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Cafe Positional Rankings: Week 24

By R.J. White

Fantasy baseball has just about wound down, but the MLB season is heating up. Yankees, Phillies, Angels, Dodgers, Red Sox, Rockies, Tigers, Cardinals. Who you got? Because that’s the real discussion topic at this point in September. Of course, since Bryan and I love giving you guys something to talk about, we’re still churning out some fantasy rankings for your perusal and (hopefully) enjoyment. I posted my thoughts on how the preseason rankings will look in 2010 earlier this week. If you want to be part of the ranking team this off-season and help shape the Cafe’s 2010 rankings, give me a holler. You can post in the comment section or send me a private message in the forums.

Note: Our rankings do not include any player that was on the DL or in the minors at the time the rankings were submitted.


1Joe Mauer1 
2Victor Martinez2 
3Pablo Sandoval3 
4Brian McCann4 
5Jorge Posada5 
6Miguel Montero6 
7Ryan Doumit8 
8Brandon Inge10 
9Geovany Soto12 
10A.J. Pierzynski7 
11Russell Martin11 
12Mike Napoli93 for 27 in September
13Bengie Molina14 
14Kurt Suzuki13 
15Matt WietersNRHomered in back-to-back games; finally coming around?
Also receiving votes: Carlos Ruiz


First Basemen

1Albert Pujols1 
2Prince Fielder2 
3Miguel Cabrera3 
4Mark Teixeira4 
5Ryan Howard51 HR in September after huge August
6Adrian Gonzalez8 
7Mark Reynolds6 
8Kevin Youkilis9 
9Adam Dunn10 
10Derrek Lee11.442 with 7 HRs in 43 September ABs; winning leagues
11Lance Berkman12 
12Kendry Morales13 
13Billy Butler15 
14Joey Votto14 
15Garrett JonesNR 
Also receiving votes: Todd Helton, Nick Swisher

Second Basemen

1Chase Utley1 
2Ian Kinsler2.259, 1 HR, 0 SBs in September, major funk
3Brian Roberts4 
4Aaron Hill3 
5Dustin Pedroia6 
6Robinson Cano5 
7Brandon Phillips7 
8Dan Uggla11Three-game homer stretch last week, great aveage
9Ben Zobrist8 
10Alexei Ramirez9 
11Chone Figgins10 
12Jose Lopez14 
13Chris Coghlan15 
14Asdrubal Cabrera12 
15Casey McGeheeNR 
Also receiving votes: None

Third Basemen

1Miguel Cabrera1 
2Alex Rodriguez2 
3Evan Longoria4Great one week, bad the next; he’ll bounce back
4David Wright6 
5Mark Reynolds3 
6Ryan Zimmerman5 
7Kevin Youkilis7 
8Aramis Ramirez8.500 with a HR over the past week
9Pablo Sandoval9 
10Chone Figgins10 
11Gordon Beckham11 
12Chris Davis13 
13Chipper Jones12 
14Jorge Cantu14 
15Carlos Guillen15 
Also receiving votes: Casey McGehee


1Hanley Ramirez1 
2Derek Jeter2 
3Jimmy Rollins3 
4Troy Tulowitzki4 
5Jason Bartlett5 
6Ben Zobrist6 
7Gordon Beckham8 
8Alexei Ramirez7 
9Yunel Escobar10 
10Asdrubal Cabrera9 
11Elvis Andrus13 
12Stephen Drew11Not hitting for average or power, not stealing bases
13Jhonny Peralta12 
14Juan UribeNR.365, 5 HRs in September
15Macier Izturis15 
Also receiving votes: Marco Scutaro, Miguel Tejada


