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2013 Fantasy Baseball Rankings - 25 comments

By R.J. White

Pitchers and catchers report in just a few days, and in the wake of the Jed Lowrie trade and Chris Carpenter news, I’m providing an update to my first set of rankings, published in early January. It’s important to note that we don’t know at this point what fallout there will be (if any) from the Biogenesis investigation, and I haven’t altered my rankings with regards to that situation. I can see bypassing Ryan Braun at No. 1 overall if you think this report could affect his playing time even slightly, but I don’t think it’ll happen, so I’ve kept him atop the rankings.

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R.J. White is the head editor at the Cafe and contributes to CBSSports.com's MLB Rumors blog. He has previously written for FanHouse, Razzball and FanDuel. Catch up with him in the forums under the name daullaz. Follow him on Twitter; don't follow him in real life.
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25 Responses to “2013 Fantasy Baseball Rankings”

  1. User avatar ayebatter says:

    Someone (namely the other two votes so far) tell me how you can give a rating of 3 to someone’s ranking system, so if you don’t agree with some of the picks the ranker sucks? how about giving up your version or at least a reason why you gave a low rating on what appears to be a solid job by RJ,


  2. User avatar MashinSpuds says:

    Yeah, that’s a prominent issue here for article ratings, which makes me wonder if ratings should even be available. Ideally, if one wished to rate they would be forced to leave a comment as well. Not sure if this board has that functionality.

    If you’re going to rate, especially if negatively or neutrally, try to at least be productive about it so the author (and the rest of us) can learn from your point of view.

  3. User avatar MashinSpuds says:

    I will say that it is a pity that Medlen and Fiers are thrown in the RP rankings, since they will very likely start and aren’t in the running for closing on their respective teams. Other rankings look fine, but the RP list is confusing.

  4. User avatar daullaz says:

    @MashinSpuds: I agree, and I wish that it wasn’t the case, but I didn’t have the option of ranking them at SP. I’m going to get in touch with the Fantasy Pros guy and see if he’ll make them available in both (as well as a guy like Chapman), as that would be more informative to readers.

  5. Crawdads says:

    Harper at #15? C’mon now!

  6. LittleJim says:

    Not too bad overall for straight rankings, but I have to say that the tiers really aren’t very well thought out. Here are a couple glaring examples that are beyond reasoning.

    Placing Posey in the top tier of 1B is very questionable in itself, but it completely falls apart when as a C he is all of a sudden in the same tier as guys that he was two tiers above as a 1B (Mauer, Santana). And Posey is equal to Pujols and Votto as a 1B and Sal Perez as a C, meaning Pujols has equal value to Perez.

    Cano in the same tier as Phillips and Hill is poor judgement. The most optimistic expectations for Hill barely approaches an average year for Cano. Phillips has virtually no chance of producing on par with Cano.

    As a SS, Zobrist has been consistently a top 5 performer for 3 or 4 years, yet he is in a tier below the likes of Asdrubal Cabrera and Ian Desmond.

  7. User avatar daullaz says:

    @LittleJim: You were right with your Posey argument. My initial rankings outside of FP didn’t account for players like Posey as 1Bs (since they don’t get played there in any leagues), and when I inserted them into the 1B rankings, I plotted the catchers too high, only really considering their draft status and not how they compared statistically to the other players at the position. I have fixed it now, though. Thanks for the catch.

    You’re also right about the 2Bs. There should be a tier break after the first three, and those #4 and #5 2Bs fit much better with the three guys under them than the three guys above them. I was also being a little too hard on Zobrist and moved him up a tier at SS, but I just happen to prefer Cabrera and Desmond.

    Again, thanks for the comments. Still a work in progress…

  8. LittleJim says:

    @daullaz: No problem. Glad to see you are willing to take criticism and adjust accordingly. It’s a lot easier for me to look over a list like this and find mistakes than it is to actually create it, so good job on making it and wanting to make it better.

  9. longrobe16 says:

    Prado seems to have SS eligibility in yahoo but I haven’t seen anyone put them in their SS rankings yet. Thoughts?

