OpinionMay 7, 2009

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What Do You Do With David Wright?

By Tim Ardan

What to do with David Wright? He is struggling, but is he worth trading for? Short answer, yes. Winning fantasy leagues are all about taking risks and trading for Wright is one. But if people think something is wrong with David Wright, you can take advantage of that. Compare April 2008 to April 2009:

April 2008259214258142016224.272.409
April 200921821523411827123.280.372

The home runs are not as troubling as the Ks. At this rate, he would finish the season with Ryan Howard-type strikeout numbers, but not the Ryan Howard home run numbers. The power will come back, but it is not worth having the lower RBIs and high Ks.

With Carlos Beltran batting third, Beltran will be knocking in Jose Reyes not Wright. If Carlos Delgado is out for a majority of time and Wright has to bat behind Sheffield — well, I don’t need to explain, only to give you the .225 average of Sheffield from 2007. What’s that average this year? .167. Wright’s runs will stay about the same as long as Ryan Church and the bottom half of the Mets lineup shows some pop.

Trading Wright depends what you can get for him and your situation. For example, in my eight-team NL-only league, my outfield was overpopulated, with 5 OF and only 4 spots to fill. I had two of the top outfielders in Carlos Lee and Manny Ramirez. At 3B, I had Ryan Zimmerman. Feeling I needed an upgrade, I sent a trade that looked like this: Ryan Zimmerman and Carlos Lee for David Wright. I felt I did well, because it cleared up my outfield and gave me a top-five player, even if he is struggling. The other team gets Zimmerman, who’s always a threat to be a top 50 player, and Carlos Lee, who has at least 100 RBIs in the past three seasons.

With all that said, players struggle. Wright can still make this season a great one. The situation will be different for everyone, but there is no harm in checking out what you would have to give up to get him.

Tim Ardan is a new writer at the Cafe. You can catch up with Tim in the Cafe forums under the name Godpappy.
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