OpinionJune 29, 2009

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Monday Mail Call: Wins, Trades, Rankings

By R.J. White

It’s time yet again to take the pulse of the Cafe community in the Monday Mail Call. Today, we’ll answer some e-mails from people chasing wins, dealing away saves, and commenting on our weekly rankings. If you’d like your burning fantasy questions answered, e-mail us at fbcmailbag@gmail.com. Dig in!

I suddenly noticed I’m rather low in the Wins column in my roto league, so I’m hoping to quietly trade for some Winners. Who are some pitchers that you feel could be in store for a healthy dose of Wins but may not be a loud, red dot on everyone’s radar already (i.e. not Beckett, Halladay)? I was thinking of going after guys like Ted Lilly and Joe Saunders because they may not command the same name value but are steady pitchers. — Evan

The hardest thing to do is chase wins, as many pitchers can throw a heck of a game but still come up with a loss or no decision. You could try to target pitchers that are on teams with good offenses, but even that doesn’t guarantee you anything. Always look to SPs with strong K/9, BB/9, and most importantly K/BB numbers. If your SP has a K/BB of over 2, he’s doing a good job and should earn a healthy number of wins. If you can nab guys with a K/BB of 2.5+, you stand an excellent shot of landing several Winners.

Is this trade legit? I’ve just been offered Carlos Beltran for B. Wilson and F. Francisco. If I add Beltran, he’ll join Manny, Victorino, Rios, Werth & Bruce in my outfield. I’ll lose 2 closers but I’ll still have Soria, Valverde and Rivera. I could add either DiFelice, R. Soriano, G. Burke or S. Romo as replacements from the waiver wire. — Chelsea

The entire readership of the Mail Call is staring at the screen in disbelief, silently yelling, “Take the deal!” You should absolutely land Beltran in that deal. You already have an impressive bullpen and can afford to give up those two relievers for a player of Beltran’s quality. Soriano makes for the best pickup of the FA relievers, as Bobby Cox has used him as a co-closer as of late.

Amazing. Roy Halladay is not in your ranking? — Rafael

We don’t rank players on the DL. There’s also a chance that he won’t be in the next rankings, as he’s getting activated today, and Monday’s generally around our cutoff point. We’ll try to get him in there this week, but even if he’s absent again, he’ll be back in the top five soon enough.

Thanks yet again for your e-mails, and keep them coming! You can reach us at fbcmailbag@gmail.com or in the Article Discussion (link below) or Baseball Leftovers forums. Good luck!

R.J. White (or daullaz) has been actively involved in fantasy sports for over 14 years, making him an addict at this point. He loves writing, the Atlanta Braves, music, the Buffalo Bills, theatre, the Philadelphia Eagles, his family, and the number 42, though not in that order.
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