The Can of CornSeptember 25, 2009

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The Can of Corn – Show 24

By Michael Stephens

Welcome to The Can of Corn, hosted by Michael Stephens and Nate Davis! Only one more week left til the season comes to a close, and that means this is the last real episode of the Can of Corn (save your tears for show 25 though, please)! This is the final week for lineup changes, and chances are you are either in the stretch run for your roto league, in the final week of your title quest in H2H or you have thrown in the towel and hopped on the football bandwagon (which is fine with us, we have a football show you can check out too!). We have news on all things baseball this week, from pertinent injury news, to top rookie performers, to Cafe Talk, so tune in for more of our usual weekly content, as well as a new award at the end of the show – it’s time to grab your glove and head for the outfield, because here comes The Can of Corn!

• Introduction of show and hosts (Michael and Nate)
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• E-mail: Filling a gap at RF with the hottest bats available
• He might be Snider than you if he wins you the title!
• Wade-ing through the AL East
• A lot more PT than we though he’d get (and he just might win you the SB cat this week too!)
• If you get a Tommy Hanson surgery, will you be more awesome?
• Two A’s have been red-hot of late, and they’re rooks to boot!
• A season ender for the White Sox…and a season starter too!
• Hot hitters and hurlers
• And their freezing-cold counterparts
• Cafe Talk – Three relevant posts from the Cafe’s own!
• Cafe Games results – congrats to the Pick 3, Lucky Ladders and Trivia Time Trial winners!

• Updates – No live picks this season, but we’ll recap what we can in next week’s finale (episode #25)!

• The fat lady has done her part, now it’s time to hang on for the finish!
• Michael takes his last team with a winning season record
• Nate does too, but his team boasts the title of “defending champs despite having Brad Lidge on our team”

• Hanley Ramirez Five-Tool Player of the Week – Michael’s homeboy can now receive this honor to the Star Spangled Banner!
• Honorable mention – Another Cards pitcher!
• Chien-Ming Wang Tool of the Week – Two weeks on the cold list will either get you H1N1, or right here
• Honorable mention – Back on the sea-saw again
• A new award so secretive in nature, you’ll have to listen to find out what it’s called and who has the dubious honor of winning it!

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• Look forward to our next show (the last show of 2009; episode #25), which airs 10/2/09!

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Michael Stephens is an avid sports enthusiast with over 7 years of fantasy experience who writes for the Cafe. He is an aspiring sports journalist who hopes to continue fantasy writing as a career in the future. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, he is naturally a die-hard Mariner fan! You can find Michael in the Cafe's forums where he actively posts under the name WaCougMBS.
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