RankingsMay 28, 2009

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Cafe Positional Rankings: Week 8

By rookies and cream

Enjoy the Week 8 rankings and as always, if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, don’t hesitate to post in the forums or e-mail us at fbcmailbag@gmail.com.

Note: Our rankings do not include any player that was on the DL or in the minors at the time the rankings were submitted.


1 Joe Mauer 2Has not gone more than 2 games without HR since 5/8
2Victor Martinez1 
3Brian McCann3 
4Bengie Molina4 
5Russell Martin5 
6Brandon Inge7 
7Mike Napoli61 for last 20 and no longer DHing with Vlad back
8Geovany Soto8 
9Pablo Sandoval9 
10Jarrod Saltalamacchia11 
11John Baker13 
12Yadier Molina12 
13Kurt Suzuki14 
14A.J. PierzynskiNR 
15Jason VaritekNR 

First Basemen

1Albert Pujols1 
2Miguel Cabrera2 
3Mark Teixeira45 straight games with 2 hits; red for 2nd consecutive week
4Ryan Howard3 
5Justin Morneau6 
6Adrian Gonzalez5 
7Prince Fielder7 
8Carlos Pena8 
9Lance Berkman9 
10Kevin YoukilisNR 
11Adam Dunn10 
12Joey Votto12 
13Jorge Cantu11Struggling a bit lately; only four hits in last six games
14Aubrey Huff14 
15Paul Konerko15 

Second Basemen

1Chase Utley2 
2Ian Kinsler1Recently went 3 for 27 bringing average down to below .280
3Dustin Pedroia3 
4Brian Roberts4 
5Brandon Phillips5 
6Aaron Hill6 
7Robinson Cano7Four multi-hit games in last 6 games
8Chone Figgins9 
9Orlando Hudson8 
10Dan Uggla10 
11Alexei Ramirez12 
12Marco Scutaro11 
13Asdrubal Cabrera15 
14Kelly JohnsonNR 
15Jose Lopez13 

Third Basemen

1Alex Rodriguez4Finally back to where he was pre-injury
2Miguel Cabrera1 
3Evan Longoria2 
4David Wright3 
5Kevin YoukilisNR 
6Ryan Zimmerman5 
7Michael Young6 
8Chipper Jones7 
9Jorge Cantu8 
10Mark Reynolds12 
11Chone Figgins11 
12Aubrey Huff10 
13Mike Lowell13 
14Chris Davis9 One for 30 with boatload of Ks before 2 HR game
15Hank Blalock14 


1Hanley Ramirez1 
2Jose Reyes2Hasn’t played since 5/20 and now DL bound
3Jimmy Rollins4 
4Michael Young3 
5Jason Bartlett9 
6Derek Jeter5 
7Miguel Tejada8 
8J.J. Hardy7 
9Troy Tulowitzki6 
10Stephen Drew12 
11Jhonny Peralta11 
12Rafael Furcal10 
13Alexei RamirezNR.391 BA, 2 HR, 7 runs, 6 RBI last 6 games and now in 2-hole
14Asdrubal Cabrera13 
15Marco Scutaro14 


1Ryan Braun1 
2Carlos Beltran3 
3Grady Sizemore2 
4Alfonso Soriano4 
5Carlos Lee5 
6Nick Markakis6 
7Jason Bay8 
8Carl Crawford7 
9Josh Hamilton10 
10Matt Kemp9 
11Curtis Granderson11 
12Raul Ibanez18 Homered 4 consecutive days; enjoy the ride while it lasts
13B.J. Upton12 
14Ichiro Suzuki14 
15Jacoby Ellsbury15 
16Carlos Quentin13 
17Matt Holliday16 
18Adam Dunn19 
19Torii Hunter25 
20Adam Jones23 
21Nate McLouth21 
22Alex Rios17No runs, RBI, or SB in last 7 games played
23Nelson Cruz29On fire; has had 5 HR and 5 SB last 7 games
24Johnny Damon26 
25Shane Victorino22 
26Jay Bruce24 
27Vladimir GuerreroNR 
28Corey Hart20Not running and not hitting for power or average
29Hunter Pence31 
30Jayson Werth30 
31Justin Upton35 
32Bobby Abreu28 
33Andre Ethier27 
34Jermaine Dye32 
35Brad Hawpe36 
36Magglio Ordonez34 
37Vernon Wells37 
38Juan Pierre40 
39Adam Lind33 
40Shin-Soo Choo38 

Starting Pitchers

1Johan Santana1 
2Tim Lincecum2 
3Roy Halladay3 
4Zack Greinke580% win pct., 50% CG pct., and 100% QS pct.
5C.C. Sabathia4 
6Jake Peavy8 
7Dan Haren6 
8Chad Billingsley7 
9Cole Hamels9 
10Josh Beckett10 
11Felix Hernandez11 
12Yovani Gallardo12 
13Justin Verlander17Six straight QSs with 8+ strikeouts
14Javier Vazquez14 
15James Shields13Only one win in past month, though not entirely his fault
16Cliff Lee16 
17Roy Oswalt15 
18Josh Johnson18 
19Matt Cain2070% QS percentage; finally getting run support
20Erik Bedard19 
21Johnny Cueto30 
22Jered Weaver31 
23Jon Lester22 
24Derek Lowe27 
25Ted Lilly26 
26Wandy Rodriguez36 
27John Lackey33 
28Ervin Santana23Seven runs in one inning same as Greinke all year
29Adam Wainwright34 
30Joba Chamberlain25 
31Matt Garza37 
32Aaron Harang38 
33Kevin Slowey39 
34John Danks28 
35Edwin Jackson43 
36A.J. Burnett29 
37Clayton Kershaw41 
38Jair Jurrjens46 
39Chris Young44 
40Francisco Liriano35Has given up 5 or more earned runs in 50% of starts
41Paul Maholm50 
42Scott Baker47 
43Joe Saunders49 
44Gil Meche40 
45Chris VolstadNR 
46Ryan Dempster45 
47Zack DukeNR 
48Randy Wolf48 
49Mark BuehrleNR 
50Kevin MillwoodNR 


1Jonathan Papelbon1Four ER in last 2 and 1.38 WHIP for year; still #1?
2Jonathan Broxton3Should have 100+ Ks and has more saves than hits allowed
3Joe Nathan2 
4Francisco Rodriguez4 
5Heath Bell6 
6Mariano Rivera5 
7Trevor Hoffman7 
8Francisco Cordero9 
9Frank FranciscoNR 
10Brian Fuentes12 
11Chad Qualls11 
12Brad Lidge8 
13Bobby Jenks10 
14Huston Street15 
15Scott Downs19 
16Mike Gonzalez13 
17Ryan Franklin17 
18Brian Wilson16 
19Matt Capps18 
20Fernando Rodney20 
21Matt Lindstrom21 
23Kerry Wood14 
24David Aardsma26 
25Juan Cruz24 
26Kevin Gregg22 
27George Sherrill23 
28Carlos Marmol27 
29LaTroy Hawkins28 
30Andrew Bailey30 

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