The Can of CornMay 14, 2010

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The Can of Corn – Show 5 - 2 comments

By Michael Stephens

Oakland Athletics pitcher Dallas Braden

Welcome to The Can of Corn, hosted by Michael Stephens and Nate Davis! You can’t get much better than perfect, so with that said The Can of Corn will now strive each week to be as good as Dallas Braden was against the Rays last week! Mat Latos and Phil Hughes would usually be stealing the fantasy (and reality) headlines with weeks like they’ve had, but when you get just the 19th perfect game in Major League history, it’s hard to avoid talking about it! Alongside the hot-handed young hurlers of the league, this week’s show is packed to the gills with other player news and injury updates, as well as our popular weekly segments like The Hot Corner, Tools of the Week and Vulture Saves – so without further ado: grab your glove and head for the outfield – here comes The Can of Corn!

• Introduction of show and hosts (Michael and Nate)
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• E-mail: We are starting to feel like the Rays here (taking two straight e-mail shutouts)
• Lot’s of young ‘uns didn’t want to leave the list last week, so they earned their keep!
• A couple of new injuries that have the save vultures circling
• Quite a few injury updates this week, among them are a couple of false alarms who are now back on track
• Returning to the Field: shortstops and a catcher on the mend… oh yeah, and the (when he got hurt) MLB HR leader
• Vulture saves – like we said, they’re circling! (6:00)
• Hot hitters and hurlers (7:47)
• And their frigid counterparts
• Cafe Talk – 4 topics of interest (and our shameless pimping in their posts) (10:03)
• Cafe Games – well, what are you waiting for? Get your butts over there and play already!

Washington Nationals pitcher Tyler Clippard pitches against the Arizona Diamondbacks in Washington

HOT CORNER (13:12)
• Updates on previous weeks’ props (just a heads up – we were Dallas Braden-like)
• This vulture has been better than EVERY starter in the MLB in this category – will it continue?
• Which one of these guys will do a better job filling in for their team’s injured stopper?
• Nate makes a bold prediction about an already minuscule ERA
• Man, we sure talked about the Natinals a lot today! A little more can’t hurt, right?
• The hosts give their (incredibly biased, in Michael’s case) NBA Finals predictions

• Rundown of last week’s action, and up-to-date season standings!
• Michael jumps on the St. Pete’s bandwagon this week
• Nate, enjoying his new 6-win cushion, takes a flier on MLB team with the gosh-darned politest fans on Earth, eh?

• Five-tool Player of the Week – Some crazy numbers, and then one that’s nearly insane…
• Honorable mention – We were scraping the bottom on this one, but at least he gets his 15 seconds now!
• Tool of the Week – If you win it next week (which would make for three in a row), the award will be named after you, buddy!
• Honorable mention – Another hideously ugly start from a slow-out-of-the-gates “ace”

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• Look forward to our next show, which will air Friday May 21st!

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Michael Stephens is an avid sports enthusiast with over 7 years of fantasy experience who writes for the Cafe. He is an aspiring sports journalist who hopes to continue fantasy writing as a career in the future. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, he is naturally a die-hard Mariner fan! You can find Michael in the Cafe's forums where he actively posts under the name WaCougMBS. Nate Davis is a lover of all things Seattle sports (except, of course, for the Sounders). You can find him posting in the Cafe's forums under the alias thracken.
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2 Responses to “The Can of Corn – Show 5”

  1. User avatar RPDfire007 says:

    Good Jobs guys loved it, and who’s this Paris Hilton we speak of?

  2. User avatar WaCougMBS says:

    That’s a very good question indeed! That’s why we’re going to have to move on to Taylor Swift or something to keep things fresh/relevant :)


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