1Ryan Braun1 
2Matt Kemp2 
3Matt Holliday4 
4Carl Crawford3 
5Adam Dunn5 
6Jason Bay7 
7Ichiro Suzuki6 
8Manny Ramirez8 
9Justin Upton9 
10Carlos Lee10 
11Jayson Werth11Keeps on crankin’ them out
12Nick Markakis12 
13Bobby Abreu14 
14Jacoby Ellsbury15 
15Curtis Granderson13Sub-.200 in September, OPS under .800
16Torii Hunter17 
17Nelson Cruz19 
18Adam Lind20 
19Shane Victorino16 
20Carlos Beltran18 
21Kendry Morales23 
22Johnny Damon21 
23Vladimir Guerrero25 
24Andre Ethier22 
25Raul Ibanez26 
26Shin-Soo Choo24 
27Hunter Pence27 
28Brad Hawpe29 
29Nate McLouthNR 
30Michael Bourn31 
31Carlos Gonzalez35 
32Rajai Davis34Hitting over .400 with 8 SBs this month
33Nick Swisher36 
34Josh Willingham30 
35Andrew McCutchen32 
36B.J. Upton33At this point, he’s an FA in my five-keeper league
37Julio BorbonNR 
38Josh Hamilton28 
39Garrett JonesNR 
40Carlos Quentin37 
Also receiving votes: Jason Kubel, Ryan Ludwick, Vernon Wells

Starting Pitchers

1Tim Lincecum1 
2Zack Greinke2 
3Roy Halladay3 
4Felix Hernandez7 
5Chris Carpenter5 
6CC Sabathia8 
7Dan Haren4 
8Justin Verlander6 
9Adam Wainwright9 
10Javier Vazquez10 
11Josh Johnson11 
12Cliff Lee12 
13Matt Cain13 
14Jon Lester15Back-to-back shutouts, eight straight QS
15John Lackey17 
16Josh Beckett14 
17Ubaldo Jimenez16 
18Cole Hamels18 
19Wandy Rodriguez19 
20Ted Lilly23 
21Chad Billingsley20Horrible second-half splits means discounted 2010
22Jered Weaver22 
23Edwin Jackson21 
24Yovani Gallardo24Getting rocked and may get shut down
25Tommy Hanson33Just 1 ER in 20 September innings (3 starts)
26Scott Baker34 
27Randy Wolf28 
28Gavin Floyd25 
29Clayton Kershaw26 
30Jair Jurrjens36 
31Rich Harden31 
32Ricky Nolasco27 
33Matt Garza32 
34Scott Kazmir37 
35Pedro Martinez455-0, 2.87 ERA, 34 Ks, 6 BBs; gamble paid off
36John Danks42 
37Joel Pineiro41 
38A.J. Burnett30Another blowout loss; one win since start of August
39Ryan DempsterNR 
40Andy Pettitte40 
41James Shields35 
42Clay Buchholz49 
43Bronson Arroyo47 
44Joe Blanton38 
45Randy Wells39 
46John SmoltzNR 
47Brad PennyNR 
48Scott Feldman46 
49Brett AndersonNR 
50Hiroki KurodaNR 
Also receiving votes: Jason Marquis


1Mariano Rivera1 
2Joe Nathan2 
3Jonathan Broxton4 
4Jonathan Papelbon5 
5Heath Bell3 
6Joakim Soria7 
7David Aardsma8 
8Brian Wilson9 
9Francisco Rodriguez10 
10Jose Valverde15 
11Andrew Bailey13 
12Ryan Franklin66 ER in 3.1 September innings; what happened?
13Carlos Marmol20Named 2010 closer, has owned the role
14Francisco Cordero14Getting lots of save opps, and converting
15Huston Street11 
16Trevor Hoffman16 
17Brian Fuentes12 
18Rafael Soriano17 
19Frank Francisco19 
20Bobby Jenks18 
21Fernando Rodney21 
22Mike MacDougal23 
23Juan Gutierrez27 
24Jason Frasor24 
25Ryan MadsonNR 
26Leo Nunez25 
27Matt Capps26 
28Kerry Wood28 
29Jim Johnson22Another poor outing (Sept. 12) and he free-falls
30Franklin MoralesNR 

R.J. White is a fantasy blogger at the sports site FanHouse. Check out his work both here and there, and feel free to talk to him in the forums, where he posts under the name daullaz.
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