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Monday Mail Call: Hanson, Cantu, Ordonez, Ortiz

By R.J. White

Welcome back to the Mail Call. For those of you who are unaware, we answer e-mails throughout the week that are sent to fbcmailbag@gmail.com. Each Monday, I post some of those e-mails in this column, in the hopes that it might give some of you extra help in deciding on certain roster moves. We’re getting a good chunk of mail each week, and I love it! Keep it coming, guys and gals! Quick answer section: Broxton over Shields, Bruce over Lind, S.Drew over Hardy, J.Upton over Ethier, and Iannetta over K.Suzuki. Disagree? Send in your comments or post them in the Article Discussion threads.

I was offered Morneau and Hamels for Pena and Zobrist. I have Tulo to move to MI where i am using Zobrist. My pitchers are Halladay, Verlander, Lester, Kershaw, Hanson, and Price. Do I leave my team alone, or is the upgrade with Morneau and Halladay’s injury worth it? If I do make the trade, do I need to drop a pitcher and if so which one? Thanks. — Steve

Definitely take that deal. If you need to drop a pitcher (which I don’t necessarily think you do), your pitcher drop comes down to Hanson and Kershaw. Ask yourself: how sold am I on Hanson becoming a great pitcher this year? If you’re one of the many that thinks he’ll piece it together and be a good fantasy starter right off the bat, then drop Kershaw. Otherwise, you should drop Hanson. If it was me, I’d probably lean toward dropping Kershaw between the two, but if both fit on your roster along with Hamels, then don’t drop either.

Is this trade legit? I’ve been offered Jimmy Rollins, Adrian Gonzalez and Jorge Cantu in exchange for Chris Carpenter, Miguel Tejada and Jacoby Ellsbury. Please share your thoughts. I am tied for 4th place in my 7 team league. — Chelsea

Name-wise, I would probably take that deal, but Carpenter looks legit and I don’t know what’s gotten into Miggy, while Rollins just can’t get a good streak together. I don’t think Cantu has much value in a seven-team league unless you have a lot of starting positions each week. It would be extremely hard for me to pass on this trade because of the big-name players (Rollins, A-Gon), but in the end I feel like I would. I would angle to have Cantu and one of your three players taken out of the deal. Maybe a Rollins/Gonzalez for Tejada/Ellsbury deal?

I have had Ordonez for a while but he continues to struggle, and there are lots of good players on the wire. But the thought of Ordonez’s potential has kept me from dropping him. What should I do??? — Ed

It depends specifically on the wire players, but I wasn’t terribly high on Ordonez from the get-go. He’s definitely a guy you can drop to add a quality player. Check out our Weekly Rankings to get an idea of how we compare Ordonez to other players that are potentially on your FA list.

Tommy Hanson and Vernon Wells were both dropped in my league this week. Would I be crazy to not jump after them and drop Soto for Wells and Outman for Hanson? My current outfielders are BJ & Justin Upton, Vlad, Kemp & Quentin (DL). Also, I am considering dropping Porcello for Gavin Floyd. Should I pull the trigger on either of these moves? Finally, I really want to pick up David Ortiz again after I dropped him a month ago, but interleague play has begun & will continue until the end of the month. Should I add Ortiz? — Bryant

Lots of stuff here! Hanson for Outman is a good transaction, though Tommy still hasn’t settled in to the majors yet, so who knows. His upside would lead me to make that move. With that OF, I think you can pass on Wells. I don’t think Porcello’s striking out enough guys to continue to be dominant. I would be happy with what he’s given you thus far and cash out on him for Floyd. And finally, Ortiz is starting to get back into the swing of it, and if you don’t need Soto, it would make sense to drop him for Papi, maybe at the end of Boston’s NL trip, if not sooner.

That’ll do it this week. Remember to send us your queries at fbcmailbag@gmail.com. Good luck in Week 11!

R.J. White (or daullaz) has been actively involved in fantasy sports for over 14 years, making him an addict at this point. He loves writing, the Atlanta Braves, music, the Buffalo Bills, theatre, the Philadelphia Eagles, his family, and the number 42, though not in that order.
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