him heat up, he could ascend to the top of the list.
3N/ABryce HarperOFWASH
Harper has arrived. He will probably put up numbers similar to Braun, but as with Trout, still carries risk. — Skin Blues
2N/ARyan BraunOFMIL
Completes a dynamic 1/2 punch with Cabrera, both of these guys are the fantasy rocks this year.
1N/AMiguel Cabrera1B/3BDET
A nearly unanimous number one ranking for Cabrera this time. His power and consistency have won the voters over.

Just Missed the Cut

Anthony Rizzo, Ian Desmond, Max Scherzer, Matt Moore, Cole Hamels, Matt Cain, Gio Gonzalez, Aroldis Chapman, David Ortiz, Carlos Santana, Joe Mauer, Hanley Ramirez, Zack Greinke.

Thanks to JFG, Skin Blues and Dannahan for putting together Top 50 lists. A special thanks to Skin Blues for his comments, some of which you’ll see noted in the Countdown.

James is a 23-year-old accountant who spends most weekdays from 4-10 watching/tracking baseball and trolling the Cafe. He is also a golfer who is struggling to cope with the 110 degree heat in Las Vegas. If you ever come out here and want to hit the links or play some poker just let him know, and he is always game for a little side action. You can find James posting on the cafe as RJFORLIFE.
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4 Responses to “Top 50 Countdown: April 30, 2013”

  1. User avatar NikkiSixx says:

    Awww I wasn’t even PM’d to ask if I wanted to participate this year? Lame…

    Looks pretty solid. I expect Rizzo to be in the top 50 for sure by the next time these rankings come around.

  2. thatguy27 says:

    Jordan Zimmerman anyone? Most underrated player in baseball.

  3. thatguy27 says:

    Otherwise great job and I do appreciate the effort. I love lists like this and the Cafe’s version is a hundred times better than Mr. Funstons (on those rare occasions when he decides to do his bi-annual Big Board, that is).

  4. thatguy27 says:

    Also, I look for Segura to make an appearance in the next top 50, and at some point we have to decide whether Reynolds can keep up his current torrid pace.


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