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Roto Medic: Roberts Ruckus - 4 comments

By Kim Bhasin

It’s nearly impossible not to feel bad for Grady Sizemore.  He was placed on the 15-day DL Monday after hurting his knee sliding feet-first into second the week prior.  Oh, and it’s the same knee he jacked up last year, requiring season-ending surgery.  It appears to be just a contusion, but the knee didn’t respond to treatment over the weekend and there’s no timetable for his return.

Hopefully this is a minor setback, but for Sizemore, every DL stint must feel like a lifetime.  The 28-year old had his career year back in 2008 with a 30/30 season.  It was Sizemore’s third straight year as an All-Star and fourth straight year playing 157 or more games, but since then, his career has fallen apart.  An injury plagued 2009 had him on the mend for a third of the season, and the knee surgery in 2010 wiped out that campaign. The 30/30 days have faded in the background, and we haven’t yet been able to see Sizemore perform over a decent sample size to properly gauge his abilities following the surgery.

He’s no longer a kid.  Sizemore’s entering his prime years, but is he still that power-speed combo threat that lit up the AL Central in the mid-2000’s?  First things first — he’s got to get, and stay, healthy.  If not, he’ll always have that hated “only when healthy” tag stamped upon his forehead, and that’s never a good thing. Just ask J.D. Drew.

In our world, if we draft Sizemore, we can’t assume 150 games.  And for now, we can’t assume his old performance either.  Most folks knew that coming into this year, but he was still a touted sleeper, which is certainly warranted.  He’s by no means an avoid-at-all-costs guy, but if you drafted him as an every day outfielder, you better have picked up some insurance.

Oh, and if you happen to be supremely confident in Sizemore’s talents, there won’t be a much better time to buy low.  If it’s just a contusion as it appears, it’s just a matter of waiting out his DL term.

Now let’s figure out what to do with another oft-injured star and his newest concussion.

Brian Roberts – 7 day DL (concussion)

The longest tenured Oriole got hurt again.  The O’s placed Roberts on the the brand new 7-day DL Thursday with concussion-like symptoms. Roberts hurt himself Monday after banging his noggin while sliding head-first into first base.  He continued to play through the week, but complained about headaches.

This isn’t his first head injury, but at least this time it was actually during game-play that he hurt himself. Last year, during an already injury-shortened season, Roberts got a concussion from smacking his own bat against his helmet in anger after a 9th inning strikeout against the Rays.

Concussions are some of the most difficult injuries to judge.  We don’t know whether they’re going to linger or fade away, and Roberts’ history isn’t confidence inspiring.  Let’s take a look at what’s available 30% owned or lower on the wire at 2B.  Keep in mind that Alberto Callaspo and Ryan Raburn are better options than all of these guys, and they’re both currently 33% owned, so you might have a shot there.

Warning: it’s very, very bare.

  • Danny Espinosa (14% owned) – Espinosa’s batting under .200, but that isn’t much worse than the rest of the guys this deep.  His power can still benefit you, and he’s proven that so far with his five HRs and 22 RBIs on the year.
  • Ryan Theriot (27% owned) – The combination of his dual MI position eligibility and reliable average have made Theriot a go-to fantasy stopgap for many over the years.  And since 2B is always one of the thinner positions, chances are someone in your mixed league picks up Theriot for a short stint sometime during the year.
  • Justin Turner (6% owned) – If you’re looking this deep on the wire for a 2B, you might as well take a risk.  Turner’s driven in a run in his last five straight games for the Mets, including a five-RBI explosion against the Astros.  He’ll continue to get plenty of playing time so long as the Mets roster stayed decimated by injuries (which if history proves right, it will).  Get Turner while he’s still ripping it, then float him back onto the wire.

Other mixed league options: Jonathan Herrera (15% owned), Freddy Sanchez (22% owned), Ty Wigginton (11% owned), Angel Sanchez (19% owned).

Deep league potshot: Daniel Murphy (4% owned).

Kim writes for Business Insider's sports page and runs a sports business blog at while attending NYU as a graduate student in Business and Economic Reporting. Catch up with him at the Cafe as Kim Bhasin, and follow him on Twitter (@KimBhasin).
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4 Responses to “Roto Medic: Roberts Ruckus”

  1. User avatar wrveres says:

    Ty Wigginton should be seeing some regular ab’s in Colorado.

  2. joiedevivre says:

    “Oh, and it’s the same knee he jacked up last year, requiring season-ending surgery.”

    Actually his surgically repaired knee was his left knee; this injury was to his right knee.

  3. Kim Bhasin says:

    Ah, yes, that’s right, his microfracture surgery was on the other knee. Sorry about that.

  4. joiedevivre says:

    Sorry if I came across sounding like a know-it-all, Kim! Just wanted readers to know it’s not as bad as it sounded (being a Sizemore owner myself). Keep up the good work.


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