StrategyJuly 7, 2009

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Future Rookies: Heyward Promoted to Double-A

By R.J. White

Welcome to another edition of Future Rookies. I spent last night suffering through an early rain delay at Nelson K. Wolff Stadium in San Antonio, just to see last week’s featured pitcher, Jhoulys Chacin. In all honesty, he was quite unimpressive. Any time he tried to dial his fastball up into the nineties, he had no idea where it was going. He let too many guys on in the first (leading to a run), gave up a two-run homer to Cedric Hunter in the second, got out of a jam in the third, was wild again in the fourth, and had a smooth fifth before being yanked in the sixth after he’d given up another homer. I really liked his curveball, but that fastball needs work. I’ll chalk this one up to the poor conditions at the beginning of the game, but I would’ve liked to see a lot better pitcher on the mound tonight.

Featured Add – Hitter

Jason Heyward, OF, Atl, Age 19, Double-A

2008 A449881152154974.323.388.483.871
2009 A+18934103142130.296.369.519.888
2009 AA12105020.417.533.8331.367

The Fourth of July is one of America’s most important holidays, a time-honored tradition of grills, fun and fireworks. And speaking of fireworks, that’s exactly what Jason Heyward provided on Saturday in his Double-A debut. The Braves’ teenage sensation, ranked near the top of every applicable prospect list worth their collective salt, started off with a bang, going two-for-three with a triple, walk, run and RBI in that July 4 game. He added another triple last night to go along with three RBIs. The lefty out of New Jersey has added some power to his stroke this year, smacking ten HRs in 189 High-A at-bats after hitting 11 in 449 Single-A at-bats last year. While he’s only 19, it won’t be much longer till he’s getting his first cup of coffee with the big league team. Add him now and reap the rewards in a year or two.

Hitter Performance Review (as of 7/05/09)


Matt LaPortaAAA21542103802336.307.384.535.919
Last 10AAA375180610.270   
Justin SmoakAA1833062903935.328.449.481.930
Last 2AAA5200022.200   
Alcides EscobarAAA32458328282152.302.351.432.784
Last 10AAA38504145.342   
Brett WallaceAAA1771651501136.299.347.441.788
Last 10AAA38526027.421   
Gaby SanchezAAA1903383042233.300.377.468.845
Last 10AAA40513166.250   
Kila Ka’aihueAAA26751123506161.262.397.476.873
Last 10AAA33313039.182   
Mike CarpAAA21941103204050.292.408.507.914
Last 2AAA8100021.125   
Michael TaylorAA292541562142848.339.402.582.985
Last 10AA409211238.375   
Jesus MonteroAA891151501011.315.384.528.912
Last 10AA398511046.333   
Carlos SantanaAA24754145505842.271.404.518.923
Last 10AA31638076.290   
Josh VittersA2694215464742.316.351.535.886
Last 6A+23203011.217   

Featured Add – Pitcher

Madison Bumgarner, SP, SF, Age 19, Double-A

2008 A141.21.460.93321164
2009 A+24.11.480.990423
2009 AA53.01.701.0211543

Another teenager that’s dominating Double-A and the prospect ranks is Madison Bumgarner (coincidentally, he and Heyward were born only eight days apart). He’s got enough talent to eventually be an ace in the majors, and Giants fans are absolutely salivating at the thought of a future rotation headed by Tim Lincecum and Bumgarner. His high-nineties fastball was too much for Single-A hitters last year, too much for High-A hitters earlier this year, and is proving to be too much for Double-A hitters right now. If San Francisco stays in Wild Card contention, expect to see this kid in the majors in September.

Pitcher Performance Review (as of 7/06/09)


Michael BowdenAAA81.13.321.2493154
July 6AAA4.12.082.31052
Chris TillmanAAA80.12.691.1042282
July 3AAA7.20.000.65017
Scott ElbertAAA15.25.741.531817
July 6AAA4.27.712.36164
Jake ArrietaAAA24.22.921.181720
July 2AAA7.01.291.00025
Carlos CarrascoAAA92.04.701.3792788
July 2AAA6.01.501.33124
Brian MatuszAA18.10.490.870621
July 2AA7.00.000.86026
Jarrod ParkerAA58.12.931.4702656
July 4AA5.03.601.40025
Jhoulys ChacinAA94.13.431.23103280
July 6AA5.24.761.59234
Jeanmar GomezAA70.23.311.1741858
July 4AA3.015.004.00244
Jeremy HellicksonAA44.02.451.0031153
July 3AA5.05.401.40225
Junichi TazawaAA82.02.851.1672577
July 1AA5.01.801.20006

That’s all for this week. Remember to send your queries to, and keep a watch on our Future Rookies!

R.J. White is a fantasy blogger at the sports site FanHouse. Check out his work both here and there, and feel free to talk to him in the forums, where he posts under the name daullaz.
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