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A Look Back: August 2010

By Brandon Gray

We tend to hear throughout the media that Player X is a second half player, or he always tails off towards the summer months, etc.  I decided to investigate the 2010 season to find a handful of players that either provided excellent or poor value in the month of August.  Here I take a look at August 2010 and the last 30 days in 2011 to try and evaluate their next month of production.

Jay Bruce, Cincinnati Reds

August 20102593278161700.3330.4090.667
Last 30 Days22861847810.2430.3490.459

Advice: I’m definitely buying Bruce in keeper leagues, and also buying him in redraft leagues if the price is right.  I think he could have another power surge like last year and early this year.  If you can afford the downside of a .250 batting average, Bruce is a huge asset.

Ryan Raburn, Detroit Tigers

August 201028112328212110.3080.3570.606
Last 30 Days186618311700.2950.3230.525

Advice: Raburn has been back in the lineup consistently over the past week.  I think he is a spec play at this point if you need power at second base.  If you can make daily lineup changes, avoid playing Raburn vs. RHP where he’s hitting .207 on the year.  I simply do not expect an OPS of .963 or anywhere close to that as he had last year.

Casey McGehee, Milwaukee Brewers

August 201027116356152800.3270.3450.589
Last 30 Days24821617500.2110.2560.263

Advice: McGehee has been frustrating fantasy owners all year, and the last 30 days are no indication that he is going to turn things around.  He racked up 28 RBI last year in August, which means not only was he raking, his team was getting on base helping his cause.  I think for most leagues, McGehee should have a nice warm seat on the waiver wire until he finds his power stroke.

Gordon Beckham, Chicago White Sox

August 20102597254131400.3090.4000.531
Last 30 Days22842317910.3030.3380.382

Advice: Unfortunately, I think Beckham got too much hype in 2009, and owners have felt disappointed since.  He has the tools to be a solid contributor, nothing outstanding.  I’m not buying Beckham at this point.  If I have the room and he heats up, maybe I pick him up if available, but I wouldn’t pursue.

Dan Uggla, Atlanta Braves

August 201025107306141810.3190.3830.543
Last 30 Days2497217171300.2470.3400.541

Advice: Uggla has been stroking the ball these last 30 days.  His 2010 August was excellent as well.  The window for a low buy on Uggla may have closed.  For those short on infield power, try to make a move.  He still has 30 home run written all over him.  I made a trade to acquire about two weeks ago, and I suggest you do the same.

Jimmy Rollins, Philadelphia Phillies

August 20102813529216960.2360.3040.341
Last 30 Days23108324181160.3230.3800.495

Advice: J-Roll’s fantasy career may be in its twilight years.  If there’s anything positive to look at, he has a .875 OPS and six stolen bases in the last 30 days.  I’d say he’s not keeper material at shortstop anymore, but still a solid contributor.  If you’re playing a scrub at short, it’s worth asking the price on Rollins.

Johnny Damon, Tampa Bay Rays

August 20102511323061010.2230.2920.282
Last 30 Days2195271141010.3070.3470.443

Advice: Good ole Johnny Damon just keep on hitting.  He’s likely on the waiver wire in your league, which is where he should be.  I would not recommend adding as a long-term solution.  I think his August 2010 was a fluke as Damon is a better hitter than they guy he had a .574 OPs, but he will not maintain an over .800 OPS for long stretches.

Delmon Young, Minnesota Twins

August 201027113242121100.2180.2390.318
Last 30 Days13481501600.3190.3330.489

Advice: Now that Young is back, can he produce like the break out year of 2010.  I was surprise to see his struggles in August of last year.  Because he never walks, if he’s not hitting the ball hard he almost worthless.  He’s bounced back from the DL stink with a nice .319 AVG and .822 OPS.  I think he’s worthy of a bench spot especially since Mauer is hitting.  The RBI opportunities may arise once again.

Brennan Boesch, Detroit Tigers

August 2010279717251010.1850.2270.304
Last 30 Days2294254111010.2780.3090.478

Advice: Disclaimer: I am not a fan of Brennan Boesch.  Boesch has been a great story the past ywo years.  He’s put up some modest numbers his last 30 days after an outstanding June.  He struggled in August 2010 to the tune of a .185 AVG.  While he’s likely owned in your league, I recommend watching closely.  He’s a streaky hitter that can string many 0-for-4 nights or rack up serious RBI numbers.

Ben Zobrist, Tampa Bay Rays

August 201026105131121110.1600.3010.210
Last 30 Days22102273181450.3250.4510.566

Advice: Zorilla has put together another relatively quiet year for the Rays.  Don’t be shocked when he racks up some MVP votes.  Despite his struggles last year, I would buy Zobrist.  He is a key catalyst to a solid offense.  With Longoria healthy and Jennings in the bigs, the counting numbers should rise.  His 1.017 OPS and .451 OBP is among the league leaders the past month.

Brandon can be found at home being a dad and novice landscaper, in the corporate office being a hamster, on the diamond being a softball coach, or at Fenway Park enjoying a frank. You can follow Brandon on Twitter (@bginda2g).
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