OpinionApril 6, 2009

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Monday Mail Call: Cafe Resources

By R.J. White

Welcome to Opening Day! I hope you enjoyed last night’s game, and today is the day fantasy leaguers most look forward to right after the draft. For many of us, the plague of injuries has already started: Early drafters of Alex Rodriguez and Ervin Santana are nodding in agreement, as are owners of John Lackey, Scott Baker, Trevor Hoffman, Joey Devine, and the other DL-bound players. Owners who gambled on Chase Utley early in the draft season are smiling happily at this point.

But remember, fantasy championships aren’t won in February and March. In fact, the grueling six-month fantasy baseball season stands as the main reason fantasy football participation trumps fantasy baseball; the casual football fan can play fantasy and have fun, but you really have to be invested in baseball and in your fantasy team to succeed here. During these six months, many tough decisions are going to be made in your league, and at times you might feel overwhelmed by the number of questions you need to answer on a daily basis. Fear not. You’re in the right place for great advice, breaking news, strategic pointers and helpful people willing to lend their knowledge.

Each week, we will tackle some of your questions and a few of the topics that has the Cafe buzzing. If you’d like to see your name in the Monday Mail Call, e-mail us at fbcmailbag@gmail.com and we will do what we can to help. As the mailbag is empty today with this being the first column, we shall look at some of the most useful threads the Cafe has to offer.

2009 Closer Thread

Each Friday, Havok1517 will be writing about the key bullpen situations that need to be monitored in his Closing Time column, but for those of us that need more than just a once-a-week fix, he keeps track of each team’s closer shifts in his Baseball Leftovers’ Closer Thread, an invaluable asset to the Cafe community each year. You won’t just find closers and the guy next in line either; Havok tracks anyone that has a decent shot of closing for each team in 2009, as well as the closers of the future and possible imports from overseas. Before you make an RP move in your league, check out this thread to make sure you’re on top of the situation.

Perlick’s Waiver Wire Spot Starters for 2009!

On Saturdays during the season, GiantsFan14 will be featuring a column that breaks down the two-start pitchers in the upcoming week, in order to give you weekly league owners a leg up in finding pitching gems. Also found in this column will be Perlick29’s featured spot starter for Sunday, for those of us that need a little extra pitching boost that week. The help doesn’t stop there; Perlick will be identifying daily spot starters in the above thread (found in the Who to Start/Bench forum) throughout the year.

2009 Buy Low/Sell High Candidates

Hot and Cold columnist The Artful Dodger has created the 2009 Buy Low/Sell High Candidates for you action-hungry trade junkies. Keep a close eye on this thread, because if one of your guys keeps popping up on people’s Sell High list, you probably need to start shopping him to see what you can get. And if you happen to have a guy that everyone considers a Buy Low, you should definitely consider hanging on to him, as a rebound might be just around the corner. This thread is found in the Draft, Trade, Keeper and Waiver Questions forum, which is also a great place to get your burning fantasy questions answered in a hurry.

Fantasy Team Names

Are you getting tired of your team’s moniker? Do you need ideas on finding the perfect name that will make you the envy of your league and as a result catapult you to the league championship? (Hey, I can dream, right?) And if you have a great, original idea, post it up in this Analyze/Rate My Team thread!

And though I don’t have any specific threads to mention, be sure to use the Search function in the Injuries & Player Updates forum to find and contribute the latest news on a specific player, and the Game Commentary, Cheering & Venting forum to chat about each game as it happens.

That’s it for this week. Remember to get your questions in to us at fbcmailbag@gmail.com, and we’ll see you next time!

R.J. White (or daullaz) has been actively involved in fantasy sports for over 14 years, making him an addict at this point. He loves writing, the Atlanta Braves, music, the Buffalo Bills, theatre, the Philadelphia Eagles, his family, and the number 42, though not in that order.
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