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2009 Cafeholic Predictions

By Jason Wiedman

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Man, I love ridiculing MLB predictions at the end of each season and haven’t found the right batch of ridiculous predictions to ridicule yet.” Well, first you should consider using words like “chastise” and “mock” instead of always defaulting to “ridicule.” Secondly, the Cafeholics are happy to oblige your thoughts. What follows is the tabulation of the best guesses of several Cafeholics, a predictions column that you will be happy to mock, chastise, and even ridicule as the season progresses. But first, a poem:

At last, amidst some dark and dankly place
A score – no more – came forth to make their case
A score of Cafeholics one by one
A crystal ball, ‘til only one had won
The consequence of which is only this
Bad poetry and guesses hit or miss

Without further ado, here is how we see the regular season playing out (Wild Card winners in italics):

1New York Mets
2Philadelphia Phillies
3Atlanta Braves
4Florida Marlins
5Washington Nationals

1Chicago Cubs
2St. Louis Cardinals
3Milwaukee Brewers
4Cincinnati Reds
5Houston Astros
6Pittsburgh Pirates

1Los Angeles Dodgers
2Arizona Diamondbacks
3San Francisco Giants
4Colorado Rockies
5San Diego Padres

1Boston Red Sox
2New York Yankees
3Tampa Bay Rays
4Toronto Blue Jays
5Baltimore Orioles

1Minnesota Twins
2Cleveland Indians
3Detroit Tigers
4Chicago White Sox
5Kansas City Royals

1Los Angeles Angels
2Oakland Athletics
3Texas Rangers
4Seattle Mariners

And here’s how we see the playoffs unfolding (home team in italics):

 Divisional Series
NLCubs over Phillies
NLMets over Dodgers
ALRed Sox over Twins
ALYankees over Angels

 Championship Series
NLCubs over Mets
ALRed Sox over Yankees

 2009 World Series
WSRed Sox over Cubs

Thank you to the following Cafe members for participating: WaCougMBS, The Artful Dodger, Tavish, Snakes Gould, smoovethug, raiders_umpire, Pogotheostrich, Old_Style, jfg, j24jags, GiantsFan14, Fade2White12, daullaz, Dan Lambskin, chris8, Big Pimpin, bigken117, ayebatter, Another Blown Save, and Amazinz.

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