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Monday Mail Call: Sanchez, Chamberlain, LaPorta

By R.J. White

Today’s Mail Call will be more of a summary of the feedback threads found in Baseball Leftovers. If you’d like to be in the Mail Call discussion, you can e-mail us at fbcmailbag@gmail.com or continue to spark discussion in the feedback threads. We’re also welcoming new writers into the fold, specifically to appear on Thursdays during the season. If writing about baseball is something that appeals to you, drop me a line and visit the Pencil & Paper forum. We’re always glad to showcase the Cafe’s best and brightest!

Double Dipper

Nice pick of Edwin Jackson. I don’t like the pick of Jonathan Sanchez though. The Cubs are a bit banged up, but they’re still an avoid team for spot starters. I would have been a little tempted by Aaron Cook @ SD and then FLA. Also Sean Marshall, riding the hawt hand. Doug Davis would have been an interesting pick, apparently he “thinks about his contract situation every day.” More motivated? — AussieDodger

Gabe: I guess the big difference for me is that while I do see Davis and Marshall as “spot starters”, I see Sanchez as a guy who should mostly be owned. While typically I would agree with you about avoiding the Cubs, Lee has been terrible, ARam isn’t playing, they’re pretty free-swinging, and they’ve been absolutely atrocious vs. lefties (I mean, almost as bad as Oakland). I think Sanchez is the best of the rest so to speak. I like Marshall too and he has been good, but the Brewers are scary if a lefty is on the hill. And I agree that Davis is interesting, I just have the feeling that a 9 ER game is coming from him any time.

Future Rookies

Good article. I want to try and grab Melancon but just for his K rates as a MR. People are already hollering for Joba to move back to the pen. And if (and these are big ifs) Hughes pitches well and stays up this time and Wang comes back and is good OR Ian Kennedy (pitching just as good if not better then Hughes was in Triple-A) comes up and is great, Joba will be the one to move back to the pen and it will be so he can be the future ninth-inning guy. — mac-unit

R.J.: A valid point. Until the Yankees have all five rotation spots humming along however, I think they will keep Joba in the rotation. His stuff looks absolutely filthy in the bullpen, and he could definitely be as good as Jonathan Papelbon, if not better. I would love to see the Yankees make that move; when you’ve been fortunate to have a lock-down ninth inning guy like Mo Rivera for so long, you forget how frustrating it is to not have a reliable closer. Joba’s already proven he can handle pressure relief situations, so he’d make for the best future closer. But that scenario (and all your ifs) haven’t played out yet. The thought of Joba in the ninth is a definite future possibility, but at this time, Melancon looks like the future closer to me.

DTKW Question of the Week

Drop Derrek Lee for LaPorta? Lee is a bench player and off to a slow start. Have not even played him yet. Is the upside enough on LaPorta to take a chance in a non-keeper league and drop lee for him? Thanks! — Bosny

R.J.: In the thread, you’ll see that a lot of people didn’t think Lee should be dropped, instead suggesting that the owner drop Meche, if he in fact badly wanted to add LaPorta. In my opinion, Lee makes for the right drop. Lee’s ceiling has dropped low enough that he becomes a replaceable player in this league. His average is going to rise considerably, but I wouldn’t expect him to hit more than .290 the rest of the way. Take into account Lee’s lowered power production, and he makes for a poor start in shallow leagues and nothing more than a bench player in normal-sized leagues. As the owner says, he hasn’t even used Lee yet. LaPorta offers far more upside and is one of the best hitting prospects in baseball, and I wrote about him a bit in the first Future Rookies article this year. I would definitely spend a speculative add on him to see if he makes a Ryan Braun-type impact.

That’ll do it for today, folks! I’d like to hear from the Cafe community, whether it be about potential Cafe threads to feature here, fantasy questions or opinions, or the prospect of writing and editing for the Cafe. Send everything to us at fbcmailbag@gmail.com and we’ll work with you to deliver the best product possible. Thanks!

R.J. White (or daullaz) has been actively involved in fantasy sports for over 14 years, making him an addict at this point. He loves writing, the Atlanta Braves, music, the Buffalo Bills, theatre, the Philadelphia Eagles, his family, and the number 42, though not in that order.
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