OpinionJune 1, 2009

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Monday Mail Call: It’s June Already

By R.J. White

It really doesn’t seem like too much time has past since Draft Day, but we’re already turning the calendar on May and heading into June! As on every Monday, the Mail Call is here to take on your fantasy questions and offer up advice. You can e-mail us with any questions or comments about our articles and rankings at fbcmailbag@gmail.com.

Someone dropped Jason Bartlett in my league and I am wondering, should I pick him up? Possible drops for Bartlett would be David Ortiz, J.J. Hardy or Mark Reynolds. I already have a platoon at SS with Jeter and Hardy. So if I drop Hardy, I’d have a platoon of Jeter & Bartlett, but if I drop Ortiz or Reynolds, I’d have 3 SS, which I could not use at all. Let me know if Bartlett for any of these players make sense, or if I should let someone else have Bartlett. — Bryant

You definitely want to pick up Bartlett. Per our rankings, we see him as more valuable than J.J. Hardy. I think it would be a good idea to cut Hardy in this situation, especially if you have a DL slot you can slip Bartlett into. I do like Hardy long-term, but with Jeter and Bartlett on the depth chart, you really have no need to keep him around. Cutting Reynolds is out of the question.

Should I drop David Ortiz to pick up Gary Sheffield? Mostly I want to drop David Ortiz to stream in a hot hitter or a pitcher for my squad. Most likely, I’d pick up Sheffield for the rest of the week and drop him next week to pick up Rick Porcello, pending no one in my league takes Porcello from me. Let me know what I should do with Ortiz. — Bryant

I broke this up into two separate sections so we could focus on Bartlett in the first, and Ortiz here. Ortiz looks droppable to me, but I would think that there are still people out there that can believe he’d rebound. I’d try to peddle him to every other owner in the league before cutting him, likely in a two-for-one that upgrades you just a bit somewhere. I wouldn’t cut him for Sheffield, but if he’s just temporary before you pick up a pitcher, that’s fine.

I have Albert Pujols. Here is the offer that I got: Pujols for Lance Berkman, Wandy Rodriguez and Brian Wilson. Should I take it? — Justin

It’s always very dangerous to be the one giving up the stud in these imbalanced trades. Although you’re in dire need of pitching help, I would hang on to Pujols in this deal. If the other owner is serious in his attempts to trade for one of the game’s best players, you should aim a lot higher than that. If you want to offer a counter, I would suggest offering Pujols and a couple of your fringe pitchers for Berkman and a top starter and reliever (maybe something like Hamels + Broxton).

R.J. White (or daullaz) has been actively involved in fantasy sports for over 14 years, making him an addict at this point. He loves writing, the Atlanta Braves, music, the Buffalo Bills, theatre, the Philadelphia Eagles, his family, and the number 42, though not in that order.
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