  10. theblackjet says:

    How can you have AGon ahead of Teixeira? If healthy Teixeira is better, especially with the short porch in Yankee Stadium. Tex has much more power. AGOn has been a disappointment 2 years in a row.

  11. theblackjet says:

    Also Dickey is over rated. Will get lit up in the AL East. Mets, Marlins, and Braves play in extreme pitchers parks. Nationals play in a neutral park and only the Phillies in a hitters park. 1 out of 5 in a hitters park. In the AL East 4 out of 5 play in extreme hitters parks. Also won’t have the advantage of the pitcher hitting. Doesn’t have the margin for error he did with the Mets. I wouldn’t count on him as more than a #3 SP in fantasy

  12. LittleJim says:

    @theblackjet: You will be hard pressed to find a single league where Teixeira gets drafted ahead of AGon, regardless of format. I do think Teixeira is really flying under the radar this year and could be a huge value if he comes back healthy though. They are more even than rankings/average draft positions are giving credit if both return to what they had been for years before last season, but I give AGon the edge because of health concerns and supporting cast.

  13. User avatar daullaz says:

    @longrobe16: I’d probably stick him around Rutledge/Segura.

    @theblackjet: A-Gon over Tex isn’t exactly breaking new ground. How many years in a row has Tex been a disappointment? I don’t know how you can say Gonzalez was a disappointment in 2011, either. And Dickey gets to now face a vast majority of batter that have never seen the knuckle-fastball he throws. You’re writing off his accomplishments too easily — park-adjusted and league-adjusted stats all agree he was fantastic. Some regression is also already built into the ranking. If we thought he’d repeat in full, he’d be up there with Verlander/Kershaw.

  14. User avatar kaiser says:

    I take Adrian Gonzalez over Mark Texeria ten times out of ten. No question.

  15. iamtweeter says:

    I got 2 things:

    1. Am I the only one that thinks Halladay is ranked to high. By everyone. Tons of innings and I think last years injuries are just the start of things.

    and 2. Everyone needs to stop ranking Segura so high. He’s my sleeper for next year, and if everyone keeps ranking him so high he’s gonna get drafted to early.

    Other than that, the ranking are on par. Its just preference really.

  16. User avatar speedy27 says:

    Assuming Nolan Arenado wins the 3B job coming out of spring training where would be rank among this list? I’m currently debating on drafting him in our draft as a minor league stashee and want to see how soon to do so.

  17. User avatar daullaz says:

    @speedy27: I’d say Tier 5 of the 3Bs.

  18. User avatar fsbarren says:

    Not sure about Medlen above Zimmermann…

  19. User avatar Izenhart says:

    Brilliant list! picks #50 thru #150 are about as accurate as I have seen. Most of your +/- differentials from the ADP consensus are spot on with my thinking. Well done 5/5

  20. libradawg says:

    @theblackjet: Actually Turner Field is one of the most neutral playing parks in all of baseball. Park Factors rank TF between 12th and 19th for runs scored the past 5 years, depending on whose calculations you use. Keep that in mind while pre-ranking your Braves players this year. The word you’re looking for with Dickey is FLUKE.

    @fsbarren: In the categories that Medlen didn’t dominate Zimmerman, he slaughtered him. Both are 26. Better yet, he has RP-eligibility. Nobody expects him to be Maddux 2.0 like that again this year but it’s more than reasonable to expect value over Zimmerman.

  21. Verminhater says:

    How often are the rankings updated???

  22. Verminhater says:


    I guess today ! lol

  23. bazeball45 says:

    Hi daullaz

    I am a big fan. I follow you on twitter, and read all your articles I can find.

    My draft is tomorrow and was hoping to study your rankings. How current is this ranking? Do you plan on updating it again?

    Thank you!

  24. User avatar daullaz says:

    @bazeball45: I updated it earlier this week, but I would definitely review injury news (i.e., Eaton) before your draft and adjust accordingly.

  25. bazeball45 says:

    @daullaz Thank you!

    You are awesome

    The radio broadcast is really cool.


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