SleepersMay 23, 2008

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Sleeper Watch

By Kazuya Kurokawa

There were many first basemen who struggled in the first month of the 2008 season. One of those sluggers, Adam LaRoche, had a dreadful line of .163/.247/.225 in the month of April. This lack of production caused many owners to drop him, even though those owners spent a mid-round pick to draft him.

Is there hope for LaRoche? Can he turn it around? If you look at his career numbers closely, you will notice that he is an awful hitter in April. In his career, he has hit .179/.274/.325 in 357 at-bats in April – a line very similar to the one he had this season. However, from May on, he starts to crush the ball. In fact, he has hit an astonishing .296/.359/.534 after the All-Star break in his career.

It’s almost the end of May and LaRoche is already starting to show signs of heating up, as he has hit .258/.355/.500 so far this month. Because of his awful April, his overall numbers are still bad, but don’t let this fool you. Chances are he will start to get hot, and he will help you in HR and RBI in the second half. Pick him up before other owners realize his hitting abilities.

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