The Can of CornMay 28, 2010

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The Can of Corn – Show 6

By Michael Stephens

MLB: Giants vs Cardinals April 24

Welcome to The Can of Corn, hosted by Michael Stephens and Nate Davis! After a short stint on the “disabled list”, the hosts are back with an all-new show this week (and they promise to not make like Jimmy Rollins and go right back onto the shelf for two weeks) – after all of our complaining and moaning about lack of listener contact earlier in the month, everyone has done their part to chip in this week, and nothing makes us happier than answering questions and providing feedback for listeners, so keep it up! Maybe all you e-mailers just played it like Albert Pujols has started this season, by starting out hot, cooling after the first few weeks and then getting back into the swing of things in late May! Whatever it is, we’ll take it! For your listening pleasure this week, we have a show filled with all of your favorite segments (if you’ve not noticed yet, we even have the times of each segment spelled out in the notes), and we can’t wait to hear what you think about this week’s Hot Corner, Battle of the Wits and Tools of the Week either, so without further ado: grab your glove and head for the outfield – here comes The Can of Corn!

• Introduction of show and hosts (Michael and Nate)
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• E-mail: Props to our SIX e-mailers from last week (even though Michael couldn’t find two of your names – sorry!)
PM: a monster trade that worked out very well for this listener (angels7777)
• Rookie Watch: a couple of rookies might be playing their way off this list, but one will certainly be pitching his way onto it in no time!
• Only one new injury this week, and it hits the already-depleted O’s bullpen
• Good news and REALLY bad news for a couple of the game’s biggest hitters
• Returning to the Field: at least three of these four names will have you giddy when you hear of their eminent returns
• Vulture saves – the birds are circling in Baltimore (and Milwaukee and Washington?) (8:11)
• Hot hitters and hurlers (10:08)
• And their frigid counterparts
• Cafe Talk – 4 topics of interest (and our shameless pimping in their posts) (12:28)
Cafe Games – well, what are you waiting for? Get your butts over there and play already!

MLB: Brewers vs Astros May 27

HOT CORNER (15:58)
• Updates on previous weeks’ props
• Nate picks an NL batting leader for next week (and he has an ace in the hole to boot)
• Which of these surprising NL hurlers has the better week?
• Whose soon-to-be career high in homers will end up being the best between these two surprising sluggers?
• Speaking of surprises, what are the odds this guy keeps it up (for at least one more week)?
• Lord Stanley’s Cup is finally ready to make it’s way into the national consciousness (for a few days at least), so we thought we’d make our own predictions!

• Rundown of action from two weeks ago, and up-to-date season standings (so far, they’re not pretty)!
• Michael jumps rides another hot hand at home, while hoping the “Fathers” don’t reward him with an 0-6 like the D’backs did
• Nate picks on the two-time defending National League champs, and it just might work

• Five-tool Player of the Week – We think this guy’s a bum, but then again, we might just be bitter
• Honorable mention – a young Reds starter who’s really on a tear (that only narrows it down a little bit, but if you listen, you’ll get it)
• Tool of the Week – paging Buster Posey…Buster Posey?
• Honorable mention – take that Cy Young and shove it (at least for now)

Detroit Tigers at Kansas City Royals Baseball

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Michael Stephens is an avid sports enthusiast with over 7 years of fantasy experience who writes for the Cafe. He is an aspiring sports journalist who hopes to continue fantasy writing as a career in the future. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, he is naturally a die-hard Mariner fan! You can find Michael in the Cafe's forums where he actively posts under the name WaCougMBS. Nate Davis is a lover of all things Seattle sports (except, of course, for the Sounders). You can find him posting in the Cafe's forums under the alias thracken.
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