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Wednesday’s Wide World of Waivers: All-Star Review

By Chris Routledge

Welcome to the All-Star version of Wednesday’s Wide World of Waivers. Hope you enjoyed the game last night — remember, this time it counted! For a change of pace, this week I will be looking back at all the players recommended to date and see just how well Tom and I are doing in advising people on the guys to pick up off of waivers.

We’ll check out their Yahoo ownership at the time, their Yahoo ownership as of July 13, grade them according to whether or not they were a good recommendation and add any comments as appropriate.

Note: I will review up to one month ago (June 10), as it takes more than a month in many cases to judge the effectiveness or not of waiver wire pickups.

And so, without further ado, and with huge drum roll, here is your WWWW All-Star Review!

April 8

PlayerFormatYahoo % ThenYahoo % NowGradeComments
Fred LewisMixed305FHuge disappointment, and no sign of improvement to come
Scot ShieldsMixed323FGood start, but faltered badly before season-ending surgery
Jason KubelAL2253A14 HR with an AVG over .300 – should be owned in all standard leagues
Cody RossNL1249BProving valuable, and a borderline mixed leaguer

April 15

PlayerFormatYahoo % ThenYahoo % NowGradeComments
Randy WinnMixed3413C44 runs are nice, but would need more than 8 SBs to be mixed league-worthy
Paul MaholmMixed4330DDecent April, but whilst K/BB has improved, ratios have nosedived
Aaron HillAL1991A+How is he unowned in 9% of Yahoo leagues?
Chris DuncanNL47DHas little value even in NL-only leagues

April 22

PlayerFormatYahoo % ThenYahoo % NowGradeComments
Jason BartlettMixed4287BNot much power since coming back from injury, but still valuable
JD DrewMixed4139B-Performing as expected – and injury free!
Julio LugoAL11DAs with Duncan, little value even in AL-only
Mike HamptonNL86CERA dropped by a full point since May 24

April 29

PlayerFormatYahoo % ThenYahoo % NowGradeComments
Coco CrispMixed3214D-Bit of speed but little else before season-ending injury
Yunel EscobarMixed4858BSolid and consistent
Russell BranyanAL1278A22 HR – another graduate to mixed leagues
Eric ByrnesNL95FDidn’t produce even before hitting the DL

May 6

PlayerFormatYahoo % ThenYahoo % NowGradeComments
Jose GuillenMixed2114DVery little to get excited about outside AL-only leagues
John BakerMixed2714CJune slump; signs of life in July
Kendry MoralesAL1741B+Quietly hit 15 HR with an AVG over .300
Michael BournNL1366AWhen he gets on base, he steals (32 to date)

May 13

PlayerFormatYahoo % ThenYahoo % NowGradeComments
Todd HeltonMixed3971A-Hit over .300 every month, and on pace to top 100 RBI
LaTroy HawkinsMixed3833AGreat as fill-in closer, and still putting up fine ratios
Brad PennyAL1019CPicking up a few wins here and there, but not a lot else
Chris CoghlanNL13DNothing much positive to talk about, really

May 20

PlayerFormatYahoo % ThenYahoo % NowGradeComments
Juan PierreMixed4636A-Manny may be back, but you can’t argue with what Pierre did in the interim
Ubaldo JimenezMixed4259ALots of Ks and quality starts, little run support
Ben ZobristAL1587A+With Branyan, one of the bargains of the season
Josh WillinghamNL38BMissed some time, but hitting for great AVG and OPS near 1000

May 27

PlayerFormatYahoo % ThenYahoo % NowGradeComments
Travis HafnerMixed3124CBetter than 2008, but need more from a guy who locks up your utility spot
John SmoltzMixed3752CLast start against Royals was a step in the right direction
Dontrelle WillisAL32FNo way to sugarcoat this – he’s been terrible
Nick JohnsonNL1522C+Terrible June, but May and July were good; where are the HRs, though?

June 3

PlayerFormatYahoo % ThenYahoo % NowGradeComments
Luke ScottMixed4361BAVG and power seemed to drop in June, but back with a vengeance in July
Adam KennedyMixed1317DDisappointing. AL-only? Yes. Mixed? No.
Ben FranciscoAL53FDidn’t take advantage of Sizemore’s absence
Sean WestNL13FOne good start, several poor ones, now back in the minors

June 10

PlayerFormatYahoo % ThenYahoo % NowGradeComments
Ian StewartMixed3342C-AVG and OPS almost identical to that at June 10 – .223 and .795
Chris B YoungMixed3533CSlight improvement, but still below Mendoza line
Lyle OverbayAL77DOPS has fallen by over 100 points in the last month
Colby RasmusNL519B+In contention for ROY in the NL


That’s the review, up to June 10th, but what about the all-important Chris vs Tom match-up? Here’s where we stand, if we award points for each grade (A=5; F=1):

Total 65 61

Which puts me narrowly ahead at this stage of the game! I’m sure Tom won’t like that! Check back next week to see what he has to say, and in the mean time, keep watching those waivers!

Chris Routledge is busy ruminating over the "wisdom" of the New York Mets trading for Jeff Francoeur. Catch up with him in the Cafe under the username chris8.
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