HumorFebruary 22, 2012

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Major League “Movie” Sleepers

By brentameyer

I am sure many of you out there that enjoy the Major League movies as much as I do. I was looking for a way to tie them into fantasy baseball, and thought I would look for players that have a chance to resemble someone from the movie by coming out of nowhere to surprise everyone. Like Harry Doyle said, “I ain’t sure where Hayes played last year, but I am sure he did a hell of a job.”

Catcher: Rube Baker. (You want the pitcher to pitch from second base?)

Salvador Perez, KC. Perez is another one of the plentiful young talents Kansas City has in their system. He hit very well last year when called up, with a .331 average in 148 ABs. He’s going undrafted in a lot of drafts right now but is someone to keep an eye on. He can hit and should continue to improve. If his power can develop, he could be a late round steal as a No. 2 catcher.

Catcher: Jake Taylor. (Is that you Tolbert? This isn’t very funny, you know. I am hungover, my knees are killing me, and if your going to pull this crap you at least could of said you’re from the Yankees.)

Ivan Rodriguez, FA. I just had to list him because they are both done. Sorry to waste your time on this one.

Third Base: Roger Dorn. (Is April too early for a Roger Dorn Night?)

Miguel Cabrera, DET. There’s no doubt Dorn didn’t have the power of Miggy, but they both can’t field a lick. I thought you didn’t have any high priced talent? This is big news in fantasy though, as Miggy will be 3B eligible and may be worth taking with the No. 1 pick in drafts.

Center field: Willie Mayes Hayes. (I bought 100 of these, one for each and every base I steal.)

Emilio Bonifacio, MIA. Bonifacio stole 40 bases last year and didn’t even play regularly until midseason. The kid can fly; he’ll be the Marlins starting centerfielder this season. The key here is that he’s also eligible at SS and 3B too. I feel that he’s getting drafted too late right now.

Right field: Pedro Cerrano. (Cerrano kill living thing!)

Lucas Duda, NYM. Duda hit .317 with 10 homers in about half a season with the Mets last year. His minor league numbers were always good, but scouts continued to ignore him. Kinda like nobody picking up Cerrano. The team has been raving about his power potential, and the right field job is his. Hopefully he shows up to camp with Jobu. He’s either ready to hit, or afraid he might kill some nats.

Pitcher: Rick Vaughn. (They tell us your a pitcher; you’re sure not much of a dresser. We wear caps and sleeves at this level, son!)

Kenley Jansen, LAD.. Jansen can bring the gas, just like Vaughn. He also has some control problems, so toss him some black rims and let’s go. Jansen has some flat out nasty stuff; that’s why he struck out 96 batters in just 52.2 innings last year. With the stuff that he has, becoming the Dodgers’ closer isn’t “if,” but “when.”

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