The Can of CornJune 25, 2010

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The Can of Corn – Show 8 - 2 comments

By Michael Stephens

Welcome to The Can of Corn, hosted by Michael Stephens and Nate Davis! After a number of calls to the fantasy podcast bullpen, our pitching coach-like listeners were left to believe that the phone must have been broken and that they had to fend for themselves until communication could be restored – never fear, the communication was/is as good as it’s ever been, we just needed some additional “rest” for our “tired” voices! This week’s show is really an eventful one as a result of our two-week absence, filled with news on June callups like Pedro Alvarez, Jose Tabata, Jeremy Hellickson, and yes, even Stephen Strasburg! On top of a plethora of rookie news and statistical analysis, Episode 8 is also jam-packed with up-to-date injury information, hot/cold hitters and much-anticipated results and future props in all of our popular side games like The Hot Corner, Battle of the Wits and Tools of the Week. It’s been a long road back, but we hope we’re back to stay – now’s the time to stop messing around, grab your glove and head for the outfield, because here comes The Can of Corn!

• Introduction of show and hosts (Michael and Nate)
• Published on Fantasy Baseball Cafe Radio and brought to you by the Fantasy Baseball Cafe
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• E-mails/Tweets/PMs: it’d been a pretty good couple of weeks, then we go to record and it’s another shutout!
• Rookie Watch: The biggest list we’ve had to date, and most of these guys aren’t going anywhere (1:55)
• New injury: There’s only one, but it’s a BIG one (5:38)
• Injury updates: Good news for some returning aces, bad news for others and no news for the same two guys…
• Returning to the Field: Two unlikely hurlers on the mend and on the way back to your lineup, and sooner than you would’ve expected too! (7:30)
• Vulture saves – They aren’t circling in Denver anymore, but they are in Milwaukee (you better believe it!)
• Hot hitters and hurlers (8:33)
• And their frigid counterparts
• Cafe Talk – 4 topics of interest (and our shameless pimping in their posts) (11:08)
Cafe Games – well, what are you waiting for? Get your butts over there and play already!

HOT CORNER (15:44)
• Updates on previous weeks’ props
• How do you say “Twins” en Espanol? Oh well, it doesn’t matter anyway, because Nate likes los Tigres!
• Let’s see how many consecutive times we can guess the NL RBI-leader wrong!
• How many senior-circuit hurlers can stay under this unbelievable threshold until at least next week?
• A cool HR prop you won’t see every day – it’s bound to automatically go the opposite way of Michael’s pick though!
• Three words (well, they’re letters really) – “U.S.A.!, U.S.A.!”

• Rundown of action from three weeks ago, and up-to-date season standings (getting better for Nate, but more of the same for Michael)
• Michael loves those home teams hosting terrible road teams! Now if only they could actually match their records and win a few easy ones…
• Nate takes the first gamble of the season, but why not take some risks with an early 5-game lead and many crappy teams left?

• Five-tool Player of the Week – This guy doing his part to help re-name this award after his team (hint: think NL Central)
• Honorable mention – This isn’t a homer pick this week, he’s been flat out DOMINANT!
• Tool of the Week – Sometimes the “sophomore slump” is too bad for you to patiently wait it out – this is one of those times…
• Honorable mention – Weather, bad location and some terrible bullpen/offensive help will land you on this list with a terrible stat line to match…

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• Look forward to our next show, which will air Friday July 2nd!

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Michael Stephens is an avid sports enthusiast with over 7 years of fantasy experience who writes for the Cafe. He is an aspiring sports journalist who hopes to continue fantasy writing as a career in the future. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, he is naturally a die-hard Mariner fan! You can find Michael in the Cafe's forums where he actively posts under the name WaCougMBS. Nate Davis is a lover of all things Seattle sports (except, of course, for the Sounders). You can find him posting in the Cafe's forums under the alias thracken.
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2 Responses to “The Can of Corn – Show 8”

  1. Hellickson was not called up.

  2. User avatar Thracken says:

    True, the outline would lead you to believe he was, but in the show, we just say that he is on the cusp given Davis’ struggles.


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