ReviewSeptember 22, 2009

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Razzball Update: Cafe in a Fight

By R.J. White

Since I know some of you are readers of the excellent blog Razzball, you may know that I’m representing the Cafe in a Razzball competition against other members of the blogosphere. For those unaware, Razzball is essentially the opposite of normal fantasy baseball, where the object is to start the players that perform the worst. Point totals are assigned to several events, with your hitters getting the most points for striking out and getting docked the most points for hitting a homer.

I made my first-round draft pick Michael Bourn, a guy who was the best offensive player in this set up in 2008 thanks to his lack of power but stable playing time. He hasn’t disappointed, and he’s currently the third-best hitter in the game. Second best is another one of my guys, Emilio Bonifacio. I haven’t been able to play him since the Marlins took him out of the lineup, but he was an integral part to keeping my team in the thick of the race. The top offensive player was B.J. Upton, who I think I had on my team for a small portion of the season but must have dropped the week he actually played decent baseball.

You want your pitchers to pitch a lot of innings, take a lot of losses, and give up a lot of homers. Jeremy Guthrie is currently the top pitcher in the game, although if my guy Fausto Carmona had stayed in the majors all year I bet he’d be on top. My dud-ly pitchers actually brought me from a season stuck in second place to being in a dogfight for first with Razzball guru Grey Albright. Even though our teams have scored over 5,000 points this season, we’re separated by only 40, and we’ve been going back and forth in the standings over the past week. You can check out the entire standings at Razzball (updated about a week ago).

Cross your fingers for me!

R.J. White is a fantasy blogger at the sports site FanHouse. Check out his work both here and there, and feel free to talk to him in the forums, where he posts under the name daullaz.
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