SleepersJuly 9, 2008

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Sleeper Watch

By Madison Jones

I honestly cannot believe I’m writing a sleeper article on the following pitcher. I watched him stink horribly in Texas, yet I still can’t ignore what he is currently doing after returning home to Los Angeles. This is actually quite tough to type and you might think I’ve lost my mind, but the pitcher I’m referring to is none other than Chan Ho Park. Yes, Chan Ho Park. Before laughing and looking away, let’s take a quick look at exactly what he’s done so far this season and I’ll keep it short.

Overall, in 61 innings this season, Park has posted a 2.36 ERA. His WHIP (1.30) suggests that his ERA is a bit lower than it should be, but the WHIP isn’t exactly devastating either. If you take out the game against Detroit where he gave up 5 earned runs in 1.1 innings, his ERA would be mind-blowing because he hasn’t given up more than 2 earned runs in any other appearance. In his 4 starts this year he’s posted a 1.29 ERA and struck out 26 hitters in 21 innings. Not bad, huh? I know I could have used those numbers up to this point. Seems the move back to Los Angeles is just what he needed.

Yes I know, I know, it’s still Chan Ho Park. I personally don’t trust him either and still can’t believe I’m writing this, but I simply cannot ignore what he’s doing and the fact he’s available for most fantasy players to pick up. He’s currently scheduled to start at home against the Marlins on Thursday. If you’re in need of pitching, Park might actually be your answer, as scary as that may be.

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