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Wednesday’s Wide World of Waivers: End of Season Review - 3 comments

By Chris Routledge

Welcome to the final waiver column of 2009. Hopefully you’re reading this as champion of your league, and if a suggestion or two from this column helped, so much the better! For myself, I won one league (a 16-team dynasty) finished runner-up in a couple more, but finally relinquished my H2HWS title after four straight years of success. C’est la vie …
Anyway, as we settle back to enjoy the post-season (once again without my beloved Mets, although at least this year I knew they were done well before the final day!), here’s a final review of the waiver wire selections from Tom and myself, picking up from where we left off (June 10th).
Unlike that column, there’s little point in including the Yahoo owned % now, as it’s totally irrelevant to any leagues! It will simply be my personal reflections on the picks we made — and the final scores may give you a hint as to which of us is the more reliable when it comes to decision-making in 2010!
June 17th

Jose LopezMixedA16 HRs since recommended, raised average by 24 points
Jeremy HermidaMixedFContributed very little and hardly played in September
Willie BloomquistALDPlayed most days, but stopped running, except in September
Casey McGeheeNLAMixed league graduate

June 24th
Dexter FowlerMixedC10 SBs in July, but injury led to only 3 from there out
Ricky RomeroMixedF2nd half was simply horrible
Luis ValbuenaALBPlayed most days, lots of runs, not much else
Kevin CorreiaNLBFew hiccups here and there, but became solid mixed league spot starter

July 1st
Adam LaRocheMixedC14 2nd-half HRs OK, but not quite as good as usual
Aaron CookMixedBUnfortunate that injury derailed a very nice 2nd half
Franklin GutierrezALB11 HRs, 11 SBs since July 1st, playing every day
Willie HarrisNLDLots of runs; absolutely nothing else!

July 8th
Hideki MatsuiMixedAExcellent 2nd half included 18 HRs
Elvis AndrusMixedA18 SBs and 40+ runs post-July 1st
Brett AndersonALAGave up more than 4 ERs only once in 2nd half
Brian MoehlerNLDNot enough Ks and too many rough outings to balance the good

July 22nd
Garrett JonesMixedAArguably the 2nd-half MVP
Joe BlantonMixedBGreat August, mixed September
Erick AybarALBDid enough to warrant AL consideration
Everth CabreraNLCNever matched heights of July, but still serviceable

July 29th
Miguel MonteroMixedAOne of the best catchers in the final two months
Leo NunezMixedASolid 2nd-tier closer the rest of the way
David MurphyALC9 HRs in August and September
Kyle BlanksNLFProduction slipped before DL spelled early end to season

August 5th
Kevin KouzmanoffMixedCMediocre at best before disappearing in September
Mat LatosMixedD2 good starts, 4 bad before being shut down
Rajai DavisALASpeed demon quickly became valuable mixed leaguer
Gerardo ParraNLCNo power or speed; other numbers fine for NL-only

August 12th
Billy ButlerMixedBQuality final two months
Elijah DukesMixedC22 RBIs in August before fading
Trevor CroweALDFailed to make most of late season ABs
Jason HammelNLB3 ERs or less in 8 of last 10 starts

August 19th
Mark EllisMixedCExcellent August proved to be the anomaly
Carlos GonzalezMixedAWorthy of mixed-league starts all the way
Brandon LyonALAMuch better out of the closer role
Jonny GomesNLDThe Trevor Crowe of the NL

August 26th
Adam LaRocheMixedCFor reasons already stated
Lastings MilledgeMixedC2 HRs and 3 SBs in Sept/Oct fewer than anticipated
Brett TomkoALA3 good starts out of 4 is great for an AL spot-starter
Angel PaganNLBHit for average, but SBs faded in Sept

September 2nd
Drew StubbsMixedA5 HRs, 7 SBs in September
Andy MarteMixedDMendoza imitator for final month
Felix PieALDDid nothing before early end to season
Homer BaileyNLA3 ERs or less in every start from September 2

September 9th
Seth SmithMixedFOn a roll until recommended here!
Bronson ArroyoMixedAHelped fantasy teams all the way to the wire
Michael BrantleyALCOnly 5 SB attempts from here on out
Cory SullivanNLFToo little playing time to help fantasy teams

September 16th
Matt DiazMixedBUnspectacular but solid in final two weeks
Juan UribeMixedBWould have been ‘A’ but for cold final few days
Nolan ReimoldALFHit the DL day after this column
Vicente PadillaNLCExcellent final day performance masks the two poor ones

And so we reach the end of the 2009 WWWW review! If you’ve got this far, no doubt you’ll be on tenterhooks to see which columnist ended up with the better record for recommendations, so without further ado, here it is, using the scoring system from the first half; namely, A=5 down to F=1:
 ChrisPointsFirst half pointsTOTALTomPointsFirst half pointsTOTAL
Total   143   148

So we have a result! Tom overturns a first half deficit to come roaring back in the second half (and that doesn’t even include the final week, excluded from these scores in order to keep the number of predictions even). The question is, did Tom perform a Twins-esque late season surge? Or did I suffer a Tiger-like collapse? Either way, Tom has pogoed his way to victory in our little personal battle!
That’s the end of WWWW for this season. Leaving our personal duel aside, we do hope this has proved useful to you over the last six months. If you have any suggestions as to how the column could be proved, please put them in the comments below, or drop a PM to either of us via the Cafe.
Until next season, enjoy the playoffs, knowing that you no longer have to keep watching those waivers (for a few months, at least)!

Chris Routledge is one of a growing number of Brits infiltrating the Cafe, and is the double reigning champion of the H2H World Series, much to the chagrin of token Cafe Padres fan, wrveres. Catch up with him in the Cafe under the username chris8.
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3 Responses to “Wednesday’s Wide World of Waivers: End of Season Review”

  1. User avatar ayebatter says:

    “Tom has pogoed his way to victory”, although I think Pogo’d would have looked better in print.

    Nice work this season, both of ya. !!

  2. User avatar silverZ says:

    Great work guys. Helped me make a couple key pickups/trades.

  3. User avatar chris8 says:

    Doh! “Pogo’d” would have been much better!

    (I blame the editors) ;)


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